Are you celebrating #RedNoseDay in the UK today? Because we're celebrating Comic Relief: Red Nose Day the #CirqueWay! We know first hand that something magical happens when you put on a red nose.
In perfect synchronicity.
Birds of a feather, flock together! [ Link ]
We took the stage with Heidi Klum's Germany's next Topmodels, and showed them exactly how to work the stage.
Flippin' out!
Like majestic birds in flight, they dive in unison, creating a fantastically organized chaos.

See the show live! [ Link ]
Dressed to impress. [ Link ]
11,000 shows! While you have all enjoyed many of our acts in the past, here’s a behind the scenes look at our newest act - the Duo Straps act!

See the act live! [ Link ]
We're celebrating our 11,00th show! We thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Come celebrate with us: [ Link ]
Catch us if you can! [ Link ]
Love is in the air! Happy #ValentinesDay from all of us!

: John Rohling
We’ve got your back! [ Link ]
When it comes to you, the sky is the limit! Share the love. #cirquexoxo
We are pleased to announce that our new Duo Straps act is now performing live at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino! [ Link ]

Can’t get enough? Enjoy this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the duo straps: [ Link ]
Fun is only a balloon ride away! [ Link ]
Come face-to-face with adventure! [ Link ]
Did you know: Over 110 bounces on the trampoline and over 65 teeterboard jumps are performed during one show! Flipping out yet?
Drumroll please! [ Link ]
How high will you climb for a good adventure? [ Link ]