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The president is just now discovering what everyone who knows anything about health care already takes for granted - the policy is hard and the politics are even harder.

Trump: ‘Nobody knew’ health care so complicated
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Rep. Mark Walker, head of the Republican Study Committee, said the draft bill is "a new health insurance entitlement."

Key House Republican says he can't support draft of GOP health care bill
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Obamacare beneficiary Xeni Jardin, who had access to treatment for breast cancer through the Affordable Care Act, says, 'it's not OK to turn cancer into a political football.'

Breast cancer survivor on ACA repeal: 'It's dehumanizing'
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"It would be good for the country if this event, by itself, gets him to think about the country -- the whole country and nothing but." -- Chris Matthews on President Trump's joint address to Congress

Chris: Trump needs more than an applause line
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Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former Director of the Congressional Budget Office, says President Trump’s first federal budget blueprint is not feasible without widening the deficit.

Will Trump's budget proposal have conservative support?
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Officials disputed claims the mission has produced actionable intelligence, even as the dad of a SEAL who died on the raid questioned its purpose.

EXCLUSIVE: Yemen SEAL raid has yielded no significant intelligence, say officials
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"The big question is going to be, how do you possibly -- with a gigantic deficit that the United States of America is running today -- how are you going to pay for it?" -- Terry McAuliffe, governor of Virginia

Trump calls for $54 billion hike in defense spending
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"We don't know whether there were contacts with Trump officials. That's one of the core issues that we're going to investigate." Rep. Adam Schiff

Schiff on Trump's Russia ties: 'This is very real'
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It appears the only person in America who assumed health-care policy is simple is the one Americans elected president.

MaddowBlog: Trump: 'Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated'
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"I consider the media to be indispensable to democracy ... Power can be very addictive, and it can be corrosive." - President George W. Bush

President Bush: 'We need an independent media'
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"This is a tenuous moment in American history, where we're being tested ... on some very fundamental constitutional principles." - Senator Dick Durbin

Democratic senator: I haven't seen an olive branch from Trump
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The day before he will give his first address to the Joint Session of Congress ...

Trump is only POTUS in modern polling to begin with net negative rating
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Protests may be starting to strike a nerve ...

Republican admits the resistance is working
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A POLITICO report says Sean Spicer is required staffers to dump their phones ahead of a meeting ...

'Swirling paranoia' takes over the White House
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"I would give him the holy Quran, read it, we are people of peace." - Khalilah Ali shares her message for President Donald J. Trump .

Muhammad Ali Jr. on being detained: I was asked about my religion
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Former President George W. Bush said it's critical for the media to hold accountable "people who abuse their power," during an exclusive interview on the Today Show.

George W. Bush warns that power is "very addictive"
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WATCH: Matt and Savannah are talk with George W. Bush, and four veterans profiled in the former president's new book "Portraits of Courage."
See profiles of some of the vets in Bush's book here: [ Link ]
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How President Trump courted hip hop artists back in the day.

Trump's surprising connection to hip hop
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Leaks are clearly frustrating and new to President Trump. But are they normal?

Leaks: 'Normal' or not?