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Are you a foodie? Love your cocktails? MSC Cruises offers cuisine from around the world! Get ready for a taste sensation!
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You booked your cruise, packed your bags and travelled to the harbour – now what? For your convenience, and to make the process easier, make sure you know our new embarkation procedure. To discover more, click here: [ Link ]
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Fill in the blank: My ideal cruise destination is…
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It's Fan Friday! Did you cruise on the MSC Sinfonia this season? Share your holiday snaps with us.
Fun at the truly highest level, with four indoor and outdoor waterslides. #MSCSeaside [ Link ]
How do you feel about Portuguese Island? Click here to discover this tropical destination: [ Link ]
Happy Valentine's Day to all our fans! How are you spoiling your loved one today?
Boost your Monday by choosing your lounger and give yourself a relaxing pause at the #MSCMeraviglia main pool area. [ Link ]
Spoil that special someone this Valentine’s Day with a romantic cruise to the wonderful Portuguese Island! We have 5 cabins available exclusively for you, our awesome Facebook fans! Get an Inside Cabin for the incredible price of R2100* or an Outside Cabin for R2300*. These rates include all your meals, entertainment and so much more. Book your dream Valentine’s Day cruise now, on our website:...
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Get planning for an Easter cruise! View all our March and April local cruises here and get away with MSC Cruises: [ Link ]
Left vs. Right. The journey or the destination? Which one would you pick? At MSC Cruises both are incredible!
A cruise is the perfect way to spend quality time with the kids! Book your family holiday today: [ Link ]
The untouched nature and the colourful cities of Northern Europe will leave you breathless. Are you ready to plan your Summer here? #MSCPreziosa #MSCMagnifica #MSCFantasia [ Link ]
Have a question? We've answered all your frequently asked questions on our website! Click here for the answers you need: [ Link ]
Give yourself more convenience on board by pre-booking your beverage package today! Click here to view our packages: [ Link ]
Follow the first milestone in the construction of our new ship: the MSC Seaview coin ceremony. Live from Trieste, Italy. [ Link ]
Aside from fantastic entertainment, sparkling pools, dining and the amazing ocean views, the MSC Sinfonia also offers you incredible duty free shopping on board! [ Link ]
It's not too late! Spoil your special someone with a cruise for Valentine's Day! View all our cruises here: [ Link ]
Whether it's for lunch or dinner, the Black Crab Restaurant satisfies all your family's cravings. #MSCDivina [ Link ]
Fill in the blank! This Monday, I would rather be on board the MSC Sinfonia doing _________.