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Mother Dairy
today at 09:44. Facebook
Setting our priorities straight! #FoodKaBetterHalf #MotherDairyPaneer
Mother Dairy
01/14/2017 at 05:30. Facebook
Can you bring a Moo-y twist to famous Moo-vie dialogues? Get creative and you can stand lucky to win exciting prizes!

3 BEST moo-y dialogues win big! #MilkMania
Mother Dairy
01/11/2017 at 06:38. Facebook
Different people, but one thing that is common, is our love for
‘Milk’. Which one are you?
Mother Dairy
01/09/2017 at 07:05. Facebook
The perfect comfort food when it’s freezing outside! Don’t you agree? #FoodKaBetterHalf #MotherDairyPaneer
Mother Dairy
01/09/2017 at 05:08. Facebook
RE-ARRANGE the alphabets to guess the name of this milk which is excellent for making paneer, curd, ghee and other delicious sweet dishes!

3 LUCKY WINNERS stand a chance to win exciting prizes! #MilkMania
A great start to the day is a bowl of milk with cereal. What do you like your milk best with? Comment below and let us know!
May this new year bring you more happiness and may your glasses be always filled with milk! Happy New Year!
Our Moo seems to have lost his shadow. Can you help him find his shadow at the right time?

Take a screenshot right away and share it in the comments below to win an exciting prize from us!

3 LUCKY WINNERS stand a chance to win prizes! :D
Christmas wishes from our very own Moo! #MerryChristmas
'Tis the season of Joy!
Can you help our Moo with his Santa cap?

Help him put on his cap and post a screenshot below! 3 LUCKY winners stand a chance to win! #MerryChristmas
Baapu sehat ke liye, doodh toh zaroori hai! #Dangal
Love watching Moo-vies? Then we are sure you can help us with your filmy-ness!

#Comment a #movie name below and the 3 BEST MOVIE NAMES stand a chance to #WIN exciting prizes! :D

For starters, here you go - 'Moojse Shaadi karogi?' Can you get more creative?
To each his own, we say, the same applies to the choice of milk!

Can you guess which milk variant are we talking about here? Take a screenshot with the correct milk pack!

P.S: Here’s a clue that can help you find the right answer:
Think you’re great at word building? Here’s your chance to #WIN a little something from us! 3 LUCKY WINNERS stand a chance to win! Comment below right away!

P.S – Your word should have 3 or more letters!
There’s something odd about one of the blinking milk glasses! Can you find that glass?

Take a screenshot and share it in the comments below!
Bring home triple happiness with these malaidaar recipes made with Premium Milk! #HappinessIsHomemade #MalaiMaarke

Winning Recipes using Mother Dairy Premium Milk

Our Moo knows what motivates you the best! #InternationalTeaDay
We are grateful to our customers for choosing us! We are happy to serve you and will continue doing so.

पोषक उत्पादों के मामले में मदर डेयरी अव्वल

No winter is complete without having a cup of hot chocolate! Have you treated yourself to one?