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After top-class rock Climber, Duncan, was diagnosed with MS, his wife Yvonne created a challenge to help inspire others to raise funds for research.
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Many people find the cold affects their MS. Have a look at our infographic full of cosy tips to help you stay warm: [ Link ].

Cold weather infographic: MS tips to help in cold temperatures
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With Cake Break right around the corner, here's an easy peasy Rocky Road recipe you can make with friends and families. Simple to do and tasty to eat!

Inspired? Sign up for Cake Break now: [ Link ].
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The Government’s new Green Paper on work, health and disability outlines potential changes to disability benefits. We strongly oppose this idea and urge Parliament to scrap plans to introduce ‘mandatory activity’ for people receiving or applying for ESA: [ Link ]

Some people with MS can’t work, so don’t put more pressure on them
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HSCT could have long-term benefits for some people with MS, according to the results of a large study.

Breaking news: large study on treatment of MS
Cake Break is back! Whether you’re a star baker or prefer someone else to take the heat in the kitchen, we’d love you to take a break with friends and family. Join us this March and raise much-needed funds for MS research : [ Link ]
Every MS journey is unique – each with different highs and lows. Trevor shares his story and passion for music: [ Link ].

The road to an MS diagnosis
Every MS diagnosis should start with an MRI scan. But what’s really involved and how could it help researchers develop treatments for MS in the future?

7 things you need to know about MRI and MS
With Love in the air, we’d like your help in creating a special Valentine’s Day love letter. In the comment section below, share what you appreciate most about your loved ones. It can be sweet, funny or endearing – anything that comes to mind. We’ll use the best quotes and turn them into a heartfelt letter.
It can be natural to worry about how MS might affect your relationships. Our booklet offers frank and practical information on sex and intimacy: [ Link ]

Sex and relationships – open and honest support
Brrr. What a frosty Friday. How does the cold affect your MS? ❄☔

Barbara (living with MS) shares her winter tips on getting warm and cosy
There’s only one day left to nominate your #MSHero in the MS Awards 2017: [ Link ]

One of the categories is very special - Young Fundraiser of the Year. This is Hannah. She joined her mum at last year's MS Walk, and made sure to spread the message to her friends and teachers at school. She set up a Facebook page and even went to her local church community to help get people involved...
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How 3 incredible women with MS helped scriptwriters to find the right words: [ Link ].

Behind the scenes of Hollyoaks – understanding the real story
Did you watch #Hollyoaks yesterday evening? Nancy is struggling with vision problems. Issues with vision are a common symptom of MS. We asked people with MS what vision problems can feel like. Here's what they said.

If you’re worried, here is more information and advice: [ Link ]
BBC journalist Caroline Wyatt, who lives with MS, has been sharing her experiences of travelling abroad for HSCT and the challenges and emotions she’s faced. It’s a moving read: [ Link ]

Caroline's HSCT stem cell transplant for MS 2017
We'd like you to meet Jane! She's a keen baker and over the last few years she's used her baking skills to support people with MS - with a #CakeBreak. Watch her talk about why she's taking part again, and how you can get involved. If you'd like to join in, sign up now: [ Link ]
You've only got until 5pm on Friday, 10 February to nominate your #MSHero! Do you know someone who campaigns tirelessly for more support? A dedicated healthcare professional who has made a real difference? There are 11 categories to choose from for the #MSAwards from carer to fundraiser to employer to researcher– make sure they get the recognition they deserve and nominate them!

Nominate your #MSHero for the MS Awards 2017
If you’re watching Hollyoaks, you’ve seen Nancy struggling with fatigue. The level of tiredness experienced by people with MS is hard to imagine if you’ve not experienced it. This animation gives an insight into the reality of living with MS fatigue. Please share.
Every now and then, we see attention-grabbing headlines about new treatments for MS. But before a new treatment becomes available on the NHS, there’s a strict approval process involved. We created this animation to explain all the details and procedures involved.
We’d like you all to meet Kirsty and Leah. Their mum is living with MS, and these two amazing girls are determined to help! Last year, they were one of the main fundraisers for their local branch in Solihull, helping out at fundraising events and even organised their own charity variety show!

Kirsty and Leah won the MS Award for Young Fundraiser of the year 2016. If you know a #MSHero who is...
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