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That first internship, good or bad, will always be as special. Kind of like the first time you fell in love. Meet Gagan and Surabhi, the new tech interns who learn about much more than just work on the job. Friendship? It's a lot like love.
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#Balwant : [ Link ]
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Watch the couples of #LoveSchool2 heat up this Saturday's episode at 7 PM!
Vivo India Moods Condoms @BigBoyToyz
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We are waiting for your Vivo War Cry. Send us the video to or upload it on FB or Insta using #RBG2017. Renault India Vivo India
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If it's a hit and it's red hot, you can bet it's happening on MTV! #HitNHot
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Watch Salman Yusuff Khan and over 3000 students come together at MIT Pune for their common love- DANCE!
Dell MTV Campus Diaries
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Catch Benny Dayal and Lauren Gottlieb at the Kolkata auditions of Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth partnered by MTV on the 25th of January at Amity University, Rajarhat, West Bengal!

Maruti Suzuki - Way of Life
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Time is running out! Entries close at midnight. Submit your films to

#ItAllStartsHere NESCAF
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Delhi! Your week starts with some SUPER news. The Vh1 Supersonic Arcade Early Bird tickets with Eric Prydz are now LIVE!

Grab them before they are gone: [ Link ]
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MTV's #SpokenWord season 2 is out with a new track. Here are a few quotes we picked from Raxstar's hit track 'Balwant' Watch the music video here : [ Link ]
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Are you a true Roadie? Send in the video to or upload it on FB or Insta using #RBG2017 and don't forget to tag MTV Roadies.
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In case you missed the lessons of love on MTV #LoveSchool2, here's the first of the many chapters we've covered: Communication.

Vivo India Moods Condoms BigBoyToyz
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We've received an overwhelming response for our Filmmaking Challenge so we've decided to extend the deadline till 23rd Jan, Monday. Just for you! Submit your movies to

#ItAllStartsHere at NESCAF
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A new field, new players, and a new spin! Will the judges be able to find a true warrior? #RoadiesRising coming soon! Stay tuned. Vivo India Renault India Woodland Hike
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Don't forget to watch #LoveSchool2 today at 7 PM to witness a fun task. Vivo India Moods Condoms BigBoyToyz
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Missed a headline? Too much to catch up on? Made yourself a home under a rock?
Were taking away all your excuses with #MTVSamachar. A lightning quick weekly round-up of all the important news of the last 7 days in India and the world, right here at the house of MTV.
So youre always in the know. About all you need to know.

#KhullamKhulla #Demonetisation #KaranJohar #RamdevBaba #NASA #PCAs
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LinkedIn-MTV Get A Job is back with Season 3!

VJ Gaelyn goes to PES University, Bengaluru to find out why these students want to #GetAJob. You won't believe what they had to say!
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Tune in at 8 PM tomorrow to watch Shreya Ghoshal on Royal Stag Barrel Select MTV Unplugged Season 6!

#RSBarrelSelect #MakeItPerfect #MTVUnplugged
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Watch Shreya Ghoshal LIVE now!