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Now that all the Movember Mo’s have been shaved off, Australia has generated so much excess hair around the country that we’ll need to bring in this specially designed Mo bulldozer from our mates at Gladstone Ports Corporation to remove it all.
What was your highlight of Movember 2016? Share it below: the moustaches, the good times, the serious stuff.
There's less than 24 hours to get your vote in for the Mo Awards. The Mo Bros and Mo Sistas with the most votes go into the final round with the winners chosen by the Movember co-founders. Help us choose who takes it home: [ Movember.com Link ]
During Movember we gather to take action for men's health, but the fight goes on year-round. Carry it forward, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas. It's never too late.
Sporting something straggly? Bit of an uneven upper lip effort? No shame, it happens to the best of us, and we award the best of them the coveted Lame Mo award. Tag a mate if you think they should enter.
[ Movember.com Link ]
While you might have started to look like your favourite moustache hero, December means it’s now time to return to mere mortal status. Which famous Mo was your inspiration this Movember?
Every dollar raised helps us fund game-changing men's health projects. Make your Mo count! It's not too late to round up the stragglers and hassle the mates who promised they'd put their money where your Mo is. [ Mvmbr.co Link ]
It's not too late to donate to a Mo Bro or Mo Sista and join the movement for men’s health. #Movember #MoGentleman Gentleman's Collection
Knowledge is power, early detection is key. You have a 98% chance of survival beyond 5 years if your prostate cancer is detected early. Those rates drop to just 26% if it's caught late. This is what you need to know: [ Mvmbr.co Link ]
Big Mo’s, epic Moves, celebrity shavedowns, real stories, and even the odd hotdog cart: Movember 2016 had it all. The good times and the serious stuff, bigger than ever. Check out our round-up of Movember 2016. What was your highlight? [ Mvmbr.co Link ]
Check out who's made it to the Movember leaderboards. There are a limited number of Movember compasses available to those Mo Bros & Mo Sistas who raise $1,000 or more. Get those last donations in! [ Mvmbr.co Link ]

Movember Australia

Help your fellow man by putting your money where your mouth is and supporting his Movember fundraising efforts. #Movember #MoGentleman Gentleman's Collection
The ferries may be preparing to lose their follicles, but the ship hasn't sailed on last-minute donations.

Every extra dollar helps us make a difference to men's health. Donate today before the Mo's sail off into the sunset*: [ Mvmbr.co Link ]

*All puns intended
Can’t grow a Mo? That doesn’t phase Mo Sista Charlotte who’s been raising funds and awareness since her Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. This year, Charlotte and her son have been wearing a different Mo every day of Movember, each one suggested by the generous people who have donated to her Mo Space. Here are some of our favourites.

It’s not too late to donate and join the movement to...
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Get up to some Monkey Business this Movember? Mo Bro Ross has taken creative shaving to a new level with his Monkey Mo.

It’s not too late to donate and join the movement to stop men dying too young: [ Mvmbr.co Link ]
Moustaches to the rescue! Our mates over in WA’s emergency services are growing their Mo’s to stop men dying too young. It’s not too late for you to join the movement too. Get your last minute donations in now: [ Mvmbr.co Link ]
Hobart has almost reached their $250,000 fundraising target. Don't let them beat you. Donate now to your local Mo Bros & Mo Sistas to help your town reach their target: [ Mvmbr.co Link ]
The final hairy day is here. It's time to celebrate the Mo's around the world as they reach their full potential with a donation to your Mo Bros & Mo Sistas. Every extra dollar helps us to stop men dying too young. Join the movement: [ Mvmbr.co Link ]
It's the last day of #Movember. Time for the shave downs to start . . . Thanks Chrissie, Sam & Browny for giving Aaron Finch a hand with his.
Help your fellow man by putting your money where your mouth is and supporting his Movember fundraising efforts. #Movember #MoGentleman Gentleman's Collection