MTV Campus Diaries
MTV Campus Diaries
04/22/2017 at 11:50. Facebook
According to our VJ Varun Sood, excitement, fun and adventure are the words that portray what went down at Vit, vellore Riviera- watch the video and tell us if you agree! Dell
Ranjith R Nair
Ankit Garg
Sharvi Goel
MTV Campus Diaries
MTV Campus Diaries
04/21/2017 at 14:36. Facebook
Campus Diaries dropped by the sets of Noor to talk to the cast Sonakshi Sinha Kanan Gill about their campus life, and here’s what we found out!
Noor releasing today! Don’t forget to catch the movie in the nearest cinema! Benafsha Soonawalla Dell
Naira Mistry
Gargi Verma
MTV Campus Diaries
MTV Campus Diaries
04/19/2017 at 13:19. Facebook
Traffic jams are frustrating ! And what's even worse is having your radio die on you in the middle of it all... Gagan seems annoyed but watch how Surabhi turns it around and makes it a pleasant drive home with her Dell laptop
A blend of activities, events & cultural shows kept everyone at Talaash on their toes. Campus Diaries was at Jai Hind College and here is what we uncovered! Dell
Rinkal Gangar Dedhia
Kishor Jain
Sanskriti Patra
The nature, the campus and the energy at BIT Mesra Ranchi blew us away! Watch VJ's Varun Sood and Benafsha Soonawalla unearth some super cool lingo and stories from this amazing campus! Dell
Sonal Chhabra
Harsha Pandey
Payal Singh
Don't we all know that someone who appears like they haven't had a bath in days?
Vj José Official / Real / Not Fake/ Really has a cool way to battle body odour!
Got a wackier way? Comment using #wackywednesday and win exciting merchandise from Wildcraft
Shashikanta Gour
Adarsh Gautam
Gagan has landed himself into a great deal of trouble with his boss this time. Do you think Surbhi can help out? Watch episode 6 of the interns to find out! Dell
Varun Sood is here to beat those exam blues!
Rajnandini Roy
সুমায়লা নেহা
Soumya Ajay Poojari
Vj José Official / Real / Not Fake/ Really has always been one to enjoy outdoor sports! Watch Jose's wacky way of playing football . Think you can do wackier? Send in your entries using #wackywednesday and win gift vouchers from Dell
Pranati Pastaria
Robin John
Charles Prem
They were right. You don't need no education, you don't need no thought control. Welcome to droom presents MTV Dropout Pvt. Ltd. powered by Micromax India.
The world's first start-up reality show, where budding entrepreneurs are groomed by top Indian businessmen into forces to be reckoned with.
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Amrit Chatterjee
Introducing "The Punchayat" our brand new series!
Watch our 5 buddies talk/ rant/ make fun of & discuss college life!
Got a topic? We'll discuss it .. just drop us a message in the comments section below!
Epic Fail! Watch this April Fool's Day prank and tell us if this has happened to you!
And while we're at it, here's wishing our favourite VJ Varun Sood a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
#birthday #aprilfools #vj #funny
Shivani Singh
Çute Bøy Adarsh Gautam
Watch Delhi showoff some pretty neat moves at the Dance Mob Face Offs at Shri Ram College of Commerce
This is what we call ... killing it!
Salman Yusuff Khan
Shubham Sharma
Pavitra Jain
Åbhïjëêt Sïñgh
Gagan and Surabhi's friendship is growing beyond the 4 walls of their office.
Watch how they use a cool hack to chat all night long!
Sreeya Sn
Roshni Ali
Ali Shaan
Vj José Official / Real / Not Fake/ Really can get really evil sometimes!
Watch his elaborate plot to surprise and catch up with an old friend.
Got a wackier way to reconnect? Tell us now and win some cool Wildcraft merchandise.
Hurry! Contest closes at midnight!
Shivani Dashottar
Pradeep Kumar
Hari Om Sharma
VJs Varun Sood and Benafsha Soonawalla are back with their awesome college round-up on the latest episode of Campus Buzz!
This time they explore some quirky and whacked out lingo from colleges across the country.
Do you know any more crazy ones from your college?
Tell us now!
Athar Iqbal
Tanisha Singh
Tanu Pawar
Here's our crazy VJ Benafsha Soonawalla totally nailing the Punjabi vibes at Zeitgeist, IIT Ropar today.
Because when you're in Punjab, you can't Not Chak de Phatte!
Abhishek Dubey
Rooh Mzlove
Mayank Dhaundiyal
Dell Campus Diaries was at CMS Jain University Bangalore to cover their festival with Gaelyn Mendonca a.k.a VJ Gaelyn, and we uncovered some pretty crazy rituals and traditions!
Watch now to see why they have two separate lifts, two sets of staircases and two sections in every classroom!
Priyamvada Jagadeesan
Rachit Jain
Lamneo Heylee Kipgen
There's just something romantic about walking bare feet, slippers in hand on the beach... Surbi and Gagan are finally bonding and spending time with each other!
Presenting episode 4 of the Interns!
Syamu Mon
Imtiaj Hazari
Manasi Joshi
Daddy's here!
#baabhuahai #bloodmaihaibeat #mtvbeats
Gaurav Mishra
Arvind Singh
Arvind Singh