Munich Brauhaus
today at 06:00. Facebook
Oz Day eve never looked so wunderbar!

Catch DJ Andrew McLeod on the decks from 5pm in the Jaegar bar! Plus,
Happy Hour (4-6pm), $10 Schnapps Bellinis, flavoured ciders & loads more. Prost! [ Link ]
Munich Brauhaus
01/22/2017 at 03:31. Facebook
Steins! Great for drinking, great for muscle tone. #workoutgoals
Munich Brauhaus
01/21/2017 at 02:00. Facebook
Are you ready for this?
Say one big 'guten tag' to the BIG OZ SCHNITZELMEISTER this #AustraliaDay! 1kg veal schnitz, eggs, bacon, beetroot & a time limit. Who's in? [ Link ]
Munich Brauhaus
01/19/2017 at 07:00. Facebook
To beer or not to beer... like it's even a question.
Munich Brauhaus
01/17/2017 at 07:00. Facebook
You know what rhymes with Tuesday? Beer!
Today's view from the bier garten! #doingmondaysright
Saturday night dinner = sorted!
Beers up! Happy Friday folks!
Flava'd ciders are the best ciders! Free add-ins every day this month folks - get around it. [ Link ]
1kg of pure schnitty goodness... is there anything better?
This afternoon's snack line-up! #wingme #mondayitiscured
One big danke schoen to everyone who spent their New Year's Eve at our haus. We hope you had a great time. Here's to a wunderbar 2017.
On Saturdays... we dance! Prost!
Beating the heat with brews! #beerislife
Beer: Brew. Enjoy. Empty. Repeat.
Pork Crackle Roll. Enough said.
Our friends at The Urban List | Melbourne have created the ultimate guide to smashing our legendary Schnitzelmeister!

1kg Schnitzel in 1 Hour - tag a mate who could take on this epic food challenge! [ Link ]

We’ve Found Melbourne's Ultimate Food Challenge
It's a cider kind of Tuesday!
Schnitties, otherwise known as the ultimate hangover cure! $25 with a Bavarian Bloody Mary today only. You're welcome!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's to a wunderbar 2017!