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Mr. Tayto
yesterday at 14:36. Facebook
Pic of the day.
Tayto supporter on the way to the Kerry V Cork match.
(Sure you wouldn't want to be left empty handed)
Mr. Tayto
01/15/2017 at 19:51. Facebook
I have just been sent this!!! I need to know...
A Tayto Tattoo
Mr. Tayto
01/14/2017 at 18:24. Facebook
I'm more of a "more Tayto the better" spud. I heard of some pretty flavoursome mixes over the years though! The word 'Ketchup' springs to mind...
Mr. Tayto
01/05/2017. Facebook
Memories.... I'm glad I changed my hat.
Mr. Tayto
01/04/2017. Facebook
Ms O'Porter starting the New Year as she means to go on...With Tayto ❤
Mr. Tayto
01/03/2017. Facebook
G'day George Mason a.k.a.Ash from Home and Away! Looks like you are happy to have a bag of Tayto...but sure who wouldn't be happy. I hope you enjoyed Ireland and come back soon! Mr. Tayto
Mr. Tayto
01/03/2017. Facebook
Mr. Tayto
01/03/2017. Facebook
Mr. Tayto
01/01/2017. Facebook
Happy New Year spuds!!

It's been a powerful 2016. I'm munching my way to 2017 already!!

Mr. Tayto
12/26/2016. Facebook
That's it! I'm starting the crispy diet!
I'm in training for TOP Oil - Fueling Ireland mascot race in Leopardstown Racecourse on 29th Dec to raise money for LauraLynn – Ireland’s Children’s Hospice!
Now...where are my runners!
Mr. Tayto
12/24/2016. Facebook
Happiest of crispy Christmases to all spuds out there! I'm also loving all the Tayto Christmas tree photos
Keep it crispy,
Mr. Tayto x
Mr. Tayto
12/22/2016. Facebook
Safe to say we're all getting in the festive spirit ❤
This pug is my crisp spirit animal!
Mr. Tayto
12/20/2016. Facebook
Remembering those 12 Spuds of Christmas last year.

Who said I wasn't dapperly dressed! Not sure where those lights went at the end though...
Mr. Tayto
12/19/2016. Facebook
My shop is still open in Arnotts Department Store all this week!

Get last minute flavoursome gifts..and of course a crisp sandwich!
Mr. Tayto
12/15/2016. Facebook
Elf on the shelf... he's the cheese (& onion).
Mr. Tayto
12/13/2016. Facebook
I've just been sent a picture of the most Tayto looking tree I've ever seen!
Just flavoursome!
Mr. Tayto
12/12/2016. Facebook
WIN tickets to the The Gaiety Theatre Panto!

2 dates available:
14th Dec at 1.30pm: 6 tickets
15th Dec at 1.30pm: 2 sets of 4 tickets
(No alternate dates or times available)

Comment which date you would like & I will choose the winner tonight!
Mr. Tayto
12/05/2016. Facebook
Your & your friends faces on 1 MILLION bags of Cheese & Onion Tayto!!

Last chance to enter my one in a life time competition.
Click here to enter:
[ Taytocrisps.ie Link ]


Mr. Tayto
12/01/2016. Facebook
I know what I'm getting for lunch tomorrow...

A Tayto sandwich! I'm also donating €1 of every crisp sandwich sold from the 1st-24th of December to LauraLynn – Ireland’s Children’s Hospice. Available in Arnotts Department Store.
Mr. Tayto
11/05/2016. Facebook