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“The biggest grievance those with chronic conditions have is that their loved ones often do not believe what they are going through is real, because to others they 'look good.'"

But You Look Good: Living with Disbelief of Invisible Illness and Pain
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Do you get jaw pain? How do you deal with it?

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Jaw Pain & Lupus
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The Worst #Lupus Advice

See what others like you said:

Your Answers: The Worst Lupus Advice (Infographic)
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"I’m the one who will have to endure it all. And yet I still can’t rid myself of the lingering feelings of guilt that eat at me, day-in and day-out."

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Feeling Guilty Because of Lupus
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“I walk because it keeps my joints lubricated and limber and it helps me to keep the remaining bone density I have left because I have osteopenia.”

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Living with lupus
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Still awake? :(

Come over to to discuss lupus and sleep issues.

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"Think of it as a nonlinear process... People tend to think of self-love as something you figure out and at some point you are done. Some days will be better than others."

10 Tips for Radically Loving Your Body (Disabled or Otherwise)
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The Four Most Common Triggers Of A Lupus Flare:
Weather, stress, exhaustion and nutrition

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The Honest Truth About Controlling Lupus: Four Common Triggers of Flares
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"We would give anything to no longer suffer from chronic pain, and thus to no longer need medication. And our conscientious use of pain medication actually benefits everyone else. Pain medication keeps us out of the emergency room so it’s less busy when you need it."

I use pain medication, but I'm not an addict
Where do you find the support you need to cope with lupus?

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Finding The Support You Need To Deal With Lupus
Today I choose to move forward... YOU CAN DO IT!

The 9 Most Frustrating Things About Being Chronically Ill
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The 9 Most Frustrating Things About Being Chronically Ill
Vitamin D Levels Low in People with Severe Lupus, Study Shows
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Vitamin D Levels Low in People with Severe Lupus, Study Shows
Only others with #lupus understand what it's like.

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We Try to Look Our Best
“But you don’t look sick” is one of the most common phrases you hear if you have invisible disease. Well yes, we try to look our best even on bad days when our body explodes from pain.

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16 Things People With Chronic Pain Wanna Tell You
Sleep disturbances and/or poor sleep quality is associated with around 60% of lupus patients.

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LUPUS AND SLEEP - Molly's Fund
Have you seen our infographic? The many ups and downs of Lupus that people don't see...

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Lupus: What People Don't See (Infographic)
I can't stop itching!! What helps?
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I can't stop itching! (Lupus)
"Hope gives us the ability to make the lifestyle changes we can, to get the rest we need, and to accept the help we deserve."


The secret ingredient to living well with lupus: A dose of hope.