Cancer research is full of difficult problems, but we're going to solve them. How? By working smarter, working across borders and working together.

Join the fight this World Cancer Day. Get yourself a Movember Unity Band online and wear it proud on Feb 4: [ Link ] #WeCanICan
Do these five things, for the good of mankind. Share it on.
#FBF to this inventive Aussie Mo Bro and his aquatic-themed Mo. Swimsuit season is here and the Octo Mo is just one way to show your Mo Pride on beaches this summer.
Not sure what your New Year's resolution should be? Time to get your groove on. Getting physically active is proven to be the gateway for other good shit, like improving your diet or quitting smoking. But we know you’re going to need some time to recover from last night, so start fresh tomorrow.
Here are the results you've been waiting for. After extensive research, we've found that sporting a Mo at a New Year's Eve party makes you 32% more likely to score that midnight kiss. Proven by science*.
For some, the upcoming holidays can be a lonely time of year. During what is supposed to be a happy time, some of us may struggle to talk about what’s really happening in our lives because of the pressures of the holiday season. Reach out to someone you trust, touch base with your mates and catch up. Stay healthy, stay connected.

To speak with someone immediately, contact your local 24-hour...
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Never let it be said that a man should be judged only on the size of his Mo. The proof: our 2016 Lame Mo winner, Lincoln Tan. His moustache might not be the bushiest, but Lincoln more than makes up for it through his work. He's a urologist, and as a doctor treating men for prostate cancer and other men's health issues, he knows just how important the funds raised during Movember are. His...
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Check your baubles this holiday season. 70% of men never or rarely perform a testicular cancer self-exam. Get to know what feels normal for you and if you notice something is unusual, go to your doctor. Here’s our guide: [ Link ]
The Mo Awards are a point of pride, awarded only to those who show the ultimate dedication to and respect for the Mo, Movember, and men’s health. Meet this year's international Miss Movember: Claudia Whitcombe. A member of team League of Extraordinary Lipwarmers, Claudia is a first-time Mo Sista who's in it for men's mental health. "We need to make mental health less of a taboo, so men feel...
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Meet this year's international Man of Movember: David Harmelin. Hailing from the US, David's distinctive 'fly like an eagle' Mo caught the eyes of voters around the world. But the man is more than a moustache. A supporter of Movember since 2010, this year David ran the New York City Marathon to raise funds, and hit an incredible milestone – $100,000 in all-time funds raised. He deserves every...
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We had some huge prizes this year. Who won an exclusive Lindeman's Wines dinner and wine blending experience? You'll have to read this to find out: [ Link ]
Mo Bros, Mo Sistas, Mo Community: Thank you. This Movember was a huge month for men's health, and we couldn't do it without you. Stay loose, stay hairy, we'll see you next year. Mo on ????
After a wild month of hairy Mo growing, Moving and Hosting in the name of men's health, you've all earned a well-deserved breather. But here at Movember, what happens next? We're always getting asked what we're up to year-round. Here's the answer: [ Link ]
Now that all the Movember Mo’s have been shaved off, Australia has generated so much excess hair around the country that we’ll need to bring in this specially designed Mo bulldozer from our mates at Gladstone Ports Corporation to remove it all.
What was your highlight of Movember 2016? Share it below: the moustaches, the good times, the serious stuff.
There's less than 24 hours to get your vote in for the Mo Awards. The Mo Bros and Mo Sistas with the most votes go into the final round with the winners chosen by the Movember co-founders. Help us choose who takes it home: [ Link ]
During Movember we gather to take action for men's health, but the fight goes on year-round. Carry it forward, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas. It's never too late.
Sporting something straggly? Bit of an uneven upper lip effort? No shame, it happens to the best of us, and we award the best of them the coveted Lame Mo award. Tag a mate if you think they should enter.
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While you might have started to look like your favourite moustache hero, December means it’s now time to return to mere mortal status. Which famous Mo was your inspiration this Movember?
Every dollar raised helps us fund game-changing men's health projects. Make your Mo count! It's not too late to round up the stragglers and hassle the mates who promised they'd put their money where your Mo is. [ Link ]