Grab an official #Movember Unity Band from our online store and wear your support on #WorldCancerDay, February 4th. Together we can tackle cancer. #WeCanICan

Movember Foundation Canada
Grab an official #Movember Unity Band from our online store and wear your support on #WorldCancerDay, February 4th. Together we can tackle cancer. #WeCanICan [ Link ]

World Cancer Day Unity Band
Cancer research is full of difficult problems, but we're going to solve them. How? By working smarter, working across borders and working together.

Join the fight this World Cancer Day. Get yourself a Movember Unity Band online and wear it proud on Feb 4. #WeCanICan [ Link ]
If you haven't heard, Canadian scientists have discovered the genetic fingerprint behind why some men with curable prostate cancer end up developing an aggressive form of the disease.

This discovery wouldn't have been made possible without your donations.

Mo News: Prostate Cancer Genetics Breakthrough
"When we come to suicide prevention, we've been losing the fight. It's a hidden health crisis that no one is talking about. We need to bring it out of the shadows." Looking back on 2016, we lost a Mo Bro to suicide just before the campaign, and Movember 18th was one of our proudest moments honouring him. [ Link ]

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Not sure what your New Year's resolution should be? Take a minute to talk about the impact that moving more can have on your life. Getting physically active is proven to be the gateway for other good shit, like improving your diet or quitting smoking. Once you start to move it, good things happen. Make 2017 the year you get your groove on.
For some, the upcoming holidays can be a lonely time of year. During what is supposed to be a happy time, some of us may struggle to talk about what’s really happening in our lives because of the pressures of the holiday season. Reach out to someone you trust, touch base with your friends and catch up. Stay healthy, stay connected.
Check your baubles this holiday season. 70% of men have never, or rarely, performed a testicular cancer self-exam. Get to know what feels normal for you and if you notice something is unusual, go to the doctor. Here’s our guide: [ Link ]
Santa, your balls are lighting up. Not to mention, out? Oh, they're Movember Bike Balls! That's better.

Grab a pair here, they're the perfect stocking stuffer for the cyclist in your life: [ Link ]
The Mo Awards are a point of pride, awarded only to those who show the ultimate dedication to and respect for the Mo, Movember, and men’s health. From across the world, here are the 2016 Mo award winners!

Movember Foundation Canada
OA Series est un projet qui suit trois hommes qui dĂ©couvrent qui ils sont, ce qu’ils aiment et comment la masculinitĂ© a un impact sur leurs vies. La sĂ©rie est bĂątit sur trois piliers : la santĂ©, la communautĂ© et la rĂ©flexion. Cela en tĂȘte, OA a comme but de changer les notions prĂ©conçues en ce qui concerne la masculinitĂ© et veut encourager les jeunes hommes Ă  ĂȘtre ouvert Ă  de nouvelles...
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We had epic prizes this year. Perhaps you won an incredible 8-day trip for two to see the ruins of Machu Picchu from G Adventures. Life note: next level moustaches can take you to new heights.
You'll have to read this to find out: [ Link ]
Mo Bros, Mo Sistas: thank you. This Movember was a huge month for men's health, and we couldn't do it without you. Stay loose, stay hairy and keep being awesome. Mo on ????
The personified fountain of youth Rob Lowe sits in the chair with The Men's Groomer for the final episode of "The No BS Barbershop," brought to you by our US partners at Headspace. Rob talks all things cancer, aging, and family. Watch the whole series here: [ Link ]
OA Series shines a light on three very different men to discover who they are, what they love and how masculinity affects their lives. The series is built on three pillars: Health, Community, and Reflection. With these in mind, OA aims to be a first step in shifting old attitudes of what men should grow up to be and challenges teens to open themselves up to new ways of living. It inspires men...
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After a wild month of hairy Mo growing, Moving and partying in the name of men's health, you've all earned a well-deserved breather. But here at Mo HQ, what happens next? We're always getting asked what we're up to year-round. Here's the answer: [ Link ]
It’s official, spending time with your friends is good for you. Research indicates that social connectedness is a protective factor against depression, and in turn may reduce the risk of suicide. Lock in a date, make man time. [ Link ]
What was your highlight of Movember 2016? Was it your moustache? Perhaps moustache you saw? The many mo parties or the more serious stuff? Share it with us, below:
It's your last chance to vote in the Mo Awards! The Mo Bros and Mo Sistas with the most votes go into the final round, with the winners chosen by the Movember co-founders. Help us choose who takes it home: [ Link ]
Knowledge is power, early detection is key. You have a 98% chance of survival beyond 5 years if your prostate cancer is detected early. Those rates drop to just 26% if it's caught late.

This is what you need to know: [ Link ]