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1.Proper ventilation: Whether its too hot or too cold, Ventilation is must for every house. It helps to let fresh air inside and to purify the atmosphere. Closed windows most of the day can never make it better. So make sure that at least there should be some passage where a fresh air can flow inside –outside.
4.Maintain basic cleanliness with extra care: Of course, we all maintain basic...
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Indoor pollution- What all you need to know! - blog post by Ekta Shah
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'I was scared to give you a massage, seeing your fragile body but my mom suggested to try my hands on it as loving touches from a mother nourish the baby’s emotional development and improve his sensory awareness.
As a mother, I feel awesome when I break the code about what my baby needs. All I wish to make is an environment for him which is calm and pleasant.'

Breaking The Code & Making The Bond - blog post by Ishita Das
03/01/2017 at 13:30. Facebook
2. Serenity: If serenity is for an individual soul it is a must in a relation. Always be in harmony with each other. If you had an argument, just keep it for that moment of outburst and let it go. The world needs peace so does a relation to survive. Katti-battis are for kids. It’s ok to be childish but not prolonged. Whatever happened a day before should be wiped out of your memory. And start...
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How does having a baby change the relation with your partner?
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Sit and have a cup of tea with your parents. Talk to them about anything. They love it and they surely miss it.
Enjoy the hugs and kisses your kids are showering on you. This won’t last after a few years and you would find yourself dealing with a moody teenager.
Make your kids sleep early so that you can spend at least an hour or two with your husband. Take time out to sit with him in the...
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Its tough but beautiful! Enjoy your 30s.
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"हँसी तो अब भी आती है, बस कुछ खोखली सी है, कभी रोना जो चाहूँ, तो आँखों के दीये जैसे सूखे पड़े हैं।
तब कितनी बेफिक्र थी ज़िन्दगी, कितनी सुलझी हुई, या यूँ कहूँ, कि ज़िन्दगी से भरी, अब तो बस उम्र बढ़ रही है,ज़िंदा हैं, मगर जीना शायद भूल गए हैं।
आज उसका दिया सब है मगर वह लुत्फ़ कहाँ है,खुशियाँ भी कुछ बेईमानी सी हैं, और हंसी भी कुछ झूठी सी लगती है।"
Tabassum Shakir's Blog

यादें.....याद आती हैं
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'The stain on the carpet was stubborn. He tried with all his energy to remove it, but it only got slightly lighter. He gulped, a lump forming in his throat. He was so worried, that it made him shiver.The anxiety was also making his heart beat faster. He wiped the sweat from his brow and went to his bedroom to rest for a while. Oh God! Why was he shaking? Was he scared of the reaction by his...
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'I am exhausted because I don’t remember the last time I had an uninterrupted nine hours of sleep. Or even six hours of sleep. Between the kids feeding schedules, then their sleeping schedules, then their toilet training and now a night shift job, I’ve had practically NO night sleep for the last 5 years.
I am exhausted because most of the times I have too many things running around in my head,...
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I’m Exhausted. Does that make me a bad mom?
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Parenting a teenager is no joke. All the ‘gyaan’ that everyone around, gives about parenting a teenager in the current times can be confusing and annoying when you’re going through your own peaks and troughs. So don’t lecture them that they’re wrong, instead focus on making “constants” your way of life.
#ExpertTalk by Dr. Yesheswini Kamaraju, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist.

Transcend ‘Instants’ to Embrace ‘Constants’- A Simple Message to The Parent in You!
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"जीवन का राग मैंने अपने हर रोम में, भर रखा है हालात चाहे जितना तोड़ ले मुझे
मुस्कुराकर हर जंग जीत लूं ,उस विश्वास को मैंने अब अब भी अपने अंदर जिंदा रखा है।"
Pooja Rajput's Blog

