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12/02/2016 at 20:42. Facebook
When your Snowman has hit the Christmas beers too hard!

Our latest Piggy Back costumes. Less than 100 left and only $54.99 - Don't miss out!
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We don’t just make Morphsuits.
We also have some rather special Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Here is king of Christmas, Michael Buble, wearing one last year.
Tag that friend who loves Christmas too much and always has to have the most outrageous Christmas Sweater.
Available here: [ Goo.gl Link ]
We don't just make morphsuits, we also make digital Christmas sweaters. Here is one doing the mannequin challenge live, yes live in our office. Tag 3 friends who you want to wish a crappy holiday and we will pick one person to win this tasteful sweater.
2016 has been a mix of pure delights and complete terror, and this was all reflected during Halloween. Halloween this year was brilliant, funny, scary and it was Halloween - therefore the best night of the year. See our Halloween Highlights of 2016 below:
Power stances and power tools? All while in a Morphsuit? We love it!
Uh-oh. There’s two of them and they’re tiny. The Slendermen are here...
Raph! Spidey! No discussing work at the Comic Family BBQ!

Thanks to Phil Ives for this awesome candid!
We love his photo from Gary Brazowski’s Halloween this year and thanks to us, he won the costume competition!

Shop our Skeleton Morphsuit here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
We never thought we’d see a tiger this close… We still don’t think we will but the quality of this Morphsuit makes us think we have!
The guys at Slick Willies Skate Shop truly showed that you really can do anything in a Morphsuit, and in the sickest way possible.

Why not give it a go, send us in the video and hey, maybe you could feature on our page too. Thanks again to the skaters at Slick Willies Skate Shop for this video, it's insane!
There is no creepier Pasta than Jeff the Killer, and what’s even creepier than the story itself is seeing a kid dressed in this Morphsuit...

Buy yours here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Today is the big day to get out and vote! Finally, an end to the incessant weird moments.

Combined with watching a lot of SNL sketches, we decided to write about some of the weirdest moments that happened in the run up to the election!

[ Morphsuits.com Link ]

2016 US Election Weirdness | MorphCostumes

Partying in a Morphsuit is the best way to party! Especially in an Alien Morphsuit, then the party will be out of this world…

Yeah okay we’ll leave...

Thanks to Rob Beckett for the photo!
Here at MorphCostumes, we champion creativity and look at this! Sour Patch Morph? Brilliant!

Thanks to Kim Gallagher Wolpert for this photo!
These costumes are some of our favourites that we carry! Perfect for stag-dos (like this photo from James Rutherford) or for birthday parties!

Get it here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Hey Jamie Vardy, looking good and STRIKING fear into the hearts of Trick-or-Treaters! Geddit?

Our Kids Jaw Dropper Burnt Zombie and Skull&Bones Morphsuits truly are spectacular, thanks for thinking so too!

Another feature of sir @ alexfletchersen on Instagram but his photos of the Boil Monster Morphsuit are incredible! Thanks, Alex!
A whole array of Halloween Morphsuits and MorphMasks but we have to admit that it’s Bill and Ben in the back that are creeping us out the most...

Thanks to Chris Treadaway for this great photo!
Rally your mates, grab a troupe of Power Ranger Morphsuits, and maybe you too can be babe magnets this Halloween. Thanks to John Wake for this photo!

Pick yours up here:
[ Bit.ly Link ]
This is the most accurate description of how we feel now that it’s officially HALLOWEEN WEEKEND, PEOPLE!!!!!