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Deluxe #FishFriday recipe this week: try Lussmanns Restaurants take on sustainable cod with leeks and shrimp. It's never been easier to eat something mouthwatering yet healthy and protect the oceans at the same time! [ Via.msc.org Link ]

MSC certified cod loin with creamed leeks, brown shrimp and tomato concasse

We think that ongoing commitment to sustainability makes IKEA one of this year's 2016. Who else would you nominate?
Say good bye to bird bycatch: read on to find out how the MSC certified toothfish fishery in the Southern Ocean has saved the lives of hundreds of endangered albatrosses and petrels

Beating bird bycatch

What's your favourite sustainable seafood recipe for the holiday season?

Russian Salmon Pie Recipe

Agenda: sustaining life on Earth. The United Nations Convention of Biological Diversity 13th Conference of the Parties #COP13 is currently taking place in Cancun, Mexico. Find out what role the MSC plays in this agenda and how we are teaming up with the UN in order to help protect our oceans

The MSC, COP 13 and biodiversity conservation - MSC global

"We Pacific islanders protect our resources so our resources will supply us. We are not just thinking about making money – we are thinking about our people as well.”

Read on to find out why tuna is the most precious resource for eight small island nations in the central Pacific and how MSC certification has helped to protect it for generations to come.

PNA Tuna - Small islands, big opportunities

Make this #Christmas a sustainable one, just look for the blue label when shopping for seafood
We enjoyed this lovely Cod Veracruzana at Cubana Bar-Restaurant, Smithfield last week
Hungry? We've found this quick mid-week recipe for a near instant, healthy, sustainable meal

Mediterranean Prawn Soup - Austral Fisheries

New week, new blog post: The MSC's very own George Clark follows the trail of Cornish hake from ocean to plate and celebrates some pioneers of the UK seafood business.

Cornish hake: The sustainable fish changing British seafood business

A new initiative called Labelwise is a collaboration between four ethical and environmental labelling councils, aiming to further inform consumers.

New Initiative 'Labelwise' Makes Responsible Shopping Easier

A very special way to celebrate #FishFriday: Andrei Lussmann from Lussmanns Restaurants tells us why sustainability is at the core of his successful restaurant business

Andrei Lussmann: Ethics at the Core - MSC global

Looking forward to the Fish Fry Capetown at Wavescape Festival tomorrow evening - can't wait to try the MSC certified hake tacos!
Happy #Thanksgiving everyone! If you're after a super nutritious and delicious alternative to the usual turkey you could try some seafood (from a sustainable source of course!). Here's a useful guide to buying seafood from Washington Post

A user’s guide to buying seafood

Confused by the huge amount of seafood labels you find when you're doing your weekly shop? Who wouldn't be! This handy blog post explains what differentiates the MSC's Standard from other seafood certification programs.

What do different seafood labels mean? - Marine Stewardship Council

We enjoyed this lovely Cod Veracruzana at Cubana Bar-Restaurant, Smithfield last week
Who says that only men can be fishing #oceanheroes? Meet Anna Vesper Gunnarson from Sweden #WorldFisheriesDay