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We Couldn't Agree More!
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Tell Amazon It's Not Ok To Use Your Money For Playboy Content on Prime!

We can't believe Amazon is making content THIS bad!
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The True Meaning of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!

A Tale as Old as Time
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VIDEO: Down Syndrome teenager doesn't know Dad is right behind him—watch him erupt with joy

Try not to cry watching this heartwarming moment!
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Is this a case worth solving? Check out this week's video review of THE CASE FOR CHRIST!
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Is this Sci-Fi Reboot Worth A Trip To The Theaters?

Everything You Need To Know About POWER RANGERS
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Disney's New BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Has Stirred Quite a Bit Of Controversy, But What Was Most Disappointing About This Movie?

5 Disappointing Messages in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST
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Is The POWER RANGERS LGBT Character Just Another Publicity Stunt?

Other Studios Are Now Following Suit After Disney’s “Gay Scene” Marketing Ploy
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Terry Crews We are fans too... of you!

Don't miss The 25th Annual Movieguide Awards airing Easter Sunday on ReelzChannel, hosted by Terry Crews!
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One Man's Random Encounter With Pro NFL Quarterback Helped Restore His Faith

"Before You Go, Is There Anything You Want To Pray For?"
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CNN's Latest Series Will Take You On A Beautiful Journey

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Terry Crews Is A Pretty Lovable Guy... Here Are 4 Things That Will Make You Love Him More!

4 Reasons Everyone Should Love Terry Crews
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Some people can't believe what Tim Allen just said about Hollywood.

Tim Allen Jokes that Being a Republican in Hollywood is Like Being in "30's Germany"
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5 year old Natalie said a prayer that reached millions. When she is brought on LITTLE BIG SHOTS to discuss it Steve Harvey asks her to pray for him too.

She Prays Over Steve Harvey On National Tv... Blessings Is What She Asked God For
With all the controversy surrounding BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, what's the verdict?
Behind the Scenes of Disney’s Live Action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

Bringing A Fairy Tale Cartoon Into Reality
Adorable Girl Tell's Steve Harvey She'll Pray for Him to Stop Cussing

She Told Steve Harvey to Stop Cussing... The Crowd Loses It