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Behind-the-scenes at Munchery today: we're test-tasting new recipes developed by our culinary team.

We love getting customer requests! What's the #1 dish you'd like to see added to our menu?
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What's your criteria for the *perfect* burger?

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For #Valentine's Day and any day you want to show the
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Want to give your object of affection a #Valentine's gift as enduring as your love?

Check out Mademan's 8 favorite subscription boxes––Munchery is one of them!

[ Link ]

8 Valentine’s Day Subscription Boxes She’ll Love
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We're delighted that Munchery is among the top 7 meal delivery services recommended by Organic Authority!

Why go grocery shopping ever again?

Meal Delivery is the Healthier Takeout: How to Never Grocery Shop Again in 2017
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How do you like this haute plate?

Munchery customer Urban Bliss Life has some serious plating prowess!

Pictured: Munchery Spanish Style Tri Tip with Brussels Sprouts + Potatoes: [ Link ]
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What exactly is "quinoa?"

Pronounced "keen-wah," quinoa is a protein-rich seed that is gluten free, high in antioxidants, and easy to cook.

Quinoa is also quite delicious––which is why it's often on Munchery's menu!

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We're not spilling the beans on any specifics, but we'll offer a little morsel: this #Valentine's Day, a number of America's sweethearts will be fine-dining at home with Munchery.

Eat your heart out, Casanovas:
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How do we love salmon? Let us count the ways...from San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, to New York.
See more on Munchery's menu: [ Link ].
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A day in the life of the average American family...

Munchery has your back, with dishes to suit every family member's preferences: [ Link ]
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Love #noodles? We got oodles.

And remember: slurping aloud is highly encouraged.

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A word from the wise J.R.R. Tolkien.
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Surefire winners
For family #dinners:
green chile stew
& brioche barbeque.

See more on today's menu
For your dining-in venue:
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Warm up wth a bowl of Super Protein Chili today. Our blend of beans, rices, veggies and quinoa packs a plant-based protein punch!

Available today on our NorCal menus:

Super Protein Chili
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You made it through the first week of 2017— don't slip on those resolutions yet!

The key to success? Planning. Head to our blog for more:

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If your new year’s resolution involves treating yourself more— we’re right here with you. #TreatYoSelf2017
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Here's to eating healthier this year (Luckily, kale is in season!)

More details on this salad here:
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What do you want to eat in 2017? Let's us know below