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I was out in Emily's grandmothers house having a cup of tea and a fucking hot air balloon landed in the back garden.
Mr Cian Twomey
01/20/2017 at 17:56. Facebook
I'm Emily and this is my masterclass
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01/18/2017 at 23:07. Facebook
So this morning myself and Emily came across a rather creepy video. I really have no idea how to explain it but just watch it, it's really weird. Like, so weird.
Watch it here: [ Link ]
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01/17/2017 at 19:51. Facebook
When you catch your boyfriend cheating on you
When it's payday
When your girlfriend has a Guardian Angel
So it is very clear that I am super incredibly famous. In my new video I talk about my other super famous friends such as Matt Damon and Kevin Hart. I also talk about the lovely messages I get from my adoring fans
Watch it here: [ Link ]

Ps. Thanks to alter ego Emily for making this amazing photo included here, well done Emily.
When you order clothes online
When you need goals to achieve for 2017
2016 was the best year of my life and none of it would have been possible if it wasn't for you all! So in return I'm going to pick a random person who enters here:
[ Link ]
I'll be ringing the winner and I'm going to buy the winner whatever they want online and have it sent to their home! Thank you all again for everything, you've made the little chubby kids dream become a...
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2016 was an eventful year for myself and Emily, I want to thank everyone for making it so perfect! Much love to you all and we wish you all a healthy and happy New Year! Here's to 2017 x
So 2016 is coming to an end! There were ups and downs but for me it was a lovely year, I got to accomplish all of my goals and couldn't thank all of you for helping me! 2017 will be a fun year but for now, please go and watch my final video of 2016!
Watch here: [ Link ]
When your girlfriend gets you the most amazing and perfect Christmas gift
Merry Christmas from myself and Emily!
Enjoy your day and relax, spend time with family and eat lots of food. Much love to everyone x
Usually I'd post an "Emily" video now, but instead I thought I'd share one of my different videos! A lot more "Cian"
If you like my usual stuff then you'd probably like this, if not I apologise!
You can watch it here:
Much love x
When your girlfriend needs to wrap Christmas presents #ad
Emily insisted that I should notify my lovely Facebook followers that my You Tube channel is here and you should go subscribe to it, it means a lot to both myself and Emily. She also made me take this photo with my silver play button. Go help me out!
[ Link ]
I worry about Emily sometimes, she just showed up with a 7ft unicorn for no reason
I made a video today about something that happened to me during the week and I was getting so frustrated that I couldn't get the words out!
Watch the full video here:
When you just adore Christmas