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Conor McGregor's power level is over 9000!!!
More flops than ever before. A certain sector of the industry is in big trouble.

The Biggest Box Office Flops Of 2016

Everyone thought Sansa was pregnant with Ramsay's monstrous offspring.

Now we know the truth.

Mother Of Boltons? 'GoT' Sources Have Revealed If Sansa Is Pregnant

"I heard - that awful boy - telling her about them - years ago."

Everyone assumed Aunt Petunia was talking about James. She wasn't. It was the other boy that Lily spent time with.

7 Harry Potter Moments That Make So Much More Sense Now

Fans have been quick to criticise Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan.

But there's one charming psychopath they've been loving!

Steven Ogg Is Actually A Better Negan Than Negan Himself

Q: How did you celebrate the success of your movie?

A: I had the cast of Sesame Street fired.

Deadpool's Recap Of 2016 Reveals His Twisted Little Mind

It's just a shame that Bea Arthur wasn't around to star in any movies. Because that would automatically have been his favorite!

Deadpool's Favorite Movie Of 2016 Is A Family Drama

Via Inverse: It's time to look beyond Stranger Things folks!

How To Use Secret Codes To Explore Deep Netflix

The Alien movie we've been waiting a lifetime for. It looks like they've done it.

'Alien: Covenant' Poster Reveals The Perfect Alien Sequel

Happy Thanksgiving from Movie Pilot Horror!