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Have you pre-ordered your copy of #Joyous21 #HealOurLand on iTunes or Google Play yet?
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We're so proud and blessed to share #Joyous21 with you!! It's time to #HealOurLand through the power of Gospel Music! Pre-order Joyous 21 on iTunes by clicking here - [ Link ] Share this and let the fam know, that the grace and glory of God is now!

Joyous Celebration 21: Heal Our Land (Live) by Joyous Celebration
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Don't wait until release day to get #Joyous21! Pre-order it now and you'll get tracks to listen to before it's released!! Click here to pre-order: [ Link ] #HealOurLand
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#Joyous21 pre-order launches tomorrow! SHARE this with your friends and family to make sure they don't miss out! #HealOurLand
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We seek to #HealOurLand through Gospel Music! Share this if you agree! #Joyous21
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Mozambique are you ready?
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The Honorable Minister of Communications Faith Muthambi was really blessed by #Joyous21 #HealOurLand in New York - are you ready to experience it for the first time on African Soil this April at Carnival City?

Tickets now available from Ticketpro, Edgars,Jet, CNA and Postnet
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It was such a humbling experience to have Joyous fans with us in the USA! We cannot wait to share, with you, what we shared with the USA! #Joyous21 - #HealOurLand
In case you missed it - here's our 2017 tour schedule #Joyous21 #HealOurLand
Check out our full tour schedule right now #Joyous21 #HealOurLand [ Link ]

We're 25 days away from launching our #Joyous21 #HealOurLand Tour for the first time on African soil. Are you ready?
For our Cape Town family, remember, the venue is Good Hope Christian Church, Ottery and not Good Hope Centre, Check out our website for the location. Closer to the date we will also Whatsapp you the venue.

God Bless

[ Link ]

Joyous Celebration | Western Cape 2-3 June 2017
And here it is family - our full #Joyous21 #HealOurLand tour schedule. Which city will we see you in? [ Link ]
Want to see the #Joyous21 #HealOurLand artwork before the pre-order is released? Then sign-up to the official Joyous Celebration newsletter here: [ Link ]

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Be the first to experience our 21st anniversary tour on African Soil this April live at Carnival City. Get your tickets now from Ticket Pro, Postnet, Edgars and CNA
#Joyous21 pre-order on iTunes is coming soon! Are you ready to #HealOurLand?
Subscribe now to our Youtube channel for our latest video uploads [ Link ]

Can't wait for you to hear @malondz_cele's first #JoyousSolo - album coming month end #Joyous21 #HealOurLand
Look who's taking over our social media for a live Interview this Friday. Join the conversation live on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Live. Who knows, we might just give you another taste of #Joyous21 #HealOurLand