Meet New Zealand's newest bird - the Red Footed Booby.

Causing a stir among twitchers, it arrived at Muriwai last week and is reportedly still there - the only one ever seen on our mainland, following confirmed sightings in the Kermadecs last year.

In case you were wondering, the name 'booby' is thought to be based on the Spanish slang term bobo, meaning stupid, as these tame birds had a...
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How's your penguin awareness? Did you know than New Zealand has more penguin species on its shores than ANY other country - most of which are threatened?

We also look after our little pals - a new Penguin Hospital opened yesterday in Dunedin [ Link ]

1970s Barbie​ dolls and outfits in our textile storage facility - some in amazing condition, some not so much!

As you can see, Barbie heads and bodies are made of different plastics, which have reacted to heat and chemicals over time.

The best way to preserve plastics? Keep them in the fridge - though it may take some explaining to your family/flatmates...
Why are there so many spiders in your house over summer?

Because male spiders are lonely right now and looking for love.
For 18 years we've been displaying peoples’ precious personal collections, alongside our national treasures.

An 88-strong dinosaur collection was pretty impressive from our youngest contributor ever, Eric London (below, now 15), then aged 8.

"At the time, I didn’t quite realise how big a deal it was to exhibit in the national museum. To me it was just cool for other people to see how much I...
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Despite her own conviction that 'I shall not be "fashionable" long', the world continues to admire writer Katherine Mansfield who died on this day in 1923.

Close friend Anne Estelle Rice painted this portrait in Cornwall; the predominant colour suggested by Katherine who, like Anne, loved red.

P.S. This work will soon be on display at Wellington's Katherine Mansfield Birthplace. Last...
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When did this version of Barbie's Ken hit the shelves - 1970s, 1980s or 1990s? He's moved on a bit from his original (1961) blond, blue-eyed self.

How well do you know the 20th Century? Test yourself and tell us how you did: [ Link ]
[WIN] Show us your classic Kiwi ‘sweets’ recipes!

Our pastry chef will create the best for our cafe - in homage to our Slice of Heaven exhibition, closing on January 23.

Send us your recipe in the comments, or via DM, to win delicious prizes before Monday January 9
On this day in 1977, protesters began a 506 day occupation of Bastion Point.

This badge was worn by protesters against the government's decision to build luxury housing on the reserve; Ngāti Whātua's ancestral land. The Orakei Maori Action Committee led the protest and refused to leave.

In May 1978, a huge police and army force was sent to evict them. 222 protesters were arrested and their...
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Because we love collecting, we have miniature exhibitions in our offices too.

It's probably time to put away the Snowglobes... ❄
[WIN] Show us your classic Kiwi ‘sweets’ recipes!

Our pastry chef will choose a few to create specially for our cafe - in homage to our Slice of Heaven exhibition, which closes January 23.

Send us your recipe in the comments, or via DM, to win delicious prizes.
Devonport and Cheltenham as seen from Mt. Victoria, Auckland.

(Date unknown) #ThrowbackThursday
Industrial Christmas tree in our laboratory.

Te Papa is closed on Christmas Day, so our hardworking staff can spend time with whanau | family and friends. We are open every other day 10am to 6pm. Meri Kirihimete | Merry Christmas
One of New Zealand's earliest Christmas dinners was 'Goose Pye' (actually gannet pie), washed down with liquor on board the Endeavour in 1769.

Katie Cooper looks at the history of Christmas dinners: [ Link ]
How do you restore priceless works of art?

It takes chemistry knowledge (which materials will dissolve this varnish?), creativity (which colours need mixing to match the original?) and practical skills (how do I get a minuscule amount of oil on my brush to pick up gold leaf? Answer: by sweeping it over one's hair)

Take a tour of our conservation lab with Pukerua Bay School:
On this day in 1964, the last whale to be harpooned in New Zealand waters was pulled from the sea near Kaikoura, leaving the rest to breathe a spout of relief after 170 years of exploitation.

All marine mammals have been fully protected in New Zealand since 1978, but some threats remain.
Sean Mallon, Curator Pacific Cultures on why we should seek to decolonise the language we use - and beware of the word 'traditional':
New Zealand's first cricket match was played on this day in 1832.

Teacher Henry Williams gave his pupils at Paihia mission school a rare day off after their exams, to play cricket on the foreshore at Horotutu.

They must have already had some practice, as Williams wrote in his journal that they were ‘very expert, good bowlers’. Williams, who imported the cricket equipment, had a bowl himself...
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Keen to teach 2-8 year old kids science?

It's a Bug's Life is the result of a year's research: a brand new resource to inspire, guide and inform kids' scientific journeys.
Weevils get a lot of bad press for sneaking into your baking supplies, but did you know that New Zealand is home to ten fully protected, flightless mega-weevils?