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"We took our family pictures at this beautiful farm this year. Ellison was so in love with horses. She kept wanting to pet them and was asking to ride them. This horse was so sweet and gentle to her."

(Printed for Amy Finley, South Carolina)
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"I finally took the time to order this amazing photo. Calley Watters captured Mia and Ricardo perfectly. Ricardo is Mia's best friend and his face and her face show it. Love this rescued doggie."

(Printed for Laura Barnett, Texas)
Check out these nifty DIY ideas for Christmas gifts!
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30 Super Awesome Handmade Gift DIYs

"This photograph was taken at the Woodford State Park in Vermont. Each summer, a few of us dads take our children camping. This past summer we never found the time. So in September we braved 40 degree nights for the beautiful fall foliage. This print was ordered as a gift for my lovely wife to hang in her office."

(Printed for Joshua Farber, New Jersey)
"This is our son Cooper, a lot of firsts in his first year, playing in the fall leaves for the first time with his Grandpa Brad!"

(Printed for Darcey Sunken, Illinois)
"My Granddaughter resting among some of her Daddy's uniform items and blanketed with the Stars & Stripes. US Army 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, New York."

(Printed for Kelly McLaughlin, Arizona)
Whenever you feel like giving up, look at this brave little boy!
That smile shows it all...
"This is Chemo my puppy. I got him after finding out I had breast cancer. He has been the best dog and I am cancer free for 3 plus years. He is my best buddy."

(Printed for Jolynda Gomes, California)
"Loved this site! :)"

(Printed for David Kaye, California)
"I took this photo while trying to get moon photos on Mt Baker. The Moon never showed up because of the clouds but the clouds sure made for a beautiful photo!"

(Printed for Laurine Tilbury, Washington)
"I love this picture of Sarah! It was taken on a trip we made to Springfield to see my cousin and her family. We were playing in a creek and Sarah just smiled her sweet smile. I usually fight with her naturally curly hair, but I think those curls are perfect here!"

(Printed for Kelli Kail, Tennessee)
14 DIY holiday photo ideas for baby.
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14 DIY Holiday Photo Ideas For Baby

"This beautiful photo of my son is one of my favorites from the days after his birth!"

(Printed for Kelly Lestrange, New Jersey)
"This is my friend Richard; a friend of 13 years. He suffers from depression, anxiety, and mania. He was recently diagnosed with MS. In his arms is his daughter, "Doodle". The water drop represents a tear. A tear for his daughter that he is not always the father that he wants to be because of his mental disorders. A tear for his daughter that his physical ailment will take him from her life,...
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"Got a few family pics and finally ordered them for my canvas wall!! Can't wait to get them in and hang them up!"

(Printed for Heather Powell, Texas)
"This was taken from federal hill of downtown Baltimore inner harbor in 1989 late at night with a very long exposure."

(Printed for Donald Dyson Jr, Maryland)
"These brothers will be friends for life. Little brother was born premature at 6 weeks early. Big brother came and loved on him and cared for him with mom in the hospital. They are almost 5 years apart in age because mom had brain surgery after he was born. He is going to be a great big brother because he is so sweet and caring, even when people don't feel good."

(Printed for Jonathan Steen,...
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"Thanks to our amazing photographer Adrianna Marie we have many family photo shoots along with unforgettable memories in Costa Rica."

(Printed for Blair Eklund, Minnesota)