Can you catch the biker in the bullseye? Screenshot us in the comments below!
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Mountain Dew Australia
Mountain Dew Australia
04/25/2017 at 22:00. Facebook
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What year is it? Where am I?
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When you're just trying to get on top of things.
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You’re probably going through this right now…
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Pumped to announce our sponsorship of this groundbreaking ramp, with an incredible 70m vertical drop allowing speeds of up to 90km/h and potential air time of around 7 seconds. We’re working with top skaters to ensure that the park’s 2018 opening in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane will be the stage for the world’s first 1800 degree corkscrew spin. #DoTheDew
Pumped to announce our sponsorship of this groundbreaking ramp with an incredible
Mountain Dew Australia
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Pumps out 1000 X more pixels than are in this picture
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Snowboarder Danny Davis has built the ultimate setup. This is the dream! #DoTheDew
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Finally, a straw that doesn’t suck
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It may be only Autumn in Australia but snowboard season in Colorado, USA is still going off.
Check out Red Gerard and crew cruise through the Dew Tour jib course. #DotheDew
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Probably worth a fair bit now #DoTheDew
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Oh hai.
Oh hai
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When you’re going big, don’t forget the details. #DoTheDew
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Watch our latest Team Spotlight in the #MDL! This time it's G3neration X!
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Of course, it’s all emulators these days. #DoTheDew
Of course it’s all emulators these days DoTheDew
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Give your next meal a BFF and add an icy Mountain Dew Freeze for just $1 at KFC ☀❄
Give your next meal a BFF and add an icy Mountain Dew
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You think specs don’t matter?
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