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Grab an official #Movember Unity Band from our online store and wear your support on #WorldCancerDay, the 4th of February.

Together we can tackle cancer. #WeCanICan
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We’re proud to share to how your funds have helped fund the world’s most comprehensive genetic analysis of prostate cancer tumours through the Canadian Prostate Cancer Genome Network (CPC-GENE) project. The findings have been published in the world-re...

Mo News: Prostate Cancer Genetics Breakthrough
Movember Foundation UK
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Cancer research is full of difficult problems, but we're going to solve them. How? By working smarter, working across borders and working together.

Join the fight this World Cancer Day. Get yourself a Movember Unity Band online and wear it proud on the 4th of February. #WeCanICan #ActofUnity
Whether a 10K, half marathon or the full monty, join us to run for the future of men's health, as well as your own:

London Marathon
Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris 2017
North London Half Marathon
London 10,000

P.S. If you have already applied, please get in touch with us ASAP at, giving your name and contact number.

Movember Foundation UK
By 2030, we’ll halve the number of men dying from prostate cancer. Join the fight:
Make #2017 the year you face up to your Everest. Join us for a 10K, half marathon, or a full-on-balls-out-marathon:

Once you start moving, good things happen. Trust us.
Sometimes, the holiday season can be lonely. There are pressures associated with this time of year, and it can be difficult to talk about what’s really happening in your life.

Reach out to someone you trust. Get that catch up scheduled with your mates. Stay healthy this Christmas: stay connected.

To speak with someone immediately, contact the Samaritans on 116 123. Find resources at...
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Never let it be said that a man should be judged only on the size of his Mo. The proof: our international 2016 Lame Mo winner, Lincoln Tan.

His moustache might not be the bushiest, but Lincoln more than makes up for it through his work. He's a urologist, and as a doctor treating men for prostate cancer and other men's health issues, he knows just how important the funds raised during...
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This year's International 2016 Movember Team is the 'Frontline Mo Bros'. A joint effort from the law, fire, EMS, voluntary and military, the Frontline Mo Bros are some of Ireland's most dedicated moustaches. They raised an incredible €22,550 this year, and are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to raising awareness of men's mental health.

Check out who took home our other top gongs:...
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Meet this year's international Man of Movember: David Harmelin.

Hailing from the US, David's distinctive 'fly like an eagle' Mo caught the eyes of voters around the world. But the man is more than a moustache.

A supporter of Movember since 2010, this year David ran the New York City Marathon to raise funds, and hit an incredible milestone – $100,000 in all-time funds raised.

He deserves...
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The Mo Awards are a point of pride, awarded only to those who show the ultimate dedication to and respect for the Mo, Movember, and men’s health. Meet this year's international Miss Movember: Claudia Whitcombe. A member of the League of Extraordinary Lipwarmers, Claudia is a first-time Mo Sista who's in it for men's mental health.

"We need to make mental health less of a taboo, so men feel...
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Check your baubles this Christmas. 70% of men have never, or rarely, perform a testicular cancer self-exam. Get to know what feels normal for you and if you notice something is unusual, go to the doctor.

Here’s our guide:
We've got some huge prizes this year. Who won a tour of Britain’s oldest brewery with eleven mates, courtesy Shepherd Neame? You'll have to read this to find out:
‘Because of you, the future is looking really bright’. Here’s to you: the marathon runners, the mountain climbers, the Sunday roasters, and of course, the moustache growers. #Movember #stopmendyingtooyoung
Mo Bros, Mo Sistas: thank you. This Movember was a huge month for men's health, and we couldn't do it without you. Stay loose, stay hairy, we'll see you next year. Mo on ????
After a wild month of hairy Mo growing, Moving and partying in the name of men's health, you've all earned a well-deserved breather. But here at Mo HQ, what happens next? We're always getting asked what we're up to year-round. Here's the answer. [ Link ]
It’s official, spending time with your mates is good for you. Staying socially connected helps to protect you from depression. Lock that long overdue catch up in, make man time.
Missing that runner's high? Apply at this link to run for the future of men's health, today:

Do good and feel great

London Marathon
Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris
North London Half Marathon
London 10,000

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