Don't forget that MSC's 2017 scholarship programme worth £4,000 is still open, however it will close on Monday 3rd April. Are you a student with a research project in either sustainable fishing practice or transforming the seafood market? This is your chance to be part of the 2017 MSC science scholarship programme. We invite both undergraduate and postgraduate students from around the world to...
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MSC launches 2017 scholarship programme
This hearty, delicious kedgeree uses local, North Sea haddock from the Scottish MSC fishery. Few fisheries in the world have reached the standard set by the Scottish haddock fleet. It has an excellent reputation for sustainability and has been certified for seven years. It has also just added a whooping five new fisheries into MSC assessment. You can buy this haddock from so many UK...
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Scottish haddock kedgeree
Calling all Masters students. There are two Masters project opportunities open for summer 2017. Students have the opportunity to address a real need within the fishing industry and apply knowledge gained through their university programme to real life projects. The projects will look at endangered threatened and protected (ETP) species and their contact with scallop and monkfish fisheries....
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Project UK Fisheries Improvements - Seafish
Newly certified Malt and Anchor chippy teamed up with us to provide children from Siddington Church of England Primary with a unique learning experience, educating them all about the impact of fishing across the world.

Children learn about the impact of fishing at Cirencester's new seafood restaurant the Malt & Anchor
We're looking for stakeholders to input on six areas of the MSC programme, including seaweed farming, traceability standards and labour practices. There will also be a public webinar on 6th April about the improvements under consultation. If you want to get involved check it out here...

MSC seeks stakeholder input on sustainable fishing and traceability standards
We teamed up with newly certified Cirencester chippy, Malt and Anchor, to educate the students at Siddington C of E Primary School about the importance of overfishing. They were excellent students and Murdock the cat certainly made an impression!

Malt and Anchor put themselves into MSC certification before their doors had even opened. They are that committed to serving you sustainable fish...
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There are so many sustainable seafood ecolabels and certification schemes out there it's hard to know who to trust and what they all mean. The Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI) was set up to help solve this confusion by creating a benchmark for these certification schemes to be assessed against. Many different expert groups informed this benchmark, including NGOs, global businesses,...
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MSC is the first global seafood certification to achieve GSSI recognition
A delicious snack coming into spring. You can buy certified sustainable shrimp in the UK in many supermarkets. Have a look here for all MSC labelled products: [ Link ]

Shrimp on grilled bread
You can buy British MSC certified sustainable plaice from the small, artisanal fishery in Hastings.

Plaice covered in sesame
Are you an Aldi UK shopper? Did you know Aldi has the 2nd highest percentage of MSC labelled products of UK supermarkets? #SupermarketLeague
Congrats Sainsbury's! Named world's best sustainable seafood supermarket in MSC in the UK's 2017 #SupermarketLeague

Sainsbury's named world's best sustainable seafood supermarket
The results are in... Where does your supermarket rank for sustainable seafood?

Every year MSC in the UK ranks UK supermarkets on how many MSC labelled products they offer you and what percentage of their wild seafood is MSC labelled.

Most of us don’t have the time to read up on sustainable sourcing and we shouldn’t have to. The MSC label means the ‘science bit’ has been done for you. The...
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Best in the world, or leagues behind? It depends where you shop
Want to know what species you can eat that are sustainable? This list shows all the MSC seafood that you can buy.

MSC certified 'Fish to Eat'
This delicious recipe, using sustainable crab, was created by our Matt Gummery, Fisheries Certification Manager at the MSC.

Crab mac and cheese
What is MSC certified sustainable seafood? Why should you choose MSC? Here are 10 reasons why you should choose certified sustainable seafood...

10 reasons to Choose MSC
Andrei Lussmann of Lussmanns Restaurants won MSC UK Chef of the Year last year. Here is a wonderful, sustainably sourced fish recipe from him to you...

MSC certified cod loin with creamed leeks, brown shrimp and tomato concasse
We had a wonderful visit from our colleagues in MSC Japan. We took them for sustainable British fish and chips, obviously. Thanks Olley's Fish Experience Fish & Chips!
Nothing says Valentine's Day quite like sustainable seafood. If you're going to eat seafood tonight, choose certified sustainable seafood.