The Chillz Cones have taken over the kitchen! Spot them all before they melt!
We all have a favourite time when we love to indulge in the sweet, cold and creamy taste of Ice Cream! What is yours?
Mother Dairy Ice Creams
01/20/2017 at 07:20. Facebook
A celebration is always exciting. But when you get Black Forest Ice Cream Cake, it is all you are excited about!
Have you tried it yet?
Mother Dairy Ice Creams
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Congratulations Yuvraj on the spectacular innings! #INDvENG
Mother Dairy Ice Creams
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If you are ready to experiment, there are countless varieties of toppings to be put on ice creams! Which is your favourite?
Mother Dairy Ice Creams
01/18/2017 at 06:03. Facebook
Because a bowl is too mainstream! Have you had your scoops in anything other than bowls?
Mother Dairy Ice Creams
01/17/2017 at 05:42. Facebook
That feeling you get when somebody is enjoying their scoop of ice cream and you are just standing there. Share it with us in the comments below!
Mother Dairy Ice Creams
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Whether it is summer or winter, the marvel of mangoes can always be tasted! Have you tried Mango Marvel yet?
Mother Dairy Ice Creams
01/15/2017 at 05:30. Facebook
Count the number of ice cream tubs hidden in the forest and tell us in the comments below!
Which Ice Cream Scoop will the Little Pink Girl be able to eat? Is it the Strawberry Crush or the Chocolate Gateau?
Tell us your favourite toppings by filling the blank in the comments below!
We call this Tic Tac Cone! Mention the box where you will place your next scoop!
French Vanilla? Its never enough! Donโ€™t you agree?
Waking up to ice cream everyday! Nobody will want to skip school, college or office! Donโ€™t you feel the same?
Ever meet your friends over Ice Cream? You will have some of the best conversations!
Describe your favourite ice cream in one word. The word should begin with the same letter as your name.
Itโ€™s the safest way to win a heart! Do you agree?
As captain, you will be MSD, but not forgotten.
Whatโ€™s better than 1 scoop? 2! Better than 2 scoops though?
Itโ€™s so much better to see people connecting over ice cream! Do you also love to have conversations over ice cream?