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These are the things that black people practiced and is still practicing! Then we turn around and blame God for our sufferings! This is why we were scattered and held in captivity!
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Standing before my Soul Therapy billboard!
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Remember today is another meet and greet at VP Records in Miramar Fl. Hope to see you there!! #soultherapy #mrvegas #newalbum #newmusic #itunes #mrvegasalbum #nobodygreater #soultherapypromo #vprecords
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Happy Earth Strong to my brother Tonymatterhorn4 Go show him some love.
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Check out"Dash it weh" one of the featured songs on my Soul Therapy album!! Remember it's available on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and VP Record stores!
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I did not want to laugh, but my mother always tell me that, "the devil always find work fi idlers".
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Afternoon Praise "Lord I say Yes"
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Lecce, Italy, Saturday, April 8th is your day!! #mrvegas #mrvegaslive #mrvegasfans #italy #soultherapy #nobodygreater #mrvegassings #gospelreggae
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I hope no one will say this is nasty. Check the side effect, when u stop having sex.

This is what happens to your body when you stop having sex. No. 3 makes me really scared.
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MV Corner - "You are wicked to your Child or Children"
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Kids say the darndest!!!
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4 cities, 4 days!! See you soon Germany!!
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Have you heard this one as yet? Check out "Me praise God" on Itunes! Like, share and comment! #mepraisegod
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