MTV Campus Diaries
03/26/2017 at 09:58. Facebook
Here's our crazy VJ Benafsha Soonawalla totally nailing the Punjabi vibes at Zeitgeist, IIT Ropar today.
Because when you're in Punjab, you can't Not Chak de Phatte!
MTV Campus Diaries
03/24/2017 at 10:51. Facebook
Dell Campus Diaries was at CMS Jain University Bangalore to cover their festival with Gaelyn Mendonca a.k.a VJ Gaelyn, and we uncovered some pretty crazy rituals and traditions!
Watch now to see why they have two separate lifts, two sets of staircases and two sections in every classroom!
MTV Campus Diaries
03/22/2017 at 11:28. Facebook
There's just something romantic about walking bare feet, slippers in hand on the beach... Surbi and Gagan are finally bonding and spending time with each other!
Presenting episode 4 of the Interns!
MTV Campus Diaries
03/22/2017 at 07:13. Facebook
Daddy's here!
#baabhuahai #bloodmaihaibeat #mtvbeats
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03/21/2017 at 18:31. Facebook
Now that’s what you call a grand introduction! Watch Vj José Official / Real / Not Fake/ Really introduce himself to his class. Send in your wackier ideas using #wackywednesday and win exciting Wildcraft Merchandise!
MTV Campus Diaries
03/21/2017 at 06:09. Facebook
From paintball to online gaming, from dance to creative art, from Pani Puri to pasta, Colosseum had it all!! Dell Campus dairies was at Mithibai College for their college festival and here's all the crazy we uncovered!
Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College presents MtV beats Night with Shirley Setia on the 25th of March.

Looking forward to see you in large numbers.

For passes, contact Aditya.: 8657711838
Kinesis is the cultural fest of KIIT School of Biotechnology.The month-long preparation and promotion finally converted into a 2 day extravaganza. It's a time in which one can live the moment and get into a multitude of events to explore oneself.
This 28th edition of the annual cultural fest of BIT, Mesra, BITOTSAV being supported by MTV Camus Diaries is celebrating with the theme "PLAY-PAUSE-RELOAD" capturing the interest of enthusiastic gamers world wide. For all those who wish to respawn and have a life long memorable journey, Bitotsav'17 is undoubtedly the place to be.
We think he's got the look bang on, do you?
#batman #BITMESRA #college #festival
VJs Varun Sood and Benafsha are up to their usual antics at BIT Mesra!
These guys are serial Festival Crashers, don't you agree?
We're at BIT Mesra and the students have killed it with the decor on campus!
This has to be the coolest real-life Snakes and Ladder installation ever !
Some good news for you guys!
We're giving you a ONE WEEK EXTENSION to submit your awesome short films for the Classroom Talkies contest!
Final deadline: 26th March.
Here's your chance to win big and get your work on MTV and win a Dell laptop!
If you've ever wanted to be a filmmaker, you've got to give this opportunity a shot. We don't come knocking too often :)
VJ Benafsha is huddled up with the students at Vibrance, VIT University and they're up to some serious drama by the look on her face!
What do you think they're discussing?
We're loving the events at Vibrance, VIT University !
These boys are on a Counter Strike face-off and it's getting pretty heated in the computer lab!
We're at Vibrance, VIT University in Chennai today!
It's going to be an action packed weekend of uncovering the coolest stories from this festival.
Stay tuned for updates!
Is your 2000 rupee note feeling lonely? Watch Vj José Official / Real / Not Fake/ Really wacky way to get change! Think you have a wackier way? Send in your entries using #wackywednesday and win exciting merchandise from Mtv
Here's your chance to win big! Dell Campus Diaries by Mtv presents Classroom talkies - a short film festival where the Top 5 films get featured on MTV & 1 lucky winner stands a chance to win a Dell laptop! Send in your entries now!
Turn up the music, bring on the dance moves and make merry with your family and friends.
Does this need water? We think not!
Ace yoga instructor and inspiration to countless strugglers with her strong voice and opinions Natasha Noel joins in to tell the world not to judge women.
How they dress, what they want, what they do- it's ultimately their life, and their Choice!

#BigF #ForbiddenNoMore