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Four outstanding goofy-footers at one of the best lefts In Indo. Worth a watch that's for sure. Volcom Volcom Surfing

Dora, Wright, Burch And Coleborn In Goofy-Foot Paradise
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Is there anything Dylan Longbottom can't do?

Dylan Longbottom: Barrel Maestro-Stuntman-Craftsman
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The Sunshine Coast's Isabella Nichols is going to give the WSL Qualifying Series a fair nudge this year. Keep an eye out for the former World Surf League World Junior Champion in 2017.

Isabella Nichols Is Gunning For The World Tour
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Bethany Hamilton at #Teahupoo
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Eli Hanneman , Varun Tanjung , Winter Vincent Dean Vandewalle and Bronson Meydi are five of the best groms on earth. We caught up with them whilst in Australia, training at the Hurley Surfing Australia HPC

The Hurley Talent Pool Is A Deep One
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A Bede Durbidge Superbank warm up lap.
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#OakleyBattleClips - The Movie premiered on Friday night in Newcastle with the announcement of Brenno Dorrington as the winner of $20,000 cash and $5000 of Nikon Camera Gear. Check out the full edit featuring Soli Bailey , Jack Robinson , Sheldon Simkus , Julian Wilson, Kelly Slater , John John Florence and more. Oakley Oakley Surf

Oakley Battle Clips - The Movie
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There isn't much Dylan Longbottom can't do. The bloke just knows how to get it done.

Dylan Longbottom: Barrel Maestro-Stuntman-Craftsman
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Big green monsters do exist.Just ask Chris Shanahan. #bigwave #towsurfing
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That's the sort of ratio any surfer would be happy with, even Mick Fanning

3 Waves - 9 Pits - With Mick Fanning
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Small wave power surfing with Ryan Callinan and Italo Ferreira in #hawaii
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The big fella, going big
Jordy Smith

One Massive Jordy Smith Air
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One of the greatest surf films ever made. Do yourself a favour and check this out.

Billabong Films: Green Iguana (1992)
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Everyone loves self propelled water craft, especially when the operator is Kai Lenny. #hydrofoil #hawaii

Kai Lenny's Outlandish Hydrofoil Antics
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You have to be in it to win it. Go to and get a couple of tickets in the #monsterraffle for the chance of driving home in a new Toyota Australia Rav 4 . Only 11 hours to go. #surfauspals #surfingaustralia
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Would these waves score 10's at this year's Quiksilver / Roxy Pro? We reckon they might get pretty close.

7 Waves We Want To See At The Quiksilver Pro
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Dusty Payne threading the needle in Europe
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Joel Parko , Ryan Hipwood and Mitch Parkinson scoring in the South Pacific.

Warm Water Barrels With The Parkos And Hippo