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Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the MS Community: [ Link ].

Top tips for managing fatigue from an MS mummy
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Teenage actor, Lewis MacDougall, shares his fond memories of his mum who had MS while growing up: [ Link ].

A Monster Calls actors talks to us about life and his mum
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We want to hear about your experiences of social care and the impact on your life. Share them in the comment section below
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Thinking of organising a Cake Break, but looking for a healthy option? Watch our flapjack recipe crammed full of gluten-free, fruity goodness. Sign up today: [ Link ]
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1 in 3 people with MS aren’t getting the support they need with essential everyday activities like washing, dressing and eating.

Whether you receive social care support or none at all or care for someone who needs it, we want to hear from you! Share your experiences of care with us in the comment section below.
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Demand for social care, particularly within the MS community, has increased over the last four years. Sadly, many are still going without the essential care and support they need: [ Link ]
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Are you a showstopper or a savvy shopper? Take our Cake Break quiz and discover your baking fate: [ Link ].

Cake Break quiz: are you a baker or a faker?
An open letter from MS researcher, Dr Veronique Miron who runs her own lab.

When I was little I drove my parents mad by was always asking ‘why’, I wanted to know how everything worked. So it was natural for me to keep asking questions by choosing to be a scientist. When I started doing research for the first time as an undergraduate student, I was ecstatic. Instead of just reading about...
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In honour of #BritishScienceWeek, meet some of the scientists making a huge contribution to MS research. They work tirelessly to study, test and find symptom management approaches and better treatments – join us for a big round of applause!
Scientists have identified three areas of research to tackle MS: [ Link ].

How we plan to stop MS
Last month the Government unexpectedly announced amendments to the PIP assessment criteria. Today, these changes come into effect. Here’s what you need to know: [ Link ].

5 things you need to know about the PIP changes
The new treatment could be available on the NHS within the next 3 months. Read more: [ Link ]

Breaking research news: new treatment Daclizumab for MS recommended by NICE
What are genes and how are they linked to MS? Find out more about the latest research on genetics: [ Link ].
Happy British Science Week! Take a short trip through the history of MS research and see how far have we come over the years. Find out about the latest research: [ Link ]
When Sally Deegan, former cricket umpire who lives with MS, and her husband Ciaron adopted a rescue dog, they had no idea he would soon rescue them too: [ Link ]
This Access Day weekend, why not try something new and explore some of the most accessible cities in Europe: [ Link ].

Top 10 accessible European destinations
We’re pleased to see the Government’s £2 billion social care pledge over three years. However, much more funding is needed to support the many people with MS who are going without the care they need: [ Link ].

What the Spring Budget means for people with MS
Happy International Women’s Day - meet some of the inspiring women showing MS who’s boss! [ Link ].

Who inspires you? We want to hear your stories!
“I hope that in the near future we will have access to treatments that can repair myelin, and ultimately, cure MS.” Meet Frances, a 24-year-old PHD student with MS who is researching her own condition. A truly inspiring woman! Stay tuned for some more amazing women we’re celebrating this International Women’s Day: [ Link ].

The PHD student researching her MS
Haven’t got time to bake something for Cake Break? Why not pop to your local bakery and pick up a selection of cakes.

Sign up today to hold a Cake Break with friends and family: [ Link ]