My Planters crew has been known to help themselves to the inventory. That’s where the nut detector comes in.
Common workplace regrets: 1) Switching to a standing desk without thinking it through, and 2) Eating that junk food in the break room. Avoid the latter with a feel-good snack, like my NUT-rition Wholesome Nut Mix.
Once February rolls around, sticking to those New Year’s resolutions feels as tough as correctly pronouncing the word “February.” Stay active and on-track with the tasty fuel of my NUT-rition Wholesome Nut Mix.
If you’re passionate (about peanuts) and driven (to drive around in a giant peanut), boy, do I have the job for you. Apply by January 31st to join my Peanutter crew!

BE A PEANUTTER! | Planters
When it came time to test Planters’ craveability, I knew just the frenemy for the job.
Some of my employees can’t help but take work home with them. Literally.
Don’t let gravity get you down on the ice this winter. Fuel up with my #PlantersNUTrition and stay active and upright.
When celebrating two different years all in one night, you need a snack that stands the test of time.
Go from a holiday party to a holiday soirée in two simple steps; upgrade your nuts to Deluxe and enforce a mandatory pinkie up rule for all your guests. #DeluxeCashews
Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Bonus points if the company car is sweet. I’m accepting applications for my Peanutter crew, so apply by January 31st! [ Link ]

BE A PEANUTTER! | Planters
Holiday drama is all fun and games until someone tries to eat the host. Make sure to put out plenty of Planters to help keep your guests satiated and civilized.
Warm nuts will make for warmer holidays thanks to my #PlantersSnackSweaters. Coming soon!
Nobody thinks twice about dressing a turkey. So why not dress your snacks? Look for a #PlantersSnackSweater coming soon.