Twirling our way into your hearts! [ Link ]
Twirling our way into your hearts
Welcome to the land of infinite possibilities. [ Link ]
Welcome to the land of infinite possibilities
Caryn Partier
Breaking boundaries. Pushing limits.
Suzanne Barbour
Maria De Lourdes
Raymonde Soucy Michaud
Sliding through! [ Link ]
Sliding through
Did you know: The Bungee Warrior headpieces weigh 4-5 pounds each. Talk about a heavy head!
Did you know: The Bungee Warrior headpieces weigh 45 pounds each Talk about a heavy head
Mamie Ann Webster Carter
Descending gracefully from the heavens, her effortless beauty is part mortal, part Goddess; connecting the earth and sky.
Are you celebrating #RedNoseDay in the UK today? Because we're celebrating Comic Relief: Red Nose Day the #CirqueWay! We know first hand that something magical happens when you put on a red nose.
Mary Cloutier Barnett
Ganjuur Boldbaatar
Bill Rothe
In perfect synchronicity.
In perfect synchronicity
Rene Laureyns
Ann Lisi Crozier
Daniel Gonzalez
Birds of a feather, flock together! [ Link ]
Birds of a feather flock together
Jane Parsons
Saul J Johnson
Doreen L Stratton
We took the stage with Heidi Klum's Germany's next Topmodels, and showed them exactly how to work the stage.
We took the stage with Heidi Klums Germanys next Topmodels and showed
Pamela Wess
Cassandra Brown
Linda Green
Unleashing Authentic Achievement around you
Donna Morelly
Sandra Forte
Flippin' out!
Flippin out
Like majestic birds in flight, they dive in unison, creating a fantastically organized chaos.

See the show live! [ Link ]
Sparking Spontaneous Achievement consciously
Craig Carter
Lauren Landry Dvorscak
Dressed to impress. [ Link ]
Dressed to impress
JohnandNancy Patterson
11,000 shows! While you have all enjoyed many of our acts in the past, here’s a behind the scenes look at our newest act - the Duo Straps act!

See the act live! [ Link ]
Greg Broussard
Geraldine Nolan
Chantal Patrice
We're celebrating our 11,00th show! We thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Come celebrate with us: [ Link ]
Barbara LeDuc
Sean Jensen
Kathy McKenna Spicer
Catch us if you can! [ Link ]
Catch us if you can
Melissa G
Love is in the air! Happy #ValentinesDay from all of us!

: John Rohling
Love is in the air Happy ValentinesDay from all of us
Tracy Sims