Mr. Peabody & Sherman
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Getting too excited on your birthday like… #DentureProblems
Mr. Peabody & Sherman
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Mr. Peabody is the president of time travel! What would you be the president of? #PresidentsDay
Who’s the weirdo you love? #HappyValentinesDay!
When your invention goes horribly wrong! #HELP #NationalInventorsDay
Download & print these DreamWorks Animation #ValentinesDay cards! Now you can celebrate with your favorite characters! Click here to download: [ Link ]
Thank goodness today is the last day of Sherman’s weatherman gig. He’s calling this the Storm of the Century!
What is actually occurring on set...
What viewers at home see on TV...
Sherman’s really getting this Storm Watch thing down! Sunny, with a slight chance of rain?? Or… was it rain with a slight chance of sun?!
To celebrate #NationalWeathermansDay, Sherman will be our weatherman this week! Tell us your weatherman name below!
Congratulations to Carlos Alazraqui for his Annie Awards win in Voice Acting for the role of Ponce de León in #TheMrPeabodyandShermanShow!
Sherman has never met a manila folder he didn’t like… #LemmeAtThoseFilingCabinets!
Any car is a cool car if you have enough attitude! #BallinSherman #BOSS #ManilaFolderCar
Is it freezing where you are? Comment below with a snowflake emoji if you are! #SOCOLD #CannotFeelMyFingers
Mr. Peabody sure is enjoying #ComplimentDay! How many compliments have you given so far?!
Don’t miss out on a big hug today! #NationalHuggingDay
Sherman has prepared for #ThesaurusDay with glasses AND a monocle. Nearly synonymous tools for improving one’s eyesight!
Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Peabody are right on time for #DitchYourNewYearsResolutionsDay.
The Wabac isn’t just for time traveling. It also makes a great sled mid-January!
It’s #DressUpYourPetDay! To celebrate we are dressing up our dogs as Mr. Peabody!!!! Show us your own #PeabodyPets!