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Check out this rendition of the lovely Luna Lovegood by #PotterArt
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Check out this adorable #PotterDIY!
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This is an interesting find. ????
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Genderbent versions of some of our faves.

(Art by
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On this day in #PotterHistory, Educational Decree
Number 27 is passed, and Hogwarts students are banned from having the "Quibbler" in their possession!

(art by
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You may not like him, but you can't deny: Malfoy's got style.
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Never underestimate the Harry Potter fandom. We will ALWAYS recognize HP-themed things.
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Sign us up!!
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We all love a selfie, especially from a Harry Potter alumnus!

Social Roundup: Around The World In Many Selfies - MuggleNet
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Here's to the best play any Potter fan could ask for!

A Year of "Cursed Child" - MuggleNet
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We love a great Harry Potter embroidery.
#PotterArt by @ohsolovelyembroidery on instagram.
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One of our favorites. #PotterQuotes
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It's a love/hate relationship