This sounds berry delicious! Get the recipe for Kelsey & Amanda's Chocolate Fondant with Berry Coulis!
This sounds berry delicious Get the recipe for Kelsey Amandas Chocolate Fondant

Kelsey & Amanda's Chocolate fondant with Berry Coulis
Mary Papageorgiou
Lianani Irab
Ag Jones
HURRY! Applications close this Sunday. Go to [ Link ] and APPLY NOW!
Paul Merson
Ricky Mc Donald
SuzetteSuze S Fotinos
We'd love to see all your Sweetly Spiced Sauce creations! Send them through with the hashtag #MKRSauce.

Grab Valerie & Courtney's sauce at Coles. Get it while stocks last!
Julie Zacharjak
Robbi Turk
Yasmin Lurline
Wishing all the mother's out there a wonderful day and a Happy Mother's Day! ❤
Wishing all the mother's out there a wonderful day and a Happy Mother's Day ❤️
Margaret Sugita
Hazel Alexander
Jantje Bruggeman-Brown
The options are endless with Valerie & Courtney's Sweetly Spiced Sauce! Stock is available in all Coles stores.
Andrew Buchanan
Broderick Proeger
Emily Marie
We've got your afternoon snack sorted with Caitie & Demi's Zucchini Fritters with Tzatziki Get the recipe!
Weve got your afternoon snack sorted with Caitie Demis Zucchini Fritters with

Zucchini Fritters with Tzatziki - Recipes & Food
Lyne Williams-Wright
Cint Galea
Jennifer Le
You can now buy Valerie & Courtney's Sweetly Spiced Sauce at Coles ... Get on down while stocks last!
Jessica Paul
Linda Brown
Andrew Buchanan
#MKR may be over for this year, but our proud partners Primo Smallgoods thought it would be fun to celebrate the teams - by creating a sandwich best suited to them!

Which team sandwich would you try?
Amy Elizabeth
Michelle Glen Hay Anderson
Andrew Buchanan
Get ready for Hell's Kitchen, COMING SOON to Channel 7!

Ingrid Stafford
Cameron James
Jacoba Bold
Stephanie Gorman
Louise Lane
Tanya Smith
Did you miss last night's absolutely epic #MKR Grand Final? Catch it now on PLUS7 to find out which team was crowned champions for 2017!
Did you miss last nights absolutely epic MKR Grand Final Catch it

My Kitchen Rules: Sun 30 Apr, season 8 episode 48
Debbie Maclean
Nathan Chase
Jasmine Tamurra Raman
This is it! Who will be champions of #MKR?
Tina Jong
Raymon Ortinez
Kristy Howard
The nerves are setting in for Amy and Tyson!
Lynda Carol Webster
Brenden Barry
Bella Alvarez
This vindaloo sounds like it packs a punch! #MKR
Sam Newman
Pauline Hanlon
Pebble Rogers
Aww... Family and food are everything for Valerie and Courtney.
Ian Smith
Mary Dowsey-Herington
Janice Waters
We're not sure our teams will be peas'd to hear they're both cooking with peas!
Pebble Rogers
Wendy Gall
Tanah An Mya
#AmyTyson have a secret ingredient up their sleeve...
Elizabeth Baxter
Debbie Smith
Mark Xipher
We've spotted some familiar faces! #MKR
Richard Lipps Clarke
Donna Scheerlinck
Sharon Martin
We've got goosebumps.. The #MKR Grand Final starts NOW on Channel 7.
Kirsty Siedentopf
Shafiun Nisha
Christopher John
We are getting closer to the #MKR Grand Final... Who will win?!

My Kitchen Rules, tonight 8.00 on Channel 7.
We are getting closer to the MKR Grand Final Who will win
Keeta McHardie
Anne-Marie Straney Goodchild
Kerri Deegan