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"The exhibition delves into well-known New Yorkers such as Alexander Hamilton, Walt Whitman, “Boss” Tweed, Emma Goldman, J.P. Morgan, Fiorello La Guardia, Robert Moses, Jane Jacobs, Donna Karan and Jay-Z, as well as lesser-known New York personalities, such as Lenape chieftain Penhawitz, free African colonist Maria Van Angola and Lower East Side denizen Susie Rocco." Forbes talks the...
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New Museum Exhibition Explores NYC's Rise From Dutch Village To 'Capital Of The World'

Katharine Hepburn, Lynn Fontanne, Katharine Cornell and Zorina. All stars of their time, and all dressed by Valentina, costume designer extraordinaire. Born in Kiev in 1899, she arrived in New York in 1923 and began her career in the theater, first as an actress and then as a designer, creating costumes for almost 100 theatrical productions.

Valentina: Fashion Onstage

"How can we foster a more inclusive city? How can we meet the housing needs of New Yorkers? How can New York City enhance its natural environment and cope with climate change? What can we do to provide economic opportunities to the next generation? How can we make it easier for people to get into and around the city?" These questions and more play out in our Future City Lab, part of NEW YORK...
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Can City Museums Connect People?

It's Sunday morning which means a lot of us are thinking about brunch. And what's usually the main star of brunch besides a mimosa? Eggs. Most people in NYC simply go to their local grocery store or bodega to pick some up, not a dedicated egg store. The Egg Store pictured here was run by the family who owned Shady Hollow Farm in New Jersey from the fifties until the mid-eighties. In those...
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"Despite the fact that New York City is home to a bevy of world-class museums, several of which are devoted exclusively to the city itself, there isn’t one place where you can go to see how New York became New York, all in one cohesive experience." Until now! Curbed NY talks #NYAtItsCore

New York's long, tumultuous history gets its first permanent exhibit

"Just like the Big Apple, Santa Claus has Dutch roots — he’s based on the Dutch Sinterklaas (named for Saint Nikolaos). Plus, several New Yorkers had a hand in transforming the Dutch gift-giver of lore into the holly jolly sleigh-flier we know him as today." Get a sneak peek at our holiday mini-exhibtion in the New York Daily News.

Museum celebrates Santa’s New York roots in holiday exhibit

“I noticed these gay networks, these communities, and how vibrant they were...they were like major artists and photographers and I thought it might be interesting to unhide those relationships hidden in plain sight.” Co-curator Donald Albrecht discusses the motivations behind our Gay Gotham exhibition in Out Magazine. #GayGotham

'Gay Gotham': The Exhibit That's Unhiding New York's Biggest Gay Icons

Here are some photographs of the first day of our 32 hour opening party for #NYAtItsCore.

All Photographs By FotoFilip - Filip Wolak Photography
From NEW YORK AT ITS CORE’S Future City Lab: A rendering of the Big U, a proposed ribbon of park and flood barrier around the southern tip of Manhattan. Inside this interactive gallery, explore five central challenges and opportunities that New York will face in coming generations: how the city will house its growing population, how it can retain and foster diversity, how New Yorkers will get...
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Our newest exhibition, NEW YORK AT ITS CORE examines 400 years of New York City's past. But, we also have a gallery devoted to exploring the city's future. How, you ask? This piece from The Creators Project takes you through our "Future City Lab" so you can get a peek at how we managed to capture the future of New York. #NYAtItsCore

This Museum Experience Lets You Redesign New York City | The Creators Project

Halloween and Thanksgiving have come and gone and now it is time to focus on December's holidays. We're planning a mini-exhibition and event in celebration of December's most famous celebrity, Santa Claus. Santa's popularity was in fact, possibly boosted by a famous New Yorker, Clement Clarke Moore, the named author of "A Visit From Saint Nicholas". But beyond that one work, what else do we...
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Clement Clarke Moore and Santa in the City

"Move back and forth from screen to vitrine, and what emerges is a loving but clear-eyed portrait of the city in all its glorious mess. If guidebooks send their readers to “New York at Its Core,” newcomers will come out with a better grasp of the city’s story than most residents accumulate in years." New York Magazine on our newest exhibition. #NYAtItsCore

Majesty and Manure: The New Galleries of the Museum of the City of New York

After 9 years of construction, New York City's original Pennsylvania Station opened #onthisday in 1910. The station's designer Charles McKim had envisioned a space that would celebrate "the entrance to one of the great metropolitan cities of the world." Owned and operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad, trains arrived and departed daily to Chicago and St Louis as well as to NYC's suburbs. The...
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Our city has a fascinating past and a vibrant present, and we're gearing up for a fantastic future. All of these will be explored in NEW YORK AT ITS CORE, our newest exhibition. Check out this video interview from MetroFocus featuring Chief Curator Sarah Henry and Director Whitney Donhauser. #NYAtItsCore

NYC's Past & Future - MetroFocus

“Gay Gotham not only exhibits, but also celebrates the vibrant lives of artists who were suffering from injustice, and offers optimism for tomorrow.” Museum director Whitney Donhauser in Playbill talking about our #GayGotham exhibition.

Gay Gotham: Art and Underground Culture in New York Exhibition Now on Display in NYC | Playbill

"#HappyThanksgiving everyone! We’re celebrating with this classic Currier and Ives print from 1867, when the holiday was only officially 4 years old, though it had existed in previous iterations. During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress designated one or more days of thanksgiving a year, and in 1789 George Washington issued the first Thanksgiving proclamation by the national...
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“Zoning enshrines a unitary vision of what the city should be,” settling long-standing disputes...there’s an alchemy to development in New York and it’s interesting to see how land use lawyers, architects and developers work to get outcomes that are not in line with vision of the zoning.” Eric Goldwyn, associate curator of #Zoning100, and an urban planning expert, talks our exhibition with...
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‘Mastering the Metropolis’ shows how zoning designed NYC

Have you had a chance to see NEW YORK AT ITS CORE yet? Our newest exhibition uses innovative methods to take visitors on a journey through New York City's past present and future using a variety of visual and digital means. But, the museum's exhibitions haven't always looked that way. Look back with us through exhibitions of days gone by and celebrate how far we've come. #NYAtItsCore

From Taxidermy to Technology: the Exhibition Evolution at the Museum of the City of New York

“This is an exhibit for all New Yorkers...the exhibition shows us what happens when people with different backgrounds and beliefs who live together, sometimes clashing, sometimes competing, but sometimes collaborating and always influencing and learning from each other.” Museum Director Whitney Donhauser spoke to the New York Daily News about NEW YORK AT ITS CORE, which is now officially open....
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MCNY to open $10.5M exhibit, detailing 400 years of city history