Mother Dairy Ice Creams
03/26/2017 at 05:30. Facebook
Our kind of puzzles!
Comment below the correct sequence of images and name the flavour! #SundaeMania
Mother Dairy Ice Creams
03/25/2017 at 05:30. Facebook
This hints are given, the game is on! Can you guess all four ice creams?
This Bengal Special is our Bae!
Isnโ€™t it yours too?
Sharing is caring, right?
We bet this will be the most difficult thing you solve this Sunday!

2 lucky people to prove us wrong stand a chance to win! #SundaeMania
When we binge watch on the weekends, we usually binge on ice cream too!

Donโ€™t you do that too?
With Summer on its way and the Mango season with it, lets see how many Mango Marvel Tubs you can spot! Comment below!
Yes itโ€™s mid-week and this is the best way to de-stress! Donโ€™t you agree?
This year, have an ice cream friendly Holi! #HappyHoli
A tasty flavour from the family of berries, can you guess the name of this fruitful flavour?

5 Lucky Winners stand a chance to win exciting vouchers!
After last night, anything is possible in Barcelona! #ChampionsLeague #Barca #MSN
What's the best thing about the woman in your life? Take a screenshot and tag her below! #HappyWomensDay #InternationalWomensDay
You may grow out of nursery rhymes, but you are never too old for ice cream!

Do you agree?
This Indian Classic is surely mouth-watering!
If you can tell us the name of this flavour, you can be 1 of the 5 lucky winners to win exciting prizes!

Get, Set and Comment right away! #SundaeMania
Thank God Itโ€™s Friday and the thought of the weekend just around the corner makes it all the more blissful! Which flavour are you going to indulge in?
This is the best way to unwind after a long day! Tell us which flavour this is in the comments below!
If only they had danced with an ice cream! #Oscars #LaLaLand #Moonlight
The Ekdum Classic Flavour of the Summers has just gotten better with its savour! #SundaeMania
Guess what we are talking about and 5 of you may just get lucky!
A Smoking-Cold Treat is all we want! #Coldplay #TheChainsmokers
What do you get when you mix cookies and ice cream? The best feeling in the world! Thatโ€™s what the fortune cookie said.

Do you feel that too?