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Find your favourite seeds and watch them growing up! [ Link ]
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Do you want understand the cannabis life cycle and know how long does it take to grow? #Zamnesia can help you ;-)

How Long Does It Take To Grow Cannabis?
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HypoGeo - At the crossroads of Dark Progressive and Dark Psy

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Wir suchen einen Verkäufer für das Hemp Five & mushroom magazine

Job im Vertrieb (deutsch/englisch)
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Begrün Dir Deine Welt, wie sie Dir gefällt! [ Link ]
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Visit Naoto Hattoris friendly monsters

Naoto Hattori - between bizarre and beauty
Whats going in the next 2 weeks?

Party Map
A planet full of all you need to relax! Planet-Blunt
Boom Festival, Burning Man, Fusion Festival - Are these events the future model for human society?

Transformational Festivals - Boom Festival - Burning Man - Fusion Festival
Yeah! mushroom magazine Winter 2017 has been released.
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Soma is an ancient mystery. Was it derived from #cannabis? Ephedra? Perhaps it was a #magic_mushroom. Here we explore the history and psychedelic mystery of #soma.

Soma: The Ancient Entheogen
Connecting to the Divine WiFi - A Personal Meditation Encounter with Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Magic Mushrooms

Entheogenic Mindtravel with Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Magic Mushrooms
mushroom magazine remembers Cosma who has died 14 years ago in Goa.

Cosma - a Psytrance Legend
Eine breite Auswahl, Tipps und Tricks und Equipment für den eigenen Wunschgarten, ob drin oder draußen.[ Link ]
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Create your own personal rolling paper and become unique! [ Link ]
Listen to Ace Venturas favourite tracks!
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Ace Ventura Beatport Charts