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If anyone can use VR to its full potential, it's these guys.

'Rick and Morty' Will Revolutionize VR With Epic Game
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Grand Theft Auto V in real life.

(Via: Chris Melberger)
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The New Day - WWE are going to make WrestleMania 33 legendary.

The New Day To Get Conor McGregor to Join WWE?
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Some characters might be absent, but It perfectly sums up all 40 years of Star Wars history. <3

This New 'Star Wars' Celebration Poster Is Positively Nerdtastic
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Watch as this guy gets completely transformed!

We're turning cosplayer Loki Hates You into Two-Face from Batman!

Makeup by Hollywood Special FX Makeup artist Amber and Kenneth.
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Basically, we wouldn't have gotten the best Marvel movie ever if he had made it.

James Gunn Had A Very Good Reason For Turning Down The 'Hitman' Movie
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Star Wars is no longer a Christmas tradition.

Star Wars Episode 9 Date Much Earlier Than Expected?
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There's method acting and then there's Chris Evans.

All The Ways Chris Evans Is Captain America In Real Life
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They've got the theme tune! Go go Power Rangers!

The New Power Rangers Trailer Is Full Of Nostalgia
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Moonlight is one of the most intimate and raw movies of 2016!
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Before you change into your brown pants, this could actually be a really good thing!

'Deadpool 2' Hires A New Scriptwriter: Time To Worry? Nah.
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Don't watch this trailer if you don't want to know why Dom is betraying his family! It's mega-spoilery!

The New 'Fate Of The Furious' Trailer Reveals Everything
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Everything he's been in before, he's been an absolute savage!

Sons Of Anarchy Spin-Off Finds Its Lead Biker!
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Ryan Reynolds is writing it? Oh this is gonna be good!

R-Rated 'X-Force' Movie Starring Deadpool Just Got Real
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The recreation of Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One is one of the most impressive pieces of visual effects in recent memory!