My Bic pen
03/22/2017 at 09:00. Facebook
For this puzzle, the goal is to take away six BIC® Cristal® pens and leave two squares; who's up for the challenge?
10 minutes left to finish the test: your only hope would be to have 1 thousand BIC® pens in your hands…or crawl your way out of the class!
It was such a beautiful morning until…The teacher came up with a surprise test! Hands up and a “like” if this has happened to you as well! ;)
When you’re desperate to chat to your friend but you're in class... desperate times call for genius inventions!
Tag a friend that makes going to school better!
It only takes two pens to transform yourself into a Rockstar! Tag a mate that has to put up with your ‘talent’…
What’s behind the BIC® Cristal® cap? :)
Don’t panic! Your crush just asked you for a pen ;)
Tag your #BFF… The only one that really understands you!
Can you work it out??
Happy New Year!
We love optical illusions. Send us a picture of your best optical illusion drawings by Monday at 9am and one lucky person will win a BIC® 4COLOURS® Pen. We'll announce the winner at 12pm Tuesday! Good Luck!
Season's greetings from BIC® with a quick brain teaser to keep you sharp!
A snow game for #Christmas day to challenge your AIM!
Stop the gif and hit the holes! 100 points for the head, 50 for the tummy and none if you miss. Who’s the best? Merry Xmas to the rest! [ Link ]
Our Christmas tree is made up of BIC® 4COLOURS® pens - it's all lit up and ready to go for the big day!
Who’s up for a challenge? Just one more move to win the game! Let’s see who's the fastest!
Did someone say #holidays? Each to their own! What are your plans?
Do you have the perfect #Christmas tree but no baubles? Let it shine and don’t forget the golden twinkle on top! ✨ #4COLOURSShinePen
Something tells us that this is going to happen in class before the holidays…
Who’s stuck for what to get their #SecretSanta this year? Some ideas below...
Thanks Foil Arms and Hog, this is definitely one of the funniest uses of our BIC® Cristal® pen!
Massive respect for Melly Sabine and her drawing talent!