Open Today! New York Silver, Then and Now links the rich history of silversmithing in New York City to present-day artistic practice. It features newly commissioned works by leading metalworkers, created in response to historical objects from the Museum’s collection. The exhibition opens a dialogue between past and present, pairing historic pieces with remarkable new work by contemporary...
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Open Today New York Silver Then and Now links the rich history

New York Silver
#Onthisday in 1969, patrons at the Stonewall Inn, clashed with police in an incident considered by many to be the birth of the LGBTQIA rights movement. But, those who remember that night have dwindled over the years and their stories risked going untold. Read about a preservation project aiming to rectify that in this piece from The New York Times.
Onthisday in 1969 patrons at the Stonewall Inn clashed with police in

Stonewall Inn Project to Preserve Stories Behind a Gay Rights Monument
"The inclusive nature of salsa music created immense social power and pride among its listeners, who used salsa as a springboard for activism." Red Bull Music Academy talks Salsa, Activism, and our newest exhibition Rhythm and Power. #RhythmandPower #RitmoyPoder
The inclusive nature of salsa music created immense social power and pride

A Visual History of Salsa in New York | Red Bull Music Academy Daily
Happy Pride NYC!! How are you celebrating? For many of us today will mean marches and/or parades. Which is basically how things have always been, but it looked very different in the beginning. This Washington Post article looks back at a time when pride looked very different sartorially. #Pride2017
Happy Pride NYC How are you celebrating For many of us today

Pride’s raucous parades began as suit-and-tie protests called the ‘Annual Reminder’
The Hotel Astor stood in the heart of Times Square for over six decades. It was built in two stages, in 1905 and 1909/10, and when completed the $7 million structure occupied an entire city block. The plans were designed and overseen by William C. Muschenheim and his brother Frederick A. Muschenheim at the behest of absentee landlord William Waldorf Astor. The 11-story hotel was designed in...
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The Hotel Astor stood in the heart of Times Square for over
Drew Michelle Foster
Natalie Weiss
Eileen Levy
From the earliest reported cases in the 1980s, the HIV/AIDS epidemic has spurred New Yorkers to innovate new forms of social services, expand conceptions of family, fight social stigma, and push for greater political and medical intervention. Inspired by our exhibition, AIDS at Home: Art and Everyday Activism, Anne-christine D’Adesky, David France, and Tim Murphy—three authors whose works...
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From the earliest reported cases in the 1980s the HIVAIDS epidemic has

Chronicling a Crisis: Writers on the History of Hiv/aids

Inspired by our exhibition, Rhythm & Power: Salsa in New York, Elena Martinez, folklorist at City Lore, will lead a walking tour of East Harlem, the barrio of salsa, to explore the music venues, theaters, and social clubs that fostered the nascent dance movement. Stops will include the First Spanish Methodist Church where the Young Lords Party staged some of their most audacious civil rights...
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Inspired by our exhibition Rhythm Power Salsa in New York Elena Martinez

In the Steps of Salsa Walking Tour

To kick off the second season of Only in New York, series host Sarah Maslin Nir sits down with Sam Sifton, food editor for The New York Times and founding editor of NYT Cooking, to consider New York City’s voracious and individualistic appetite ranging from quick bites on the street to the city’s most lauded restaurants. Additional speaker to be announced!

Only in New York with Times reporter...
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To kick off the second season of Only in New York series

Devouring the City

Todd Webb's photographs capture the essence of the city. Delve into a selection from this piece in the New York Daily News. #ACitySeen
Todd Webbs photographs capture the essence of the city Delve into a

New York comes alive in Todd Webb's post-war photos
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Includes Museum admission

Although born in New Orleans, early jazz, or "hot jazz" as it was called at the turn of the century, first catapulted to popularity in Europe during World War I. Led by legendary Broadway bandleader James Reese Europe, the marching band for the 369th Regiment, an all-African American troop known as the “Harlem...
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25 General Admission | 20 for Museum members

Hot Jazz Moonlight Social

Please note this program takes place at the New York Academy of Medicine located at 1216 Fifth Avenue. For directions, click here.

