We’re looking for someone with a Transportation and Logistics background to join us! This person will provide the oversight and management to RAL’s expanding transportation services. This is a full time, permanent role.
For more information about this role or to apply check out our website
Applications close 9 April 2017.
Moody views from Skyline - you can take a short walk from the top of the chairlift to this spot this Autumn. Sunshine or cloud, it's rather spectacular!
[Photo: Aleksander Byzdra]
We'll let you in with a secret... some of the best views in the North Island can be found from the side of Mt Ruapehu. Combine that with the fact that you're walking on NZ's largest active volcano and you have yourself a very memorable adventure!
Guaranteed snow on Mt Ruapehu means we'll open Happy Valley a month earlier than usual on June 3rd! Want to see how?
Pick up your season pass for what will be the best winter yet at Mt Ruapehu!
Calling all our Aussie friends! You can experience a winter holiday like no other in NZ's north island- full of fire & ice.
Just go. Book it now!

Fire & Ice, North Island Self Drive

The lighting at the end of the day is by far our favourite!
Photo credit: Talman Madsen Photography
Enjoy views of the central plateau from 2,020 metres above sea level this weekend! The Knoll Ridge - New Zealand's highest cafe offers great views, great food & great stories about the mountain. See you soon!
Happy Friday! Your weekend will look better from a mountain top. Here's a preview:
STAFF APPRECIATION POST: Congratulations to our amazing Finance Manager, Jessie Watling who received a highly commended award at last night's CFO Awards in the Young Financial Manager of the Year category.
"Jessie's steps in making finance an effective partner of the business and her passion for the Ruapehu business and doing it all at 28 years old made Jessie worthy of high commendation...
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No crowds. No clouds. A perfect combo for exploring Mt Ruapehu.
Check out some of our volcanic walks:
Looking for something to do? Follow the Bruce Road up to Whakapapa's base area where you will be greeted with spectacular views of the central plateau. From there, you can take a scenic chairlift ride to NZ's highest cafΓ© - the Knoll Ridge, experience one of our short freedom walks or venture up to 2,670 metres above sea level where the Crater Lake can be viewed. Your options are endless!...
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Some like to walk up, some like to run up and some like to take the chairlift up... either way, the backdrop is pretty epic!
It looks like Mother Nature will bless us with some sunshine towards the end of the week, just in time for the weekend! Make the most out of the upcoming fine weather by hiking around NZ's largest active volcano and experiencing some "out of this world" kind of views!
Experience a holiday like no other this winter in the North Island! There are so many amazing activities to experience, including playing on New Zealand's only skiable volcano at Mt Ruapehu.
Book now and get excited for memorable adventures all winter long!

North Island Winter Getaway

Experience a winter holiday like no other and play on New Zealand's only skiable volcano at Mt Ruapehu along with some other amazing activities in the North ...

The Whakapapa maintenance team are working hard putting in the new snowmaking pipeline... Who's looking forward to almost double the snowmaking capacity on Whakapapa this season?
Hello there, Mt Taranaki! Meads Wall, where several scenes from the The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers were filmed, never fails to provide moody scenery. Definitely a location worth adding to the bucket list!
Hey Aussie friends, Air New Zealand is offering $200 off airfares to come and see us this winter! There is no better time than now to start planning your winter holiday to the North Island ski areas! β›· Get in Quick!

Cheap Flights New Zealand | Air New Zealand - Australia

With epic views like this, it's only right that we stop and take it all in before we start the work day.
Photo taken from Meads Wall - a short 10 minute walk from the bottom of the Rangatira Express.
National Park School visited us on Friday for their annual clean up day to help with our Summer Refuse Recover Programme. Armed with black rubbish bags, the students and teachers scanned Happy Valley for every little bit of rubbish and discarded cigarettes butts. Thank you Nps Learners for helping make the mountain a cleaner, greener place!
Don't forget our end of summer deal ends tomorrow! With these prices and views, you'd be silly not to make a weekend trip up.
If you can't make it in time, don't panic! The deal may be coming to an end but we will remain open right through Autumn