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Costumes are always more fun when there are loads involved, and our costumes are no different! Grab your maddest friends and buy some of our best costumes, you'll be all set for one of the best nights of your life - believe us.

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Pennywise takes many forms... The new IT film is coming in September, and we're very excited! Don't worry, our Clown Morphsuit isn't going anywhere, and neither is Ellie35x- Face paint!

Huge thank you to Ellie for creating this awesome look inspired by our Clown Morphsuit! Check the suit here: [ Link ]
MORPHSUITORS - We need you! Send us in your best costume photos and you get one sweet prize! Anyone featured in a Morph of the Month win a free Morphsuit of your choice. See last month's MOTM winners below:
Nature programmes are too intense to watch on the regular - the Morph office was clinging to our collective seat when we saw this! Tag a mate who you could see getting up to no good like this guy!

Check out our solid colour Morphsuits here: [ Link ]
When it's 5pm on a Friday and the weekend is all yours... Tag a mate who you cannot drag off the dance-floor after a few beers!

If you want to become the Dancing RED Ranger, check out our Power Rangers Morphsuits here: [ Link ]
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It's that time again! Check out the most legendary Morphs this month, worn by you guys! Which one do you think is best?

Send in your photos and you could be featured next month and even win a free suit! Every feature wins a Morphsuit...
Cue the music, preferably DMX or Wham!, Mr Pool is in the Morphsuits Facebook page... How did he get here? Comment how you think he stumbled into our page - the weirder the better! We are talking about DP after all...
Most people wear a Morphsuit to rule the party but some people chose to wear them in a more... extreme situation. Check out the craziest loons who've worn a Morphsuit...
Shoutout to the legend that is Remi Gaillard! We are so proud to have featured in a Remi prank, it's actually going on our resume...
Superheroes pretty much invented the Morphsuit! These are some of the most badass superhero pictures out there... Should you have made this list? Send in your superhero photos and you could be featured!
Some losers think Morphsuits aren't suave but obviously they are... These photos prove it! Tag your most 'sophisticated' mate...
WE HAVE US A WINNER!!! Congratulations to Austin Henning who has now won a free Tiger Morphsuit!

Austin, DM us and we can get your suit sent to you!

Competition is now closed and thank you to all who entered.
The new movie is coming but we still love the classic! Our amazing range of Power Rangers Morphsuits will never get old! Tag a mate who still wishes they were a Ranger...
The new movie is coming but we still love the classic! Our amazing range of Power Rangers Morphsuits will never get old! Tag a mate who still wishes they were a Ranger...
Tag a mate who enjoys the more ample entertainer.
Credit to Ginger Cal + Friends for the awesome video. We have less than 30 of the Fat Stripper Piggyback costumes left, get yours before it's too late: [ Link ]

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Sometimes we all need someone to carry us home!
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We all need someone to carry us home at New Year.
Our latest Piggy Back costumes. Less than 100 left and only ยฃ35.99 - Don't miss out!
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Merry Christmas Morphers! Throwback to a White Christmas and the Snowman Morphsuit!