Although the development of germ theory in the 1880s shed light on the origins of childbed fever, which often killed women in the days after delivery, not much could be done to save lives until the advent of antibiotics in the 1940s. In the first program in our...
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Please note this program takes place at the New York Academy of

Get Me Out: Childbirth in Early 20th Century NYC

We kick off Season 2 of Smile, It's Your Close Up with a screening of Metropolitan Avenue (Christine Noschese, 1985, 58 min), the story of a group of “traditional” women who combine old values with new roles to save their Brooklyn neighborhood from the threat of development. One of the first documentaries to air on public television, Metropolitan Avenue was screened as part of the launch of...
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We kick off Season 2 of Smile Its Your Close Up with

Right to the City: Screening of Metropolitan Avenue

The night was November 28, 1966 and the place was the Plaza Hotel. The event? Truman Capote’s exclusive “Black and White Dance.” Today for #StoriesMW, we explore this legendary event and the outfits we have from it that are now available to view digitally. #MuseumWeek
The night was November 28 1966 and the place was the Plaza

Truman Capote’s “Black and White Dance”
Rob Vesey
Kerry Shermer
Today's #MuseumWeek theme is #musicMW and we've got just the thing! Music and dance are inseparable at Rhythm & Power: Salsa in New York, our first fully bilingual exhibition. Read up on our newest exhibition in The New York Times. #RhythmandPower #RitmoyPoder
Todays MuseumWeek theme is musicMW and weve got just the thing Music

‘Rhythm & Power’: A Little Bling, a Little Politics, a Lot of Salsa
For those of you keeping track, today’s #MuseumWeek theme is #SportsMW and it’s also #WorldRefugeeDay. With all that in mind, we’re sharing this video with you. As part of the third gallery of New York At Its Core, the Future City Lab, we focused on the different ways communities around NYC build bridges and come together. This video tells the story of a Staten Island soccer team, part of a...
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Happy #MuseumWeek everyone! Today's theme is #foodmw so enjoy some diner history! The first diner was created in 1872 by a man named Walter Scott in Providence, Rhode Island. Around 1858 he had been supplementing his income by selling sandwiches and coffee to night workers at the newspaper and patrons of men's club rooms. But by 1872 business became so lucrative that he began selling food at...
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Happy MuseumWeek everyone Todays theme is foodmw so enjoy some diner history
Happy #FathersDay! As you get together with the fathers in your life today, enjoy these fast facts about the history of Father's Day from CNN.
Happy FathersDay As you get together with the fathers in your life

Father's Day Fast Facts
From 1859 – 2015, the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, better known as A&P, provided groceries to millions of Americans. When it was initially founded, by George Gilman, it bore the name Gilman and Company and was a small chain of retailers in NYC as well as a national mail order business. It wasn’t until management passed to another George, George Huntington Hartford, that the business...
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From 1859 2015 the Great Atlantic Pacific Tea Company better known as
Louise Dodenhoff Hauser
Ronnie Hogue
Moment New York
They are as vital to NYC life as yellow cabs, hot dog carts, and knowing where to get the perfect slice, and yet bodegas are disappearing. This NPR piece delves into the history of this New York institution. #NYCHistory
They are as vital to NYC life as yellow cabs hot dog

New York City Bodegas And The Generations Who Love Them
Eric Taub
Lynn Woloshen
Ronnie Hogue
"Some more traditional musicians have grumbled that salsa was just a clever name for good, old-fashioned Cuban son music...but New York City was the birthplace of salsa the phenomenon" The New York Post talks NYC, Salsa, and our newest exhibition. #RhythmandPower #RitmoyPoder
Some more traditional musicians have grumbled that salsa was just a clever

How New Yorkers’ obsession with Cuba gave rise to Salsa
Elizabeth Janovsky
Dominic De Martini