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If you still want to be part of the fantastic 2016/17 cruise season, there is still time for you to book! Get started on that dream experience here: [ Link ]
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If you've ever wanted to cruise the Emirates, now is the time to do so! Winter offers a comfortable climate, perfect for kicking back and relaxing. Click here to discover more: [ Link ]
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There's no better way to explain the feeling that comes with cruising. Share if you agree!
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Here at MSC Cruises we are kicking off the year with these super special offers which are only valid for bookings taken from 5 January 2017 - so donโ€™t delay! Discover more here: [ Link ]
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What is your favourite thing to do on board?
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The Mediterranean is filled with many fantastic destinations for you to discover and explore with MSC Cruises! Click here to book your next great adventure today: [ Link ]
We want to know! Where do you like hanging out the most?
A. Buddha Bar
B. Manhattan Bar
C. Capri Bar
At MSC, we believe that going on a cruise is the best new year's resolution there is! Book your cruise today! [ Link ]
Watching fireworks at sea is one of our favourite things in the world. All our best for a #happy2017, weโ€™re waiting for you on board. #MSCCruises
Happy New Year! We hope 2017 will be a year filled with joy, love and lots of travelling!
Bon voyage, 2016! If you didnโ€™t get to cruise this year, don't let 2017 slip you by! Book your cruise online today.
A cruise is meant to unwind you and refresh your soul, right? Get pampered to perfection on board the MSC Sinfonia with the MSC Aurea Spa!
If you overindulged this Festive Season, don't fret! You can still exercise and start getting into shape again in the MSC Sinfonia sport and gym amenities!
Happy Day of Goodwill, South Africa! To those embarking on the New Year's cruise today, we hope you have a fantastic trip!
From our fleet all around the world, we wish you an enchanted holiday season. #MSCCruises
Merry Christmas to all our fantastic fans and fellow travellers!
Get yourself an early Christmas present with MSC Cruises SA this year! Click here to book your cruise today: [ Link ]
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