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Hate ticket touts? Us too.

We wholeheartedly stand for fair ticketing, free of online touts ripping fans off via secondary sites like Viagogo, StubHub, Get Me In! and Seatwave.

That's why we're supporting our friends at the FanFair Alliance, who are campaigning hard against these practices. Here's how you can help us beat the touts for good: [ Link ]


FanFair Alliance - Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?
South America, March 2016
: James Marcus Haney
Shout out to all of the incredible women in our lives!
Today on Songs For The Road we're celebrating the Gentlemen of the Road takeover at Latitude Festival this summer.

Get to know some of the acts on the bill, including Glass Animals and Maggie Rogers, below via Spotify.

Songs For The Road, a playlist by Mumford & Sons on Spotify
This collaboration with Latitude Festival and Longitude Festival is one of the most exciting things we're doing this year.

Ever since we started working on the Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers we've really enjoyed curating lineups and sharing not only our own music but also sharing music of artists who we love and are listening to regularly.

It's almost like creating a mix tape for a best...
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Here at M&S HQ, we try our best not to spam your inboxes with stuff you're not into. So if you're up for it, we'd like to hear a bit from you.

For a chance to win a sweet prize pack, just fill out our survey by 31st March: Good luck!
European Tour, 2015
: James Marcus Haney
Some new recommendations from Ben now playing on Songs For The Road, including tracks by Allan Rayman and Lewis Del Mar. Listen and follow below via Spotify.

Songs For The Road, a playlist by Mumford & Sons on Spotify
Roxy, Los Angeles, March 2015.
: James Marcus Haney
A note from Winston:

"I'm very excited to announce that I've made an album with the magnificent HVOB from Vienna.

I was at Ted's house a couple of years ago scrolling through YouTube and trying in vain to get him into Techno. After a while he got bored and went to the kitchen whilst I kept spiralling away and eventually came across a track called Azrael by the Austrian duo.

I was completely...
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The spectacular concert film available now: [ Link ]
We're very excited to say that 'Live From South Africa: Dust And Thunder' is out now.

You can get it on Standard or Gentlemen of the Road Deluxe edition (which includes the documentary 'We Wrote This Yesterday') here: [ Link ]
1 day to go...
2 days to go...
Meeting the legend that is Baaba Maal has been one of the highlights of our career.

Having him on the tour and in the studio was an incredible experience. He won’t simply sing over anything – he’ll wait until he hears something in what we’re offering him.

Pre-order Live From South Africa: Dust And Thunder on standard and deluxe (incl. We Wrote This Yesterday): [ Link ]
Recording of the 'Johannesburg' mini-album started this time last year during the South African tour.

The aim wasn't to come away with a finished collection of songs – or even one full song – but there was an energy around the tour and all of the musicians that helped create something entirely of that moment.

Pre-order 'Live From South Africa: Dust And Thunder' on standard and deluxe (incl....
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Exactly a year ago today the band played the first show of their first ever South African tour, where a handful of shows turned into a massive adventure.

We’re excited to be arriving full circle in 5 days to finally share the two films that were made out there.

One, Dust And Thunder, the live concert film shot in front of a 50,000 strong crowd in Pretoria. The other, We Wrote This...
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Forum, Los Angeles, August 2015.
: James Marcus Haney
Roxy, Los Angeles, March 2015.
: James Marcus Haney