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We discovered a legal LSD alternative – How does it work? What do you think how long it will be legal?

How about legal LSD? A chemical sister of Lucy is legally available
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Nahrung, Ausrüstung und Wissen für Euren zauberhaften Garten und alles, was grünt [ Link ]
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There's evidence that trippng on magic mushrooms could actually free your mind
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7 questions to Goa Gil

7 questions with Goa Gil
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Once a year 60 tribes from 30 countries come together to share their knowledge with the global psychedelic community. Come and visit the Tribal Gathering in Panama from February 24 to March 13. It's a mind-expanding event.

Tribal Gathering 2017 - Panama
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Connecting to the Divine WiFi - A Personal Meditation Encounter with Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Magic Mushrooms

Entheogenic Mindtravel with Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Magic Mushrooms
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Food for body and mind - for you and these cute squirrels

Food for Mind and Body - Kosmic Kitchen
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Mind Blowing Cajon and Hang Drum Performance.

Cajon and the Hang Drum: A musical Pair made in Heaven
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271 wonderful photos from Kosmos Festival in Finland

Kosmos Festival 2017 - Finland (2017-07-07)
No rubbish, organic food, ethic land - Luminate Festival in New Zealand has grown from a humble community gathering into a world-class festival - The next one runs Feb 1-8, 2017 - Discover the soul of this festival in our article.

Luminate Festival 2017 New Zealand | mushroom magazine
Beflügelt Eure Sinne und hilft mit dem grünen Daumen Pegasus Head & Growshop
COSMO – the father of Hi Tech Psytrance – in the interview

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Alles, was Du brauchst für Deinen Ausflug ins Grüne! [ Link ]
don't miss one of the highlight events of the festival season 2017 :) [ Link ] you can get your tickets now easy via mushroom ticket shop [ Link ] and if you have any personal questions about this event - just give us a call <3
Where are the fans of great Psytrance? This is the episode of mushroom tv with Laughing Buddha. Enjoy...

Laughing Buddha: Interview on
"Folks, butt in, legalization does not just come about by itself! The more people become active and work for a change within drug policy the more successful we can be and the faster we will achieve a complete legalization of hemp." (Georg Wurth, DHV)

Georg Wurth says "FOLKS, BUTT IN"
Interview with Hypo Geo
"At the crossroads of Dark Progressive and Dark Psy"