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This track was a staple ending to some of my sets throughout 2016 and a moment that never fails to bring a smile. See you this weekend Melbourne & Canberra! P.S. Beyond The Valley you guys killed it! #TakeOnMe ❀
02/12/2017. Facebook
Once in a generation artist! Congrats on your Grammy Flume, Australian music loves you and owes you so much

Flume Just Won His First-Ever Grammy Award - Music Feeds
02/07/2017. Facebook
This is, more or less, a personal post. A great story that I believe in, which I hope will bring awareness to a disorder that I have seen first-hand the struggles of.

My legend of a housemate Angus was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of three. I witness the day-to-day struggles that this man goes through just to keep the disorder at bay and I have seen the occasional scare, however I use...
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Click here to support Ironman for Epilepsy by Angus Doolette
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And that's the end of another killer tour, including sold out shows in New York & Whistler, as well as my first play in Mexico City. Next time I'm back I'll have new music for you all.x Zack Patino
01/11/2017. Facebook
Lost Paradise to Beyond The Valley.
New Years Eve went something like this... β˜„

Directed by Ryan Sauer Media
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Holy Ship - San Francisco - Vancouver - Seattle - Brooklyn - Detroit - Santa Barbara - Mexico City - Los Angeles
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....and THAT is how you start the year

Thank you Beyond The Valley for having me close your epic main stage.

North American tour starts next week :

Photo by: Lady Drewniak
12/31/2016. Facebook
Wherever you are in the world, I hope you're surrounded by friends, family & good music.

In a time where countless people are suffering from wars, displacement, lack of basic needs or getting locked up with no end in sight because they are seeking better lives away from their strife, we need to appreciate what we have and give back to our communities and those who are in need

2016 has...
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12/30/2016. Facebook
Lost in paradise last night. What an experience. Up next, Beyond The Valley tomorrow night! ⚑✨ Xinger-Xanger
12/27/2016. Facebook
What a year it has been. I'll be closing out my 2016 on two epic stages:
β†’ Lost Paradise, Dec 29th 10:30PM - Lost Disco Stage
β†’ Beyond The Valley, Jan 1st 1AM NYD - Closing Main Stage ✨
Video by Pilerats at SOTB, Perth.x
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"I'm blessed
I know
Heaven sent
And Heaven stole
You smiled at me
Like Jesus to a child"

Rest In Peace George Michael, may you be singing in heaven forever

George Michael - Jesus to a Child (Official Music Video)

George Michael's official music video for 'Jesus to a Child'. Click to listen to George Michael on Spotify:

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America, Canada & Mexico, I'm coming back this winter, including Holy Ship and my first show in Mexico City. Head to the dance floor; lets keep warm. ❄ Photo:
12/12/2016. Facebook
It has been a killer year making, releasing & touring my music. If you felt THE VIBE in your headphones or at the club, then I'd love for you to vote 'Down Like This' in your Triple J100! Tez.x
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This is a MASSIVE thank you to everybody who came to our first sold out show of the season for Day Club last weekend, we raised lots of money for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) and danced up a storm in the process.

The day was almost perfect, from the weather, music, wine and crowd. I say ALMOST because we have learned that our host and event partner : Alpha Box & Dice has partially...
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11/22/2016. Facebook
It has been awhile between mojitos Townsville! I'm back this weekend and the lineup is full of flavour! Lets get tropical.x Day Trip
11/15/2016. Facebook
I am honoured to have been awarded Best Electronic Artist at the SA Music Awards for the second year in a row. Big love to my home state of South Australia and our proud music community


Photo by: Josh Geelen
11/10/2016. Facebook
Composed a new music piece with Adelaide music royalty Zephyr Quartet, and I will be performing it with them as part of their new performance "Arrivals".

The concept of the performance explores the history of migration to Australia by boat, and so it was fitting for the event to take place at the Maritime Museum in Port Adelaide.

I'll be joining them to perform our piece "Beginnings" on...
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