Get cooking early today so you can switch off for #EarthHour. How about trying this kedgeree recipe, using sustainable haddock - you might even have leftovers for your Sunday breakfast. [ Link ]

Scottish haddock kedgeree
Don't forget to switch off tomorrow for #EarthHour! [ Link ]

What is Earth Hour?
The sustainable Preserved Fish Battle is on and you can come vote for the reigning champ as @montgomerys.retaurant @thechaseto @scoutcanning @schmaltzappetizing & @chanteclerto go head to head to head.

If you’re in #Toronto join us @thedrakehotel
Monday, March 27 starting at 8 PM


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What does kung fu have to do with octopus fishing? MSC GFSF awardees Blue Ventures explain it all in their new film, Tovo the octopus gleaner

What does kung fu have to do with octopus fishing? - Beyond Conservation
Meet Davis Hanson, the star of McDonald's MSC certified Filet-o-Fish commercial. Did we mention that he lives in a town called Pollock?

Pollock man featured in nationwide McDonald's commercial
Buzzword "seagan": is this the future of food? (PS make sure to choose from a sustainable source!)

What's The Seagan Diet And Is It Worth Trying?
Is tinned seafood the secret behind sustainable luxury? Find out why this chef and sustainable seafood advocate plans to introduce a "can to sea" approach to his Las Vegas restaurant.

Chef Rick Moonen Wants To Make Canned Seafood A Sustainable Success
Not 1, not 2, not 3, we've got 21 Irish seafood recipes for #StPatricksDay. Just make sure you choose sustainably.#FishFriday

21 Irish Seafood Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day
You can still choose MSC certified Scottish haddock for your Friday night fish 'n' chips. Just look for the blue label.

Scottish North Sea haddock remains MSC certified
Prawns! Chilli! Garlic! Avocado! In one word: #FishFriday. Please make sure to choose from a sustainable source for oceans teeming with life [ Link ]

Chargrilled Skull Island tiger prawns with chilli and garlic oil,...
Apparently feasting on (sustainable of course!) crab meat dates back to prehistoric times... We don't know if that's true but we'll be celebrating #CrabmeatDay with this new recipe from star chef Fabrizio Ferrari. Bon appetit! [ Link ]

MSC certified crabmeat mousse with spicy leaves, pork crackling and cheddar
Did you know that #FrozenFoodDay was inaugurated by US President Reagan back in 1984? And did you know that frozen fish can be just as delicious and nutritious as the fresh stuff? Simply make sure to choose from a sustainable source. You will find many frozen fish types and products carrying the blue fish in your local for peace of mind.

Is Frozen Fish Better Than Fresh?
Did you know that McDonald's Filet-O-Fish sandwich was launched on Good Friday, 1962? Read on for some more fascinating seafood facts and find out which sustainable seafood to choose for #Lent and beyond.

Jane Says: Eat Sustainable Seafood for Lent
Congratulations to #WooliesTuna for a new milestone in sustainability
Sustainable, healthy, affordable: diversified seafood. Check out this brand new trend within the sustainable seafood movement that not only helps you to save money but helps to save our oceans, too.

Real Good Fish | The Blog | Diversity is the New Sustainability in...
Nutrition and sustainable seafood are top food trends in 2017. Great news to kick off #NutritionMonth we think!

Chef survey: Unusual cuts of beef to heat up menus in 2017