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Do Jaffa Cake Protein Truffles sound like your ideal healthy, post-workout treat? Check out Gains4Girls' recipe using our 100% Whey Isolate Protein here!
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Always wondered how best to prepare for a #fitnessshoot? Check out #TeamMultipower ambassador Mitch Lawrence's top tips here #WednesdayWisdom
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How to prep for a fitness shoot - by Mitch Lawrence
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#MultipowerMeets fitness model and UK physique champion, Aidan Broddell
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#MultipowerMeets - Aidan Broddell
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#MultipowerMeets former MIC star and celebrity PT, The Posh PT​ [ Link ] - Lonan O’Herlihy - Story
Through a combination of stiff leg dead lifts, unilateral hip thrusts and smith machine squats, Jodie bedford fitness regularly mixes up her leg exercises to develop her lower body and core strength. Give them a go and tell us what you think! #WorkoutWednesday
Fancy a delicious oaty, apricot & chocolate protein treat? Check out Gains4Girls' amazing recipe using our 100% Pure Whey Protein here!
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#MultipowerMeets Darlington FC footballer and fitness model Leon Scott [ Link ] - Leon Scott - Story
Take a look at HealthyJon's delicious protein chocolate mug cake on Coach [ Link ]

Chocolate Protein Mug Cake Recipe - A Fast And Tasty Protein Hit
#MultipowerMeets fitness model and physique champion Aidan Broddell
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Is #TeamMultipower ambassador Leon Scott the most ripped footballer in the UK? Check out what Men's Health UK thought here:
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Is this guy the most ripped footballer in the uk
Jodie bedford fitness demonstrates three exercises, incorporating resistance machines and free weights, which engage your hamstrings and glutes. Try super-setting two of the exercises in this week’s leg day!
Incorporate TRX exercises into your workouts to strengthen your core #TRXTuesday
Do you want the physique of footballer and Multipower ambassador Leon Scott? Visit and check out his e-Book now!
Protein bars are a handy and convenient way to up your daily protein intake. Head to to check out our great range! Leon Scott
Want to focus on isolating a muscle group? Try some supersets! #WorkoutWednesday
Incorporating protein powder into your recipes is an easy way to make healthy desserts! Check out this PB fudge from Hannah McCreesh [ Link ] #FoodieFriday
#TBT to last year when Multipower's Abby was crowned UKBFF Junior Bikini South Coast Champion & came 3rd in Junior Bikini at the British Finals! Gains4Girls
Want to treat yourself without feeling guilty? Try HealthyJon's protein waffles! [ Link ] #WaffleWednesday
Performing drop sets is a perfect way to achieve muscular hypertrophy #TuesdayTips Mitch Lawrence
Working out with a friend can increase your motivation and make your time in the gym more enjoyable. #FitnessFriday