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Think you are good at word-building?
Let's find out!
P.S- Your words should have 3 or more letters.
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Haven't you heard of him yet?
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Never make our Moo-Gambo angry !
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In this scorching heat can you help our Moo put on his shades?
Post a screenshot below!
Are you ready for a round of hide and seek with our Cow milk packs?
Comment the correct number below!
But we absolutely love our cereal bowl. Right?
Here are a few glimpses of the fun MOOments at the colourful Holi Moo Festival held at Delhi.
Hope you had an amazing Holi. See you next year.
MR.MOO wishes everyone a happy and a safe Holi!
Some days, she has no idea how she'll do it. But every single day it still gets done!
So this Women's day make her a special 'Dailycious' cup of morning tea, Just the way she likes it !
#WomensDay2017 #InternationalWomensDay
A woman does her best to keep you and your family healthy!

This time, #BeHerStrength because she deserves a little care too!

#WomensDay2017 #InternationalWomensDay
She never forgets to feed you Dahi Shakkar before your new beginnings!
This time, #BeHerStrength because sometimes, she needs it too!
#WomensDay2017 #InternationalWomensDay
She gets tired too, but never forgets to cook your favorite Paneer dish.
This time, #BeHerStrength and cook her a hearty meal!
#WomensDay2017 #InternationalWomensDay
RE-ARRANGE the alphabets to guess the name of this milk which is the ideal choice for calorie conscious people!

3 LUCKY winners stand a chance to win!
Now you know why! #Oscars #Moonlight #LALALAND
We all prefer our glass of milk with something different! Pause the video, screenshot and let us know what goes best with your glass of milk!

Also, tell us WHY do you love this combination! The best 3 answers stand a chance to win! #MilkMania
NASA Reveals Record-Breaking Exoplanet Discovery!

What would you name the planets?
Are you on a low-fat diet? Then we are sure you know which variant of milk we are talking about! Take a screenshot with the correct milk pack!

Exciting prizes for 3 LUCKY WINNERS who guess it right!

P.S: Hereโ€™s a clue that can help you find the right answer:
Here are a few glimpses of the grand finale of "My health in my hands" program held in Delhi/NCR in association with Sharp NGO.

The initiative saw students engage in fun activities and concluded with winners grabbing exciting Prizes from Mother Dairy.
Donโ€™t we all love chocolate milkshakes! But do you know the right ingredients of it? #MilkMania

List down all the right ones below!

3 LUCKY WINNERS who get them all right stand a chance to win exciting prizes!
In our last #InstaCookingClass, Bake With Shivesh makes some deliciously creamy chocolate truffles for you. Here's the quick recipe you can follow! #CreamOfAllFood