#OnThisDay in 1764 John Wilkes was expelled from the House of Commons for the first time.

This porcelain punch bowl was made and decorated in China around 1770 for export to Britain and its American colonies. The design on the exterior of the bowl was intended to poke fun at those who had opposed the English politician John Wilkes (1727-97), a proponent of English civil liberties,...
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Arms of Liberty Punch Bowl | Museum of the American Revolution

Tonight! The Whitall House/Red Bank Battlefield is hosting a free public meeting featuring archaeological findings related to the October 1777 battle at the site of Fort Mercer at Red Bank Battlefield in National Park, New Jersey.

Public Archeology Meeting

EVENT - facebook.com
Yesterday, together with the St. Andrew's Society of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia History Museum at the Atwater Kent, we honored Revolutionary War General Hugh Mercer. Accompanied by bagpipes, the Society presented Gen. Mercer's sword to the Museum as an object on loan.

General Mercer was mortally wounded at the Battle of Princeton on January 3, 1777. Although famed medic Benjamin...
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“It’s like the holy grail of American ceramics.”

Found on our site this small, white punch bowl didn't garner much attention at first. But after experts took a second look, they now believe it is the first physical evidence of high-grade porcelain made in North America.

'Holy Grail of ceramics' found in digs at American Revolution Museum

The latest Read the Revolution is out: Washington's General: Nathanael Greene and the Triumph of the American Revolution by Terry Golway

With no formal military training, Nathanael Greene was an "unlikely warrior." Yet the young Quaker from Rhode Island rose quickly in the ranks of the Continental Army to become one of Washington's trusted generals.

Washington's General | Museum of the American Revolution

Even the Brits are welcoming the opening of the Museum of the American Revolution this year! ;)

Top 10 new museum openings in 2017

Enjoy this beautiful snowy moment in front of the Revolutionary War-era cannon and Museum building.

(Don't worry! The five cannon, on long-term loan from the Girard Estate, were specially prepared for outdoor display and their condition is monitored by our collections team.)

Lonely Planet just put the Museum of the American Revolution at the top of their list of the best new openings and attractions for 2017!

New in Travel: the best new openings of 2017 (one to 10) - Lonely Planet

#OnThisDay in 1777 General Washington and the Continental Army defeated General Lord Cornwallis and his British forces at the pivotal Battle of Princeton.

Today, 240 years later, an agreement between the Civil War Trust and the Institute for Advanced Study has been announced concerning the preservation of the Princeton Battlefield.

Read more about the history of this battlefield and the...
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Commentary: Help preserve site of battle that preserved our liberty

2017 is going to be a revolutionary year! Join our newsletter to be the first to know when tickets for opening week and beyond go on sale.

Newsletter | Museum of the American Revolution

Happy New Year! Make learning more about America's founding one of your New Year's #Resolutions!


Museum of the American Revolution

#OnThisDay in 1776 George Washington faced his final crisis of the year, as that day many of his most experienced soldiers enlistments expired. So on New Year's Eve, General Washington made an impassioned plea to the men asking them to remain with him. Many years later, in 1832, one veteran recalled the scene:

"The General wheeled his horse about, rode in front of the regiment, and...
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Exhibit Sneak Peek: Washington's Tent Theater

Conservators and curators recently tested the elaborate, umbrella-like support structure, specifically built for displaying Washington's wartime linen tent. Due to the delicateness of the actual object, we're using our replica tent like a stunt double, testing the installation process, light levels and climate controls in preparation for the...
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Merry Christmas from the Museum of the American Revolution!

#TodayinHistory General Washington and the Continental Army crossed the Delaware River in a surprise attack upon a Hessian garrison located in Trenton, New Jersey.

The iconic image of Washington guiding his troops across the icy river was imagined by Emanuel Leutze in his famous, Washington Crossing the Delaware painting of 1851....
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"THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap,...
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Explore our collection: French Gorget

The silver escutcheon in the center of this brass officer’s gorget, a vestigial piece of armor worn around the neck by European infantry officers as a sign of rank, displays the royal arms of the Bourbon kings of France.

Following its demoralizing defeat in the Seven Years’ War, the French army began to reform and update its arms, equipment, and...
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French Gorget | Museum of the American Revolution

Whitechapel Bell Foundry, the company that cast the Liberty Bell, is ringing its last bell after nearly 500 years.

After Nearly 500 Years in Business, the Company that Cast the Liberty Bell Is Ceasing All Operations

Today's #ReadTheRevolution is all about Valley Forge–the Continental's Army winter encampment.

Wayne Bodle's The Valley Forge Winter: Civilians and Soldiers in War presents the story of the winter of 1777-1778 with details that may be new to most readers. Bodle moves beyond the myths and legends that besiege and blur the historical significance of the cantonment.

Museum of the American Revolution

“It has been a great privilege to bring into existence a museum dedicated to the American Revolution, the most important event in our nation’s history. I am also honored that an individual of John Jumper’s talents and achievements will be our next chairman. John is an American patriot and public servant, and I have great confidence that his integrity, intelligence, and enthusiasm will lead the...
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Museum of the American Revolution Announces New Board Chairman General John P. Jumper | Museum of the American Revolution