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Yes, you do! #MondayMotivation
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It might not be the cure-all you think it is...

The Truth About Ice for Muscle Recovery | MapMyRun
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We love this hack โ€” it makes our mornings manageable, healthy and delicious!

Convenient Cooking Hack: Rice Cooker Oatmeal
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Spending time in a museum is taking on new meaning...

Museums, Churches, Bars and 5 More Offbeat Workout Spaces
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Injuries are no fun, but there may be a way around some.

Injured and Can't Run? Here's What You Can Do
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If you like oatmeal and you like cheesecake, these baked oats are for you.

Recipe: Blueberry Cheesecake Oatmeal
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Happy Friday! Tell us:
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Hint: Chicken isn't the secret ingredient here...

Recipe: Smoky Tomato Herb Baked Chicken
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This is in D.C. now, but here's hoping the trend takes on.

We Tried It for You: SweatBox
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Here's how to stay sane and reduce some stress!

2017 Testing Your Sanity? Here Are 5 Ways to Cope
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You could have farro for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you wanted to.

Ingredient of the Week: 7 Farro Recipes Bursting with Flavor
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You asked, we answered.

Welcome to the first installment of our โ€œAsk a Trainerโ€ video series, where our experts answer your biggest questions on fitness, nutrition, weight loss and more.

Ask a Trainer About Losing Weight [Video] | MyFitnessPal
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What you need to know about carbs and timing...

What to Eat for a Run (and When)
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The coconut-matcha chia pudding covers is as tasty as it is healthy.

10 Ways to Savor Matcha | MyFitnessPal
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Waffle-lovers, there's a even a good option for you.

5 Lower-Sugar Breakfast Options
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This is an easy side-dish that's loaded with tasty bacon, cauliflower and cheese.

Recipe: Cheesy Low-Carb Cauliflower Bake | MyFitnessPal
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You had questions, we have answers. Our experts are here to solve even your biggest weight loss challenges.

On Losing Weight (Again) | MyFitnessPal