So Earth Hour is tonight, help the planet and turn off the lights.

Then, get hands on. Cop a feel. Get to know what's normal for your nuts.

Who just sits there in the dark, anyway? Know Thy Nuts.

We're on the verge of Testicular Cancer Awareness Month in April. Find out more: [ Link ]
Proudly funded by the Movember Foundation, Man Up TV Series will be screened again on ABC TV tonight at 11pm. Having lost his best mate to suicide, Gus Worland embarks on a journey to discover the good, the bad and the ugly of Australian masculinity.

Man Up. Tonight at 11.00pm on ABC1.
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#WhereYourMoneyGoes Last year we funded Man Up TV Series, a new TV show with Triple M Sydney's Gus Worland on a mission to find out what it really means to be a man today and how the average Aussie bloke is fairing.

We're rapt that Man Up is returning to the ABC for a repeat screening this Thursday at 11pm.

Man Up. Thursday at 11pm on ABC1.
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Thanks to Ireland's Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, they gave us the biggest mo of all time. Happy St Patrick's Day!
Shout out to all our incredible Mo Sistas on International Women's Day. We couldn’t change the face of men’s health without you.
When public figures like Stormzy speak out, it goes a long way to show people that anyone can be affected by depression. Even confident, talented stars. We can all do our bit by talking more openly about mental health and reaching out to a mate who might not be doing so well. Good on ya, mate.

β€˜So low sometimes’: why Stormzy talking about his depression is so important | Kamran Ahmed
We try not to make a habit out of bragging about ourselves, but we're pretty stoked to have made it to 49th out of the top 500 NGOs worldwide. Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, couldn't have done it without you. Reckon we can crack the Top 40 next year? Yeah, we thought so too.

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The secret to a no fail Valentine's Day: Leather jacket. Red rose. Moustache.
Yesterday was huge. Thank you for wearing your Unity Bands, for sharing your photos and messages of support, for telling your mates about World Cancer Day. You have shown the world that, united, #WeCanICan tackle cancer.

The proof: thanks to your donations, we've funded more than 1,000 prostate and testicular cancer projects. We’ve pushed prostate cancer research forward 50 years in just the...
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Today on World Cancer Day, it's time to talk about how we can all play a part in the fight against cancer. Even the smallest action has an impact: Thanks to a community of millions worldwide, we've funded TrueNTH, the world's largest investment in prostate cancer care. Help us do more. Take action today.

Post a photo and your message of support to show that #WeCanICan all help tackle cancer.
Kirk Pengilly is with us, are you? Today on #WorldCancerDay, we can tackle cancer, together. Join the movement. Post your own #WeCanICan photo or find out what else you can do: [ Link ]
Today is World Cancer Day, when we unite worldwide to tackle cancer. Show cancer you're with us: grab a pen, write #WeCanICan on something, and share it with a message of support. Together we can. I can. Tackle Cancer #WorldCancerDay #Movember
World Cancer Day is tomorrow, Feb 4. Get ready to show your support for those affected by cancer. Wherever you are tomorrow, take a photo with the #WeCanICan hashtag and share your message of support for the fight against cancer. We're stronger together. #WorldCancerDay
"Cancer wasn’t just my journey. It hit my family and friends hard, but they got me through it. Thanks to their support, I can now watch my daughter grow up. Together we can fight cancer."

Ben was lucky, he survived testicular cancer. But of every 20 men diagnosed, one doesn't. Together #WeCanICan change that. Share your #WeCanICan picture for World Cancer Day, Feb 4th.
Just three days to go until #WorldCancerDay. Make Feb 4 the day you take action. What's your message of support for everyone affected by cancer? Get ready to share it loud on Feb 4. Together #WeCanICan tackle cancer.
This Saturday is World Cancer Day, when millions of people across the world unite against cancer. Join the fight wherever you are on February 4th. Get your team, your friends or family together, wear your Unity Bands and take a photo with the #WeCanICan hashtag. Share your message of support, and together we can tackle cancer.
#WhereYourMoneyGoes Despite their obvious differences, there are many genetic similarities between prostate and breast cancer. In a world-first, we’re joining forces with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to fund a series of innovative research projects with the potential to transform patient treatment and outcomes. Together we’re uniting in the fight against cancer. Find out more: [...
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"My doctor brought up doing a PSA test. When the results came back, they came back high . . . After seeing a specialist, I had a biopsy and, a few days after my birthday, that’s when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer."

Read more of Eugene's story and join the fight: [ Link ]

Together #WeCanICan make a difference to the future of men living with prostate cancer.
Together we're having an impact on prostate and testicular cancer. Check out some of our recent breakthroughs: [ Link ]

But there's a long way to go. Get behind the work we're doing by getting a Unity Band for World Cancer Day, Feb 4th. Together we can tackle cancer. #WeCanICan [ Link ]