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Humanity wins with this inspiring initiative...

Starved for company
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A college student impressed TV show host Jimmy Fallon with what may be the most creative job application ever. Jake Sirianni, a communications major at Washington State University and huge fan of the "Tonight Show," applied to work for Fallon with a rap video. It all paid off when the actor announce...

College Student Nabs Internship For Jimmy Fallon with Creative Rap Video
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Puppies are worth celebrating every day but especially today.

Happy National Puppy Day!
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Microorganisms thrive in the low-stress environment of microgravity.

Germs love the International Space Station
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Watch as this enormous Brahma chicken squeezes out of its coop and takes a walk around the yard.

Beware of the Giant Chicken!
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The power of music in an unlikely place...

Elevating the underground: Subway opera
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An Amtrak train blasted passengers with leftover snow from winter storm Stella as it pulled into the station in New York. Some people were knocked to the ground. Only minor injuries were reported.

Bystanders get a face full of snow at NY train station
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Aren't you glad that most of your embarrassing moments aren't caught on video? Well unfortunately for these folks, the very camera systems that they put in place to protect their homes, is what ends up embarrassing them by capturing their epic fails!

11 Hilarious Fails Caught On Camera
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Because of health complications when he was born, 9-month-old Reagan Caldwell suffered from poor eyesight. His father, Brandon, who serves in the Air Force was deployed just before the young boy got glasses. This video shows the amazing moment Reagan sees his dad for the first time after Brandon ret...

Military Dad Breaks Down in Tears When Son Sees Him For First Time
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The Chicago River was turned emerald green ahead of this year’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities.This timelapse video from March 11 shows the water transition to green to commemorate the holiday. Around 45 pounds of vegetable dye was used to dye the river green. The dye lasted about five hours, accompa...

Timelapse Shows Chicago River Turn Green for St. Patrick's Day
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Every week, we give a shout out to the funniest parents on Facebook. Thanks to these parents who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is on social media… because sometimes you just have to laugh.

Laugh along with the funniest parents on Facebook this week
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While professor Robert Kelly was discussing the political turmoil in South Korea, his two young children made a hilarious and unexpected appearance during the live BBC interview.

Two children crash dad's live interview on BBC
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researchers from the University of California at San Diego just developed a new method for printing out blood vessel networks using 3D printing. hese mimic blood vessels in the human body, which transport nutrients, blood, and metabolic waste. The implications for this are more vast than you may thi...

Scientists discover new method for 3D printing blood vessel networks
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An astronomer realized that she could chart stars in the Milky Way the same way we chart the family tree of animal species.

Astronomers Made A Family Tree For The Stars In Our Galaxy
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An international team of scientists has discovered yet another indication that the Red Planet was once a watery place.

New Study Finds Mars May Have Been Wetter Than Previously Thought
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We might have the next big comedian on our hands! This adorable little girl is practicing her impressions and needless to say, she gets a great response from her mom! Can you keep from smiling after watching this adorable little girl's break out comedy?

Baby Girl's Impressions Gets Great Laughs