Movember Foundation UK
02/20/2017 at 11:42. Facebook
We couldn't have done it without you. Reckon we can crack the Top 40 next year? Yeah, we thought so too.

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Movember Foundation UK
02/20/2017 at 11:34. Facebook
It is a happy Monday here at Sanders as we have donated £1000 to Movember Foundation UK with the help of our fantastic customers!

Thank you to all who purchased shoes from our webshop in November for Movember and thank you to all who continue to support us.

#sandersshoes #sanders #support #movember #standuptocancer #cancerawareness #quality #classic #goodyearwelted #shoes #boots #menswear...
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Movember Foundation UK
02/20/2017 at 11:33. Facebook
75.5 miles done! First full days distance ride in training for Have You Got The Balls? So pleased to have done the distance after putting so much hard work in! thanks Seb Raby and Connor Moloney for a great ride guys! I'm in some serious pain now but still have a big smile on my face ???? Roll on April 21st... Movember Foundation UK who's joining us!? Grand depart 09.30am 21/04/17 Hook Norton...
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Ladies and Gents. I had major abdominal surgery this week to remove my metastatic non seminomas. (Secondary tumours). I needed a liver resection and partial gastrectomy to remove 3 from my liver and 2 from my stomach/pancreas/spleen area. I'm a little bit of a medical oddity as the primary cancer was never found. This leaves me with one remaining tumour near my bladder, which I have an...
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Yesterday was huge. Thank you for wearing your Unity Bands, for sharing your photos and messages of support, for telling your mates about World Cancer Day. You have shown the world that, united, #WeCanICan tackle cancer.

The proof: thanks to your donations, we've funded more than 1,000 prostate and testicular cancer projects. We’ve pushed prostate cancer research forward 50 years in just the...
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BREAK-POINT UK, Queens Park Rangers F.C., Harlequins RFU, and Dylan Hartley are with us, are you? Today on World Cancer Day #WeCanICan tackle cancer, together.

Post your own #WeCanICan photo or find out what else you can do:

#WorldCancerDay #ActofUnity
Today on World Cancer Day, it's time to talk about how we can all play a part in the fight against cancer. Even the smallest action has an impact: Thanks to a community of millions worldwide, we've funded TrueNTH, the world's largest investment in prostate cancer care. Help us do more. Take action today.

Post a photo and your message of support to show that #WeCanICan all help tackle cancer.
Today is World Cancer Day: thousands around the world are uniting to tackle cancer. Show cancer you're with us. Grab a pen, write #WeCanICan on something, and share it with a message of support.

Together we can. I can. #WorldCancerDay #Movember
#WorldCancerDay is tomorrow? Game on. Wherever you are, take a photo with the #WeCanICan hashtag and share your message of support for the fight against cancer. We're stronger together.
"Cancer wasn’t just my journey. It hit my family and friends hard, but they got me through it. Thanks to their support, I can now watch my daughter grow up. Together we can fight cancer."

Ben was lucky, he survived testicular cancer. But of every 20 men diagnosed, one doesn't. Together #WeCanICan change that. Share your #WeCanICan picture for World Cancer Day, Feb 4th.
What's your message of support for everyone affected by cancer? Get ready to share it loud on Feb 4: only three days to go.

Together #WeCanICan tackle cancer.
This Saturday, unite against cancer. Get your team, your mates or family together, and share your photo with the #WeCanICan hashtag. Share your message of support.

Together, we can tackle cancer. #WorldCancerDay
Will you be wearing a Unity Band on Saturday? Give the postie a fair chance, get your order in today and get your band in time:

Together, #WeCanICan tackle cancer.
"Just before my 43rd birthday, my doctor brought up doing a PSA test. When the results came back, they came back high . . . I had a biopsy and, a few days after my birthday, that’s when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer."

Read more about Eugene's story, and join the fight. Together #WeCanICan make a difference to the future of men living with prostate cancer.
Together we're having an impact on prostate and testicular cancer. Check out some of our recent breakthroughs:

But there's still a long way to go. Get behind the work we're doing by getting a Unity Band for World Cancer Day, Feb 4th: #WeCanICan
Play your part. This #WorldCancerDay we'll be wearing our Unity Bands. Will you? #WeCanICan tackle cancer together:
It's time to unite against cancer. What will you do on World Cancer Day?

Together, #WeCanICan tackle cancer.
"I've seen friends and family lose their battles with cancer, living their final days in poor physical and mental health. I had to do something to change the standard of care.

My work as part of Movember’s TrueNTH program investigates the role that exercise can play in helping men be healthier as they go through prostate cancer treatment."

Dr Nicolas Hart is changing the future for cancer...
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Unity Band-tying: it's knot as hard as it seems. Show us how you wear yours in the comments.

Not got a band yet? Get it in time for #WorldCancerDay, here: