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MyTax maximises your refund - As New Zealand’s number 1 tax refund provider for the 2nd year in a row, we know where to look to get more of your money back.

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MyTax take all the hassle out of filing your tax return. Just have your photo ID, IRD number and bank account number ready and you’re all set - it’s that easy!

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What would you do with $500? That’s the average tax refund we pay out!

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Can budgeting There’s nothing sexier than a confident person who’s in control. And that’s the point of budgeting - staying in control of your money.

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Wondering why you would be eligible for a tax refund? There are many different reasons - from being on the wrong tax code to students working full-time during their holidays to anyone who only worked part of the tax year!

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A tax refund is actually YOUR money, but it’s the money you overpaid as tax during the financial year. The good news is, you’re entitled to claim this money back - that’s where MyTax come in!

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