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Happy Birthday, Rolando Villazón!
Mozart's 'Il re pastore' was the very first opera Rolando performed while still a student at the conservatory and he has felt a special connection to the composer ever since; through his diverse musical explorations, especially of Baroque music and Monteverdi, and by reading Mozart's letters, Rolando has acquired the experience and artistic maturity he was...
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Mozart - Composer
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Let's have a listen to the String Quartet No.14 in G major ...
Mozart - Composer
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Mozart - Composer
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Mozart was a great pianist, and initially made his name in Vienna as a composer of piano concertos that he wrote for himself to play at public concerts. Enjoy a wonderful collection of his legendary piano works and discover more themed digital albums: [ Link ]
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In honor of his musical legacy we extend our ‘Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition’ with new themed digital albums. Enjoy here his 'Canons & Partsongs': [ Link ]
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Preview, download or stream Le Nozze di Figaro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Le Nozze di Figaro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart :D !?
Could you listen to the entire works of Mozart? All 240 hours of it?
This short video tells you the story of one music journalist’s journey and how the music of Mozart took over his life for 2 months!

Can listening to Mozart drive you mad?
Pianists Lucas Jussen and Arthur Jussen played a very humorous and virtuoso version of Mozarts Symphony No.40 as an encore during their concerts with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.
Enjoy the clip!

Lucas and Arthur Jussen - Sinfonia 40
As a Holiday gift to you, Universal Music Classics and The Violin Channel are giving away the Mozart 225 box set & other fun Mozart themed goodies! Enter for your chance to win: [ Link ]
Soprano Renée Fleming is among the 600 world-class performers featured in the box 'Mozart 225'! The 200-CD collection, produced by Decca Classics & Deutsche Grammophon in collaboration with the Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg, presents every single work by Mozart – right up to a new song discovered only last year. Learn more: [ Link ]
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"Music is my life and my life is music." Choosing a favourite Mozart recording will always be difficult. But on occasion of the 225th anniversary of Mozart’s death today, what would you pick as your most beloved Mozart work? #Mozart225
225 years after Mozart's death, could there be a better occasion to discover the composer's life and legacy? Learn more about ‘Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition’ here: [ Link ]
Fact #1: No one is quite sure where Mozart’s body is, he was buried in a common grave and has no grave marker ... #Mozart225
Fact #2: Mozart’s true cause of death is unknown - it is most commonly attributed to rheumatic fever. #Mozart225
Fact #3: Mozart died before finishing the Requiem. His student Franz Süssmayr completed the work and it is still debated about what parts Mozart truly wrote. #Mozart225
Fact #4: Mozart began work on the Requiem when his health was fading. He managed to get as far as the 'Lacrimosa' before his cruelly short life was tragically curtailed. His incomplete manuscript has been the subject of debate ever since, in editions made by his students and later musicologists ... #Mozart225