Did you know in the 1950s if you bought a fridge in New Zealand it came with a Crown Lynn jug?

You can explore more Crown Lynn stories through our online collection or visit our 'Ngā Toi | Arts Te Papa' exhibition before it closes this Sunday.

Crown Lynn pottery: A Kiwi icon

If you could take just one precious item with you when fleeing your homeland, what would it be?

"Many communities and former refugees look to Te Papa to care for their taonga, particularly their most precious objects, which remind them of their original homes, or the trauma of leaving, or their new lives in New Zealand." - Stephanie Gibson, Curator Contemporary Life and Culture

Our Curators...
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Te Papa curators respond to Donald Trump’s refugee ban

As a museum, it is important for us to collect and protect many aspects of our culture, environment and history. These treasures from the Canterbury Earthquake Collection remind us of the strength and love behind the recovery and the re-build after the earthquake in 2011.

The Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial Dedication and Civic Memorial Service will be at 12pm today in Christchurch....
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Canterbury Earthquake Collection

Dusky Sound shows its wild side – from broad-billed prions to humpbacks whales, South Island saddlebacks and knobbled weevils.

As we near the 250th anniversary of Cook’s 1773 voyage through Dusky Sound, Te Papa and DOC took their own journey to explore the biodiversity of this thriving, fragile landscape.

Discover their findings in Kate Hebblethwaite's latest blog: [ Bit.ly Link ]

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When you’re painting in New Zealand’s primeval kauri forests, you still need a tea break.

Te Papa Host, Carol Henderson, recently had the privilege of talking to the great grandson of the legendary artist, Charles Blomfield, while he was standing in front of this magnificent painting, Scene of Kauri Bush, gumdiggers at work, 1892.

“The visitor spoke so fondly of visiting his grandmother as...
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Virtual Pacific exploration in the Hinātōre learning lab.

Investigate Pacific migration, navigation and voyaging vessels. Get hands-on, try virtual reality and visit an exhibition.

For school programmes, creative family-sessions and more, check out: [ Tepapa.govt.nz Link ]
The quirk of decorating our favourite things is nothing new.

“Young women would personalise their dress-pockets much the same way we personalise our phones nowadays.”

Te Papa Host, Annika Sippel, reveals the secret pockets hidden in the beautiful detail of a 'Robe à l'Anglaise' from the late-1700s.

“I feel quite connected with this exhibition because of my European heritage. I'm from...
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Cheri & Dennis, married 46 years, stand stunned like prey in front of the Orchid Mantis at Bug Lab, Te Papa.

"I'm a bit scared to stand too close, to be honest!" - Dennis

They've been coming to Te Papa since it first opened 19-years ago.
"It never fails to amaze us how much it keeps growing and changing." - Cheri
"We've visited museums all over the world but the interactive style of this...
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Race conditions are stunning for tonight's epic Drone Race Come down to Te Papa for high speed mayhem and enjoy a in the sun while these robo-bugs whizz overhead.

Door sales $20 includes admission to Bug Lab which is open tonight for race ticket holders only.

Bug Lab - Drone Racing

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In this age of trying to fit as much text as possible into small spaces, it can be comforting to know that letter-writing over 150-years ago had the same challenge.

Check out Scott Flutey's latest blog all about the tricks to wartime mail and correspondence [ Tepapa.govt.nz Link ]
“The buzz of discovering a new species never dies, but the greatest feeling is to pass that buzz on to others. That’s what being a researcher and curator means – to pass on and share the knowledge whilst adding excitement.” – Dr Pat Brownsey, Research Fellow and Curator at Te Papa Museum.

Pat has been adding to and pulling out knowledge from our collections for over four decades, yet always...
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"I love to visit Te Papa with my daughters. They love the interactivity, the touch screens, the videos, interacting with other kids. We could spend an hour just on level two, the girls love the blue whale heart, touching it, playing in it. It’s not like any other Museum, it’s like a playground for learning.”
- Wellington Mayor, Justin Lester.

#TePapaProTips: Use the interactive exhibits to...
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Instagram photo by Te Papa • Feb 3, 2017 at 12:13am UTC

How do you see Waitangi Day? A cringe-worthy day of protest and division? Or a chance to celebrate with your community?

Curator Matariki Williams says we can blow up the tired clichés and enjoy the day with good food, good entertainment and good people.

[ Tepapa.govt.nz Link ]


Want to see a bug's-eye-view of Te Papa?

Drone Racing on Feb 11th
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And yes - on race day you can expect heaps more crashes like the one at the end of this clip.

Thanks goes out to Ashley Wood for the great footage! ...And a crashed drone.
Are you the mysterious loner? The lovable rogue? The groundbreaking innovator? Or the controversial sports star?

Take the quiz to find out which Te Papa object is most like you:
Thank you to everyone who responded to our call for protest materials from the recent #WomensMarch.

"We may live in a ‘post-truth’ era riddled with ‘alternative facts’", writes Curator Matariki Williams, "but this will not stop institutions from building collections that reflect the lives of the communities they represent".

Photo: Nicola Edmonds via Women's March on Washington - New Zealand
Honeybees? They're vital to our existence. Without them as pollinators, most of our food crops wouldn't be able to reproduce or grow fruit.

Know a bee fact? Share it below to win tickets to Bug Lab.

Want to make your own origami honeybee? Here's how:
In Māori mythology, the Hakawai is a huge bird with startling red, black and white feathers. When it makes its dreadful nighttime shriek: "Hakwai, hakwai, hakwai," you run for your life.

When curator Colin Miskelly first heard the call of the Hakawai in the mid-1980s, felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and rushed off into the night to record it; he captured the sounds of a much...
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Today is the birthday of Rātana Church founder Tahupōtiki Wiremu Rātana; a day of pilgrimage for the followers of the faith.

We can't help but reshare the story of a special acquisition; robes donated to us by former Māori MP and Rātana minister, Hon. Mita Ririnui:
Meet New Zealand's newest bird - the Red Footed Booby.

Causing a stir among twitchers, it arrived at Muriwai last week and is reportedly still there - the only one ever seen on our mainland, following confirmed sightings in the Kermadecs last year.

In case you were wondering, the name 'booby' is thought to be based on the Spanish slang term bobo, meaning stupid, as these tame birds had a...
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