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#WeekendKidsActivityGuide for #Kolkata is here
Aeromodelling Workshop by Futurite
Fun Time With Brilliant Minds
Anniversary Carnival & more.

Kolkata Weekend Activity Guide
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#WeekendKidsActivityGuide for #Mumbai is here
The Learner's Nest Chinese Folk Tale
Puppet Play
Free Coding Workshop & more.

Mumbai Weekend Activity Guide
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Zoey - 'I want my space too...'
Catch this ball of fur fighting for his space.
Share Your #FunnyHomeVideos - Win prizes upto Rs.50k. Read here for more:
[ Link ]
[ Link ]
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#WeekendKidsActivityGuide for #Hyderabad is here
Storytelling Workshop by Creya Learning
The Story of Bhutan by Dorji Wangchuk
Pottery Workshop & more.

Hyderabad Weekend Activity Guide
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#WeekendKidsActivityGuide for #Chennai is here
Parenting Matters Parenting Babies and Toddler Program
Crafting Minds The Foolish Jackal
Regina Pacis Four Animal Musicians & more.

Chennai Weekend Activity Guide
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#WeekendKidsActivityGuide for #Pune is here
Math A Logic at The Learning Pod
Pune Poetry Slam - Open Mic at Pagdandi
10th Krackerjack Karnival & more.

Pune Weekend Activity Guide
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#WeekendKidsActivityGuide for #Bangalore is here
Times Kidz World Schools Expo 2017
Spray Paint Art Workshop
Republic DAY Street FLEA & more.

Bangalore Weekend Activity Guide
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#WeekendKidsActivityGuide for #DelhiNCR is here
Chatter Matter Book Club Spring Session
Be The Change (Republic Day)
Spark's Karate Program & more.

DelhiNCR Weekend Kids Activity Guide
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What are the top women's health risks?
What's the best way to do a breast self-exam?
Suffering from irregular periods?

Get answers to these and other women's health questions.Join us for a live chat with Dr. Helai Gupta, Senior Consultant - Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Paras Bliss for answers to your health queries.
Today from 3.30pm - 5pm

Common Gynaecological Health Queries Answered by Dr. Helai Gupta

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2017 is a #LongWeekend bonanza - 11 in fact! With many holidays falling on a Friday or a Monday this year, you can plan some great family getaways, or just stay in the city and enjoy a relaxed long weekend.
Here is a list of the 11 long weekends this year, with some cool ideas of how you can enjoy them to the fullest! So whether you want to explore your city on a budget, head to an...
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2017 Holiday Planner Guide- Hyderabad Edition
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'And it gets worse. The child was allegedly left to bleed profusely in the medical room for 30 minutes and was not taken to get immediate emergency care at a hospital. The parents were not informed of the gravity of the situation until they arrived at the school. A small piece of her finger was allegedly put in a plastic bag and handed over to the shocked parents when they arrived. And by the...
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How Safe Really Are Our Kids at School?
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* Do not deprive yourself of small pleasures like taking a walk alone, eating a good meal with a friend, or heading to any place you find peaceful while someone cares for your baby. We all know that motherhood is the epitome of selflessness but that does not mean you give up everything just because someone defined motherhood as the perfect sacrifice you make in life. You become a better mom by...
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A Letter to Moms Fighting Postpartum Depression
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Gear up with your camera to take the most amazing click, as first ever National Level Photography Contest for School Students & Parents by Myclickmypick comes your way.
Capture the most natural moment & nurture your child's passion in photography.

Online Photography Contest 2017 for School Kids & Parents - MyClickMyPick
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#Pune's first chocolate festival - Da Chocolate Carnival is here. Get ready to commit some sins as this delectable festival open doors to variety of chocolates exhibitions, chocolate sculpture, workshops and all things with chocolate.

Da Chocolate Carnival
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Loneliness impairs the immune system and boosts inflammation. It can lead to arthritis, type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. It is a disease which is most rarely talked about.
So, how can we help our elderly from loneliness? Let's help them reconnect. Years back, I had got fascinated with the idea that we should have daycare centres of children near to old age homes or places where elderly live...
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Loneliness in Old Age- A Bigger Killer Than We Thought
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"एक हमारा जमाना था ... डांट लो,सुना लो, मार लो,पीट लो,गाली दो,बलात्कार कर लो,दहेज़ के लिए जला दो,वंश ना बढ़ पाने पर छोड़ दो या फिर कुछ और ... कुछ भी कर लो ... सुनकर भी बहरी हो जाती थी ,समाज के डर से चुपचाप घर बैठ जाती थी या मर जाती थी ...
पर ये आजकल की लडकियाँ
नियमों ,कानूनों की पोटली सर पर लेकर चलती हैं ... जरा कुछ कहा नहीं कि नियमों की फेहरिस्त मुँह पर ही फेंकती हैं... अब इन्हें कौन समझाए कि...
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अरे चार बातें सुन लोगी तो क्या हो जायेगा !!! बेशर्म कहीं की ...
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4. Will you help me? – We all feel a little awkward when our kids start helping us with the household chores. For them, it is just fun. But it is important to inculcate certain learning values in them. When children contribute in household activities they feel a sense of responsibility.
5. Mummy Papa, play with me – You must be hearing this from your kids, “mere saath khelo”. Children don’t...
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How to be a better parent? 7 simple things you can do for your child that will help him in the long run
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'Though I am a competitive person by nature and always endeavour to do the best in whatever I do- be it my official work, or blogs or cleaning the house or choosing a vacation, as a mother I have taken a back step and would want my daughter to excel but on her own terms. Being happy is of foremost importance and that’s what I would want for my child.'

Being a smart kid- what does it take? - blog post byAkshata Ram
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