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03/23/2017 at 23:12. Facebook
When you're waiting for food to arrive
So instead of having a video up I've compiled my top 10 videos I've made in the last few months. Please do enjoy them, or don't. It's whatever.

You can watch them here: [ Link ]
"Dad? Have you any photos of you and mom from when you were younger?"

More on my Instagram, give me a follow if you want, of don't. It's whatever.
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When you wake up after St Patrick's Day
When you buy clothes online
When you come home after a party
When you try to be healthy
I don't have a picture to describe my new video because it's about things that annoy me in airports. So here's a photo of me looking flawless.
Watch the video here though: [ Link ]
When you rush to get ready
When you finish your favourite series
Six years ago I had to say goodbye to you. You went from living in my life to living in my dreams. Forever thinking about you Dad.
I'm fuckin' gorgeous
For 2 whole years, my girlfriend Emily allowed me to imitate her and make her out to be the craziest human ever (she is, trust me)
Since we've been going out for 2 years and we can celebrate the videos of "Cian and Emily" I've finally allowed Emily to vent her anger towards me like the fake Emily does and I've allowed her to roast me, for the first time ever, The Real Emily gets to have a go....
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I would just like say a big happy anniversary to my darling Emily Rochford
2 years ago I plucked up the courage to ask you to be my girlfriend and it's fair to say how relieved I am that you said yes.
Thank you for being everything I've always wanted and wished for. A hot ass girlfriend who's a fucking sweetheart also, the full package! I love you more and more each day and it's worth...
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I managed to do a video with the real Emily! (Yes she's a real person how do you not know that yet?) I do her make up and it actually turned out really well I was super pleased!
Anyway you can watch it here, go show some love
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My girlfriend Emily bought me a t-shirt.
I'll wear it all the time...
(Someone please save me)
I am Beyoncé #Beyonceispregnant
A Job Interview In This Generation
I was cleaning out my mothers kitchen and underneath one of the cabinets I found this. Every Friday my dad used to pack one of these chocolate bars for my lunch for school when I was a kid.
I know it's only a chocolate bar, but it really did make me smile. Literally a sweet way to remember him by!
If I were in the audience #CashMeOuside