Muscle Insider Deadlift Party - 500lb Class
Muscle Insider Deadlift Party - 315lb Class
Deadlift Party Men's 225 Lbs. Class
Deadlift Party In Toronto!
In this video, DaveMadMax goes one on one with IFBB Bikini Pro Sheena Jayne Martin - IFBB Bikini PRO as she answers a ton of fan questions that you sent in!

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In this Dave Mad Max exclusive, we get behind the scenes interviews with IFBB super mega stars like Tamer El Gundy, Brad Rowe, and Pete Ciccone. All these pros are at the 2016 NPC Excalibur Classic; the last show of the NPC season.

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Muscle Insider's Deadlift Party

2017 IFBB Pro schedule released: [ Link ]

Check out which of your favourite local shows made the cut for next year, and which shows didn't!
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77 year old Fern Boucher kicked off our Deadlift Party tonight with a 315 Deadlift for reps at a body weight of 145 pounds! New Liskeard, Ontario was host to a very special lifting event on the Eve of Christmas Eve.
Muscle Insider's Deadlift Party In New Liskeard...4 plates for reps.
Today for Iron Diaries we shot the Excalibur Super Heavyweight Champ Matt Cook at the Mecca @goldsgymvenice for an intense delts workout. Make sure to catch this one soon on Muscle Insider TV.
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MUSCLE INSIDER Deadlift Party Tonight in New Liskeard, Ontario at the Pool & Fitness Centre at 6pm. Price is $10 and all profits donated to Cancer Care. Special lifting appearance by 77 year old Deadlift Champion Fern Boucher! Come out and rep out before the holidays.
In recent years within the fitness industry, SARMs have gained a cult-like following as a magical anabolic substance. Outlandish claims, together with the exploitation of pharmaceutical patents, abuse of legal loopholes, and booming black-market business, have the potential to destroy SARMs before they can even turn a legitimate profit or be used to treat some of the most vulnerable clinical...
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In the newest episode of EFX Sports 's ASK THE SCIENTIST, Dr. Jeff Golini, PhD covers the best form of creatine, it many benefits, and how he developed an improved form of the this already amazing compound.

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HUGE Steroid bust out of Mississauga, Ontario! "An estimated 36,500 tablets, more than 11 kilograms of raw powder, 15,000 millilitres of liquid containing suspected steroids and other controlled substances..."

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