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Love #noodles? We got oodles.

And remember: slurping aloud is highly encouraged.

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A word from the wise J.R.R. Tolkien.
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Surefire winners
For family #dinners:
green chile stew
& brioche barbeque.

See more on today's menu
For your dining-in venue:
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Warm up wth a bowl of Super Protein Chili today. Our blend of beans, rices, veggies and quinoa packs a plant-based protein punch!

Available today on our NorCal menus:

Super Protein Chili
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You made it through the first week of 2017— don't slip on those resolutions yet!

The key to success? Planning. Head to our blog for more:

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If your new year’s resolution involves treating yourself more— we’re right here with you. #TreatYoSelf2017
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Here's to eating healthier this year (Luckily, kale is in season!)

More details on this salad here:
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What do you want to eat in 2017? Let's us know below
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Eating better is a tough resolution to keep. Head to the blog to see how we recommend planning ahead to stay on track.
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Not Your Mama’s Taco Salad is back on the NorCal menu this week. And you thought miracles only happen on the holidays

Check availability here: ✨
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No matter how you celebrate, we hope yummy food and treats will bring you together this holiday season!
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We’ve got your last minute gift needs covered— give them the gift of Munchery.

(Check out our blog for our tips on how to present gift cards!) [ Link ]
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#MuncheryProTip— How to Cut Citrus Supremes. Citrus are at their peak in winter, and these supremes are great in winter salads or as a snack on their own.

What's your favorite citrus? Let us know in a comment below ✨
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We have a new #wine selection on the menu in California!
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Gift cards don't have to suck. Tuck one into a fruit bowl for an easy but impressive gift— bonus points for seasonal fruits like #citrus and #pomegranate.

Head to our blog for more delicious ways to present #giftcards.
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We're almost through the week. What's for dinner tonight?

: Tiffany Wang
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Despite the bad rap they often get, we think #giftcards make for excellent presents! Head to our blog for some tips on ways to give gift cards, that are sure to leave an impression.

Here's the first— tuck a gift card into a box of chocolates with a handwritten note.

More on our blog here:
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This week in SF we're serving Togarashi Bavette Steak. The bavette cut is particularly flavorful, without being too fatty. Japanese togarashi spice brings a bit of heat to the dish, and you can enjoy with our tamari pickled cucumbers as you like.

Check it out here →