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MS Society UK
1 hours 45 minutes ago. Facebook
Christmas shopping can often be daunting and a little scary. So we enlisted James Coke to come up with some stress-free tips to help get the Christmas presents under the tree. Also, don't forget to post your photos and stories using #MerryMoments when wrapping your lovely gifts: [ Mssoc.uk Link ]
MS Society UK
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We’re delighted to announce Felix and Hugo White from The Maccabees as the new MS Society Ambassadors. They’ve done some amazing work over the past six years, and we’re grateful to have their continued support to help us raise vital funds and awareness about MS: [ Mssoc.uk Link ].

Maccabees brothers named as new Ambassadors

MS Society UK
12/02/2016 at 15:17. Facebook
The countdown to Christmas has officially begun! To help make sure things run smoothly, we'll be sharing some fantastic top tips from chef James Coke to create a stress-free Christmas. Stay tuned! #MerryMomments
MS Society UK
11/30/2016 at 18:38. Facebook
"A special memory is when we went to the Christmas markets in Cologne, where we also visited the Lindt chocolate factory to see how all the chocolate is made." Paula shares her magical #MerryMoments with her family: [ Mssoc.uk Link ]

We want to know your #MerryMoments!

MS Society UK
11/29/2016 at 18:08. Facebook
Congratulations to MS Society ambassador Kadeena Cox for her BBC Sport Personality of the Year nomination. We're so proud of her heroic and record-breaking achievements! [ Bbc.in Link ]
MS Society UK
11/29/2016 at 13:46. Facebook
Today, as part of Charity Tuesday, we'd love to give a big applause to all of our fantastic volunteers! Through a range of roles and activities, our volunteer's hard work, inspiration and care help us to support thousands of people affected by MS. If you have some free time and would like to join our fabulous team, become a volunteer with us today: [ Mssoc.uk Link ]
"They were so supportive. I took a few days off to digest the news and they told me to come back to work when I was ready. The first thing they did was assure me that my job was safe." We spoke to Chris about MS and the value of having a supportive employer: [ Mssoc.uk Link ]

MS in the workplace

What are your favourite Christmas #MerryMoments? From funny Santa outfits to your most magical memories – post your photos and stories using #MerryMoments or by visiting: [ Mssoc.uk Link ]. Help raise a smile and vital funds by texting TOGETHER to 70800 to donate £5.
In yesterday's Autumn Statement, the Government sadly failed to address the social care funding crisis - potentially affecting people with MS who are going without the support they need. Although we are disappointed by the statement, we will keep campaigning for the MS community and continue putting pressure on the Government to do more for social care: [ Mssoc.uk Link ]

Autumn Statement 2016 - Our View

#BlackFriday is coming up! If you can't wait to snap up a bargain, but feel daunted getting around London, then this could be for you: Transport for London is trialling a new badge, specifically for people with invisible illnesses. Interested? Find out more: [ Mssoc.uk Link ]

Transport for London: ‘Please offer me a seat’ badge

“Tell us your stories of fun and Christmas cheer, that’s what we want to hear!”

We want to see the real photos, videos and stories that have made your Christmases crackers! Share your #MerryMoments with us!
This Christmas, we’d love you to share your best #MerryMoments with us. This is ours – a very Christmassy #MannequinChallenge... Watch and enjoy!
We need your help! Too many people with MS don't get support at work. This has to change. Ask your MP to take the pledge and support employment that works for people with MS: [ Mssoc.uk Link ]
Please share our post and help spread the message.

Help people with MS at work - Ask your MP to sign the pledge

Wednesday is #humpday… If you’re feeling worn out today, imagine work with severe fatigue or troubles with your sight...

Too many people with MS don’t get support at work. Help change that! Ask your MP to support people with MS: [ Mssoc.uk Link ] #MSEnough
“I am not letting MS get me down. I work full time and have recently gained a promotion.” #MSEnough

MS can cause extra challenges in the workplace and the right support from your employer can make all the difference. 3 people with MS share their stories: [ Mssoc.uk Link ]

What are your experiences?

Working with MS: getting support at the workplace.

Symptoms of MS can hit at critical points in your career. Watch Harriet talk about being successful at work – and suddenly getting the diagnosis. What now?

Choose what happens next in the full length, interactive video: [ Mssoc.uk Link ] #MSEnough
“I was told by a doctor that I had MS six months before my wedding day. I broke the news to my fiancé, and told him that he didn’t have to marry me. He told me that I was being ridiculous and that he would always be there. One time my husband pushed me onto the bus in my wheelchair. There was an empty buggy parked in the bay reserved for wheelchairs. We asked the parent to fold it so I could...
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Download our friends and family booklet | Multiple Sclerosis Society

Finding the right information and treatment to manage progressive MS can be difficult. Our 'understanding progressive MS' booklet looks at primary and secondary progressive MS, the latest research and features real-life stories from people living with progressive MS: [ Mssoc.uk Link ]

Progressive MS – download our information booklet

"When I get mad, I tell MS to leave, but it never listens. And when MS gets mad, it sends shooting pains, live like wires, down my legs and hands. The relationship can be tense." Amy shares her honest experiences of living with MS: [ Mssoc.uk Link ]

MS is my boyfriend

New research suggests that people living in countries further from the equator develop MS slightly earlier. This may be a result of exposure levels to sunlight and vitamin D - research is ongoing: [ Mssoc.uk Link ]

Distance from equator may affect age of MS development