Well, we’re working through the first month of 2017. Do you have any resolutions for the New Year? Maybe reading more is on your list. Well, get thee to the library then! This is the Jefferson Market Branch of the New York Public Library, sitting pretty behind the 6th Avenue El. It was originally built as the Third Judicial District Courthouse and was completed in 1877. The building got...
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"It's easy to say 'gentrification is bad,' or 'I don’t want high-rise.' But [acting retroactively] is a communications failure." It's up to all New Yorkers to take responsibility in solving these problems at the outset." Jake Barton of Local Projects talks NEW YORK AT ITS CORE's Future City Lab with Fast Company. #NYAtItsCore

How Interactive Design Can Help New Yorkers Envision Their City's Future

Dr. Aubré de Lambert Maynard is best remembered today for his role in helping to save #MLK's life after an assassination attempt in New York in 1958, the assassination attempt at the center of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.'s “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech. This Harlem Hostipal hero's portrait is currently on display at the Museum.

Profiles in Freedom: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Dr. Aubre Maynard, and Yun Gee

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

We're honoring #MLK with a display called "Saving Martin Luther King Jr.’s Life in Harlem" which illuminates the ways in which Harlem’s history is intertwined with that of the nation’s battle for civil rights....
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"New York City is a dynamic force for change...we're using innovative design to reveal the oldest layers of history written into the streets" Jake Barton of Local Projects. Haven't visited NEW YORK AT ITS CORE yet? Check out this BroadwayWorld.com deep dive which gives you an in-depth guide to all three galleries. #NYAtItsCore

The Museum Of The City Of New York Announces Permanent Exhibition, NY AT ITS CORE

Opening Today! The City and the Young Imagination explores the 40-year history of one of New York City’s most creative arts education initiatives, Studio in a School. Founded in 1977, when the city’s economic crisis drastically reduced arts programming in public schools, this nationally recognized leader has nurtured and maintained a dynamic community of professional artists who teach hundreds...
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The City and the Young Imagination

Happy #Fridaythe13th everyone! This skull shaped plaster of paris candleholder was used for the Thirteen Club's annual anti-superstition dinner. In the 1880s, the Thirteen Club was created to debunk the superstition of "13 at a table" being unlucky. This belief states that when 13 people are seated together at a table, one will die within a year. The club would meet on the 13th of the month...
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From 1908 to 1909 it reigned supreme as the world’s tallest building, and still held a height title when it was demolished in 1968: the tallest voluntarily demolished building. It’s the Singer Building, commissioned by the then head of the Singer Sewing Machine Company. Architect Ernest Flagg believed that buildings over 10 or 15 stories high should be set back from the street, so while the...
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Queer Art at The Edge

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“It’s an endlessly evolving, hustling city, it’s fast and furious, difficult and complicated, and it’s magical beyond belief...All of us really care about New York, and we’re all vested in its progress.” Sarah Maslin Nir talks about our new #NYAtItsCore conversation series, Only in New York to Metro New York. The series kicks off tonight with I Love New York?.

What's best for New York? Talk it over with the city's icons

The holidays sent a lot of us searching for ways to entertain ourselves, and NYC's many theaters are a great place to do that...but what if there was only one choice, only one theatre? This week we travel back in time to the end of the 18th century when the only permanent playhouse in the city was a building on John Street known as simply as the Theatre. #NYCHistory

John Street Theatre, the only show in town!

“Even at that time the Lower East Side was considered to be quintessential New York in a way that it spoke to the diversity and struggle of the immigrant city,” says curator Sarah Henry in this piece from The Guardian about NEW YORK AT ITS CORE. #NYAtItsCore

Once upon a time in Mulberry Street … New York recalls romance of its past

A double-decker bus that isn’t a tour bus? No, this isn’t a picture of London, it’s NYC in 1936. New York was one of 1st cities in the US to use buses, in the way we know them today, for public transit. In 1905 the Fifth Avenue Coach Company introduced gas powered double-decker buses and within two years, it had replaced all of its horse-drawn vehicles with motorized buses. Bus service...
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"The project of telling this confounding story could have gone wrong in so many ways; it might have yielded a desiccated display of memorabilia, or a spray of boosterish razzmatazz. Instead, New York at its Core is an astoundingly thorough, detailed and moving homage to a city that inspires life-long love and deep-seated resentment, often in the same person. " The Financial Times reviews NEW...
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New York at its Core, Museum of the City of New York — review

"Joseph’s photographs enrich the exhibition by giving it a very vivid sense of the variety of people who live in New York, the variety of ways they interact, and they transport you into different neighborhoods.” curator Hillary Ballon discusses the photographs by Joseph Michael Lopez featured in NEW YORK AT ITS CORE with PDN. #NYAtItsCore

Telling New York City's Story Through Photos | PDN Online

In 1993 this hotel, now an office building, was declared an #NYC landmark. But, what makes the history of the Hotel Theresa so interesting? The Harlem hotel was opened in 1913 by a German immigrant named Gustavus Sidenberg (his wife was named Theresa). It was primarily an apartment hotel, but also accepted short term guests. Additionally, at the time it was the tallest building in Harlem....
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Only in New York is a new conversation series in which New York Times journalist Sarah Maslin Nir brings together two New Yorkers from different worlds to explore key questions about the city’s identity, culture, and history. Like a shared taxi ride between strangers, the conversation demonstrates in miniature one of New York City’s most remarkable features: its role as a place where all kinds...
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It has taken nearly 100 years, but this New Years Eve we finally got to celebrate the opening of the Second Avenue Subway. Before you plan your visit on the Q, take a look at the history of this project and get a peek at the wonderful new stations. #NYAtItsCore

Ringing in the New Year with the Second Avenue Subway