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Robert Irwin is like a reincarnation of his late father, Steve Irwin (the Crocodile Hunter). While visiting host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Robert proved that being a wildlife expert is in his blood.

Steve Irwin’s Son Makes His Late-Night TV Debut While Sister Bindi Cries Backstage
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The liberal media are losing their minds over Trump,

And he's barely been in office for a month!

Donald Trump Is Driving the Media Nuts
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The petition is calling on the Harry Potter author to put her money where her mouth is when it comes to refugees.

Petition Calls for Rowling to House Refugees at Her Estate
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Fireworks! A panelist called out CNN's Don Lemon for "fake news," and he walked off the set... in the middle of his show!
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Gen. Flynn's resignation has opened up a whole new revelation about America's relationship with Russia.

Flynn Scandal Reveals US Intelligence Taps Russian Ambassador’s Phone
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That was not expected...especially coming from the Kennedy family about Trump!

RFK Jr: Trump 'Could Be The Greatest President in History If He Wanted To'
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You don't show up to work without a good explanation, you get fired.

Seems like a simple concept.

A ‘Day Without Immigrants’ Leads to Firings in Denver
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VP Mike Pence makes a big revelation about the resignation of Gen. Flynn.

VP Mike Pence: 'I Was Disappointed to Learn' that Gen. Flynn Misled Me
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Swedish cops with years of experience on the ground open up about what is really going on with crime in their country.

Swedish Police Officers Reveal Crime Wave Cover-up
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Looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Chelsea Clinton was outspoken about her opposition to Trump at a rally on Sunday.

Chelsea Clinton Attends #IAmAMuslimToo Rally in Times Square
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Even a holiday weekend didn't stop the violence in Chicago.

Four Murdered, 24 Wounded in Chicago Over President's Day Weekend
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Liberals are boycotting grocery story Wegmans for selling Trump wine, but the shop just big-time put a wrinkle in their plans.

Wegmans Defies Trump Wine Boycott Calls
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"Of course, big media – used to being treated like royalty – really don't like this, being treated like a part of the press corps rather than the privileged scions they consider themselves to be."

Charlie Daniels on Trump’s Press Conference: Most Politicians Fear the Media; Not Trump
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Refreshing: a Hollywood start with a positive outlook on motherhood.

Jessica Alba: Motherhood Helped Me ‘Own’ Womanhood, ‘Get Into My Skin’
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Wow! Even super-liberal Piers Morgan obliterated the media for their blatant bias in Trump coverage.

Piers Morgan Mauls Media’s ‘Un-American’ Attempt to ‘Destroy’ Trump
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Trump got some support in his attack on the media from a source you might not expect.

Two Axios Journalists Surprisingly Side With Claim 'The Media IS the Opposition Party'
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When they pay their next tax bill, the citizens of San Fransisco are going to get a rude awakening about what, exactly, "free" means.

San Francisco Government Announces Magical 'Free' College!
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Linda Sarsour organized the Women’s March on Washington, and is now being championed as a symbol for the feminist movement. But who is she really? The answer is darker than you'd expect.

Who is Woman's March Organizer Linda Sarsour, Really?
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