What is MSC certified sustainable seafood? Why should you choose MSC? Here are 10 reasons why you should choose certified sustainable seafood...

10 reasons to Choose MSC

Andrei Lussmann of Lussmanns Restaurants won MSC UK Chef of the Year last year. Here is a wonderful, sustainably sourced fish recipe from him to you...

MSC certified cod loin with creamed leeks, brown shrimp and tomato concasse

We had a wonderful visit from our colleagues in MSC Japan. We took them for sustainable British fish and chips, obviously. Thanks Olley's Fish Experience Fish & Chips!
Nothing says Valentine's Day quite like sustainable seafood. If you're going to eat seafood tonight, choose certified sustainable seafood.
Stuck for a romantic meal idea for your Valentine tonight? How about MSC certified oysters from Whole Foods Market. Check out these three great simple recipes and a how-to open guide...

Three simple oyster dishes and a how-to guide for opening

Can you find the hidden fish?

Thanks and credit to Dudolf
Cheers for the great shout out Jay Rayner on looking for the MSC label when you're out shopping for sustainable fish fingers! Around the 16 minute mark...

Southampton, Series 15, The Kitchen Cabinet - BBC Radio 4

Wow, how great is this! Inspectors from the Michelin guide have earmarked the UK's No.1 (and MSC certified) chippie Kingfisher Fish and Chips - Plymouth for a series of secret visits! The Michelin Guide confirmed it was taking the chippie into consideration. All of the 12 species on the menu are certified sustainable and it is one of only two UK chippies to hold a prized three-star rating from...
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A Michelin Star takeaway? No one does it batter than Kingfisher Fish & Chips

Fish balls and chips anyone? They're delicious!

Cod fish and chips

Watch Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast right now to learn all about MSC certified sustainable fish!

Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast

South London, have you ever thought about eating sustainable golden redfish? No? Well now you can as your local fish restaurant, Olley's Fish Experience Fish & Chips, has become the first in the world to put the lesser known MSC certified sustainable species on its menu! Now you can enjoy even more different species of sustainably caught fish. Head over to Herne Hill to try it out. Good work guys!
Norway’s fishing fleet catch some of the world’s best sustainable cod and supply the UK with more than 40,000 tonnes of the MSC certified fish a year. Norwegian fisheries are well-regulated, something that helped the Barents Sea cod and haddock fishery to win MSC certification five years ago. Each batch of fish also comes with a certificate showing where it was caught. We took photographer,...
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Cod in a cold climate – in pictures

Over two-thirds of the winners at this year’s National Fish & Chip awards serve you MSC certified sustainable fish suppers...

MSC success at National Fish & Chip Awards

There are hundreds of different MSC certified restaurants around the country; from chippies, to independant restaurants, to hotels, and even McDonald's with their filet-o-fish... Here you can enjoy seafood from sustainable and well-managed fisheries and be assured of the traceability of the fish you're buying. Check out our maps here to find one near you.

Dining out in the UK and Ireland —

Sustainably sourced plaice covered in sesame seeds and served with egg noodles...

Plaice covered in sesame

Congratulations to Mitch Tonks and all those at his Devon restaurant chain, Rockfish, on winning the chippie sustainability award of the year! A true seafood sustainability advocate.
Cheers Herald Express for publishing.

Chef Mitch Tonks batters the opposition to take away a top award

World’s first pizza chain to switch to 100% sustainable seafood. Welcome to Kotipizza. Thanks for sharing Aquaculture Directory.

World’s first pizza chain to switch to 100 percent sustainable seafood

Almost three quarters of all this year's winners are MSC certified! This means you can choose your fish supper from them and know that the fish has been caught sustainably and is traceable all the way back to the fishery. That's amazing! Congrats to all of the winners. Thanks The Telegraph.

Britain's best fish and chip shops revealed