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Russell Yates came home in August 1985 and discovered his wife Elaine and their two daughters had vanished. Kelly was 10 months old and Kimberly was three. But it wasn't until last month that an anonymous tip led police to the possible whereabouts of Elaine, Kelly and Kimberly. That's where the story takes an even more bizarre turn...

2 Daughters Vanish Without A Trace. 31 Years Later, Cops Find Them Alive — And With His Ex
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Trump is like Hitler? Wow, no one has ever heard that one before Chris Matthews.

Not only is Matthews biased, but he's cliched and unoriginal.

Matthews: Trump Speech Was ‘Hitlerian,’ Jokes He Could Fix Nepotism Laws By Hanging Son-in-Law
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Wow! Donald Trump's inauguration speech hit on big themes of "unity" and "America first."

President Trump's Inaugural Address: 'America First!'
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Wow! Even after Trump's inauguration, protestors vandalized and looted in DC. Brittany M. Hughes brings you this great coverage from the ground.
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WATCH: MRC Culture and CNS News shot some terrifying footage of the DC Anti-Trump protests from earlier today.

VIDEO: Anti-Trump Protestors Vandalize Businesses, Cars, Kiosks in D.C.
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Because nothing gets your point across like destroying random newsstands.

You stay classy leftists.

Protesters Smash, Burn D.C. Newsstands – Washington Post Left Unscathed
A legacy you'll never hear the liberal media talk about.

Obama Leaves U.S.A $9,335,000,000,000 Deeper in Debt
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ABC gushed over Obama's inauguration. But now that Donald Trump is president, they're big-time playing up themes of division and conflict.

Distressed Dowd Claims Country Is Divided Like In Civil War Times
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ICYMI: We had some eye-opening coverage of last night's Inauguration protests.

MRCTV's Coverage of the DeploraBall Protests
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This is just heartbreaking. Some pro-life activists were attacked by anti-Trump protestors in DC yesterday.

Pro-Life Boy, Father Assaulted by Abortion Activists
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Absolutely terrible! Anti-Trump protestors took to the streets of DC, damaging and vandalizing almost everything in their path.
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Crazy Anti-Trump protests happening in DC right now!
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Follow our live blog for continuing inauguration coverage!

Live Blog: Inauguration Day for President-Elect Donald Trump
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Anti-Trump protests raging hard in DC. Wow...
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Absolute insanity! A group of Anti-Trump protestors just physically prevented Air Force vets from entering the inauguration.

WATCH: Inauguration Protesters Block Air Force Veterans from Entering
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Wow.... The anti-Trump protests in DC right now are CRAZY....
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