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Stared a January Diet and not losing the weight you want?


Do you complain about not losing weight when dieting?

Phil Graham give us an insight on how to measure progress and why you can't trust those scales.

Why Your Scales Are Lying To You... And You Need To Stop Relying On Yours
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Most of us haven't been paid since before Christmas & we're all skint.

Here’s something that can be made next to nothing (In fact Just £1.25 per Serving) and still good for you.

Check out this Yummy Spicy Sausage & Bean One-Pot.
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Is this KFC Rice Box MORE healthy than this Joe Wicks Recipe?

Check out the below Cheesy Chicken Chorizo and Spinach from the Lean in 15 cookbook by Joe Wicks, VS an original recipe rice box from KFC.

Fast Food is never going to be a better option than a home cooked meal but do we need be better educated about the number of calories we consume.
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We’ve all heard those words of wisdom from "experts" in the gym that we take as gospel.

But surprisingly, they're all not TRUE – Sam Whitaker has cut the crap from 5 bro science rumours.

Number 3 is one we hear all the time (in fact, it was even said on a well-known TV show last month)

5 Workout "Bro Science" Myths You Should Ignore And Forget About.
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We can't stop watching this...

We've whipped up an IMMENSE 500 Calorie Egg Burrito we know you will love!

✓ Slimming Friendly ✓ Gorgeous ✓ Easy to make
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'How long before anyone notices I'm here'
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Is a Personal Trainer WORTH IT?

Guest writer Charlotte McGaun from Image Geek reckons the fitness and nutrition industry is heading towards a one size fits all service & that you aren't getting a personalised service.

What do you think? Are you a personal trainer - How do you train your clients?

Do You NEED a Personal Trainer?
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We all know someone like this at work ;-)
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BULKING... Your Secret Formula.

Competitive bodybuilder & performance nutritionist Phil Graham lays it all out on the table... Bulking 101... Your do's & dont's.

Phil talks from experience having had both good and bad experiences of bulking - but now can add serious muscle without getting fat.

Bulking - Is It Ever Really Healthy
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These 5* LEAN Customer Favourites are usually £39.85, now JUST £19!

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Your 5* rated hamper includes ALL this:
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- 6 x 57g...
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£39.85 5* Customer Faves - Now JUST £19!!
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12 x 200g Premium Chicken Breasts
2 x 170g Free Range Rump Steaks
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2 x 113g Free Range Steak Burgers

And These...
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Looking for some Breakfast inspiration this morning?

We've just whipped up a bit of breakfast magic with our High Protein Ready To Eat Crepes.

A healthy breakfast has never been so easy.
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Looking for some inspiration this evening?

Here's Ray Williams squatting 1015lbs (460kg) - An Unofficial World Record!!
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Do you OBSESS over fat loss but don't get results?

We see people make the same diet mistakes time and again, from choosing the wrong supplements to skipping meals altogether.

Are you guilty of any of these diet delusions?!

10 reasons you're not losing weight
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GOOD GOD – The Low Carb Burrito Fake Away is seriously AMAZING.

Trust us cook this beauty up and you won’t need to head to a Barburrito anytime soon…

✓ Slimming Friendly ✓ Authentic Take Away Taste ✓ Easy to make
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400g Free Range Extra Lean Steak Mince - for JUST 99p!

With JUST 4.2% fat… This is PERFECT for Slimming Club Members!

Very limited quantities available – Don’t miss out on this…
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CRAZY Price... 400g EXTRA LEAN Mince - JUST 99p!
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"Do you really need to go the gym each day? Just sprinting for 40 seconds each day can make you 12% fitter"

We've all seen HIIT become massive over the last few years - But surly it takes more than this.

Just sprinting for 40 seconds each day can improve your fitness
Who said healthy eating had to be this hard?

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Beat Blue Monday - * * ULTRA LOW CARB COOKIES (Just 3 Ingredients!) * * *

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