पीड़ा !!!
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2. Build something together: Kids love to build. It's a given. Use their fingers to point at illustrations and talk about the words you want to highlight. Use flashcards to help them recall words they've read. Draw the characters together.
5. Make it come alive: There are always lessons to be drawn from stories. There would be things that apply to their everyday life.I used to read to her a...
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The Bed-Time Story Ritual - Five Ways To Engage Your Child As A Reader - by Shalini Chaturvedi
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'All of a sudden, my son walked up to me, put his arms around my waist and softly said, "Mom, how come you don't talk to me in your guest voice?"
"What?" I fired, wondering what this new trick was to get out of clean-up.
When he explained, I was left utterly astounded and a bit ashamed.
"Remember when Usha aunty and Adi visited and Adi made a mess you said 'It is OK, he doesn't have to clean...
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Mom, can you talk to me in your guest voice please?
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If you ask any parent, they will say that the teenage phase is the most scary. Anupama Chopra reveals how she deals with her teenage daughter Zuni, how she isn't worried about anything just yet. Also, Zuni has some interesting things to say about her parents- like how they balance each other out.

In this episode of #MOMSPRESSO, Anupama Chopra ( Author,journalist and film critic) and Zuni...
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A new baby maybe tiny but it needs more things than you can imagine from diapers, napkins, bottles, pacifiers – the shopping list for a newborn can go on and on. We bring you some of the most popular stores for newborns in #Bangalore where you can suffice your newborn's needs.

Best Places To Shop For The New Baby In Bangalore
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"क्या एक बेटी को जिंदगी भर एक बेटी रहने का हक़ नही ,,,जब एक छोटे बच्चे को अडॉप्ट करके घर लाया जाता ह तो वो आपको ही अपना सवसव कुछ मान लेता है,,.और आप भी उसे माँ बाप की चाव से बंचित नही रखते
उसकी हर जिद आपके लिए हुकुम बन जाता है,,.उसकी हर ख़ुशी को पूरा करना आपकी जिम्मेदारी बन जाती ...दोनों रिश्ते एक दूसरे मैं इतना सिमट जाते है के उन्हें कोई अलग नही कर सकता"
Sonia Chetan's Blog
Now you can blog in...
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क्यों न daughter को गोद ले LAW के साथ
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* Outdoor play: Sticking too much in front of TV or indoor for any reason is no good. Everyone wants fresh air and some physical movement to balance out body with a brain. So everyday 1-2 hours are fixed for outdoor play.
* Daily Dose of Nuts: Nuts carry essential vitamins and minerals which are must for everyone and especially in early formative years.

Relationship Between Healthy Habits And Sharper Memory! - blog post by Ekta Shah
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The bed was empty… Maybe he has been referred to higher medical center. There was talk about him being sent to Army hospital R&R.
“Good Morning Doctor!” she heard and turned around. The boy was standing there, a broad smile on his face!
“Meri chocolate kahan hai?” (Where is my chocolate?) He asked walking towards her.
Yes, he was WALKING…. He could WALK…. He could TALK….. And He could...
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Don't miss the latest edition of #TheParentingBuzz, our newsletter curated by Shimona Rana our Chief Content Officer, coming out tomorrow! Watch this to know what we have in store for you this time.
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जब बड़े भाईसाहब की बेटी प्रीती, जॉब करना चाहती थी तो उसके पति और ससुराल वालो ने मना कर दिया था, और नीलम भाभी की बेटी को तो इतना भी अधिकार नहीं की घर की एक चीज़ भी मन से ला सके.आज भी स्नेहा जब जॉब से लेट आती है तो मन काँप उठता है, आए दिन पेपर में स्त्रियों पर अत्याचार, शोषण और बलात्कार की खबरे तो आज भी है. ज़माना बदला है, कुछ अच्छा ही हुआ है, पर विकास मोबाइल और इन्टरनेट और कंप्यूटर का ज़्यादा दीखता...
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जब तीन पीढ़ियो ने की ज़माने भर की बात !!
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'His last message received was 'I have married a woman here, don't wait for me.' I called him several times but got no reply, then I shared this to my in-laws thinking they would help me. But I was wrong. I still remember that night. My mother in law and my father in law kicked me out of the house. They threw all my stuff outside the house. I was left alone with my child. I went to my mother...
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