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We all prefer our glass of milk with something different! Pause the video, screenshot and let us know what goes best with your glass of milk!

Also, tell us WHY do you love this combination! The best 3 answers stand a chance to win! #MilkMania
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NASA Reveals Record-Breaking Exoplanet Discovery!

What would you name the planets?
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Are you on a low-fat diet? Then we are sure you know which variant of milk we are talking about! Take a screenshot with the correct milk pack!

Exciting prizes for 3 LUCKY WINNERS who guess it right!

P.S: Here’s a clue that can help you find the right answer:
Here are a few glimpses of the grand finale of "My health in my hands" program held in Delhi/NCR in association with Sharp NGO.

The initiative saw students engage in fun activities and concluded with winners grabbing exciting Prizes from Mother Dairy.
Don’t we all love chocolate milkshakes! But do you know the right ingredients of it? #MilkMania

List down all the right ones below!

3 LUCKY WINNERS who get them all right stand a chance to win exciting prizes!
In our last #InstaCookingClass, Bake With Shivesh makes some deliciously creamy chocolate truffles for you. Here's the quick recipe you can follow! #CreamOfAllFood
We, at Mother Dairy, regard nutrition the most important and along with SHARP NGO, "My Heath in My Hands" was our step towards educating students in schools across Mumbai and Delhi/NCR.

This initiative focuses on spreading awareness on the importance of Health and its connection with dietary food intake through various activities.

Stay tuned for more!
How Moo doin'? #HappyValentinesDay
Nothing is more satisfying than a perfect chocolate cake glazed with perfect creamy chocolate ganache!

Watch this #InstaCookingClass by Bake With Shivesh to learn how to make ganache using #CreamOfAllFood
India v/s Bangladesh is not the only match going on, there's another cricket team that is making our flag fly high.

If you don't know what we are talking about, click here to know more:
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A creamy garlic dip to go along with your munchies or freshly cut veggies is all you need! Check out this super quick recipe here! #CreamOfAllFood #MotherDairyCream #InstaCookingClass

Recipe Courtesy: Passionate About Baking
This creamilicious and healthy fruit granola parfait is exactly what you need to make today!
Taught by Passionate About Baking herself in our #InstaCookingClass using #CreamOfAllFood
Iss hafte in Moo ki baat! #UnionBudget2017
Forgot to catch our 1st #InstaCookingClass?
Here's the recipe of Creamy Matar Ki Kheer as taught by Rekha Kakkar. My Tasty Curry #CreamOfAllFood.
Think wisely! #FoodKaBetterHalf #MotherDairyPaneer
Meet Rekha Kakkar – a foodie with a passion for photographing the food she cooks!

Join us for our 1st #InstaCookingClass with her for 2 quick and easy cream dishes! Stay tuned to our Instagram story and learn the recipes step by step.

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This Republic Day, let's salute the #HeroNextDoor who have served the nation and continue doing so.
Meet your #HeroNextDoor - Kuldeep Singh - Booth No. 145. #Delhi

''Memories of my time in the army are still fresh in my mind as if they happened yesterday.There was this one time where we were in the middle of a firefight in Nagaland. We were not given permission to fire, we were weak, surrounded by our enemy from all sides and time was running out. Our Colonel then decided not to wait for...
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Because not all heroes wear capes! Spot that #HeroNextDoor who has served you selflessly and share their story with us to win!
Join us in our first of its kind - #InstaCookingClass!
Over the next 3 weeks, 3 top food bloggers take over our Instagram handle to teach you 6 interesting recipes with the #CreamOfAllFood.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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