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02/18/2017 at 12:00. Facebook
Today we were out for a walk with the kids and were inspired by the weekend wildlife. What have you been up too?
How gorgeous is this? inspired by the sunshine outside our office window today. x
Did you know: Intensely fruit-flavoured, freeze-dried fruit powder is available from specialist whole food shops and online culinary stores. You can also use it to flavour macarons and ice cream.
#Valentines day might be over but everyday is the perfect day to share the #love! Find our handy how-to for these LOVEly cookies on Simple Stylish Makes (GB) by following the link below:

[ Link ]

Marbled Heart Cookies - Stylish uk
Happy Valentines day makers, bakers and shakers!! We hope you have a brilliant day. Why no try making these beautiful iced sponge squares for your loved ones?


[ Link ]

Bake a Treat: Iced Sponge Squares - Stylish uk
Current mood. #princess
Hello there little guys.

Whats your favourite characters to bake?
The weather here is getting us in all sorts of moods at the moment. How does the weather effect your cake baking brain?
Look away now if you scare easily.
This little cones of joy are as delicious as they look. Whats the tastiest thing you have eaten this week?
So who can guess what we watched last night with our kids?
Its the funniest day here today, rain and sun equals a beautiful rainbow. Enjoy ! x
Or definition of a balanced diet is one cupcake in each hand. Happy Monday everyone.
Ever tried eating your afternoon cake with chopsticks? Us neither :-)
How impressive is the colouring on this amazing tiki mask cake?

Whats your most impressive colour work?
What type of honey do you use for best results with your baking or do you use different sorts for different jobs?
Hmmmm Hmmmm Kiwi fruits are literally the best topping for a beautiful cupcake. Whats your favourite?
Oink Oink. Does anyone have any good cake decorating ideas for a farmyard theme?
We have an amazing craft / knitting page over Simple Stylish Makes ! Come give us a follow and tell us what you think.
It's nearly the end of the month already and we want to know what you got up to. Please don't forget to tag us in all of your cake decorating piccies!!