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Is FOMO slowing you down financially?

You might think that by never missing out you’re staying ahead of the game. In reality, you could be letting yourself get left behind!
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When you start a new job, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re on the right tax the wrong tax code could mean that you’re paying too little or too much tax.

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Today is MyTax Man’s favourite day of the’s Kiss a Ginger Day! (Yes, that’s actually a thing). #MyTax
Wow, we’re already a few days into 2017! What are your New Year’s resolutions and what are the chances of sticking to them? #MyTax
Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to all!

What did everyone get for Christmas this year? #MyTax
Summer is in full swing which means BBQs, beach days and camping. Who’s heading away for the holidays? #MyTax
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Look’s International Ninja Day! Who’s your favourite ninja turtle? #MyTax
The average tax refund is $570. What are the quirkiest things you would spend $570 on? #MyTax #moneyonyourmind
The countdown is’s only 1 month until Christmas! What are you hoping to get in your stocking this year? #MyTax
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Exams are in full swing! Best of luck to all of the students out there. Not long to go until you all get a well earned break. #MyTax
It's time to celebrate! Our team is thrilled to announce that we were recently awarded the Large Business and Supreme Award at the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. Many thanks to the Chamber of Commerce, Nelson Pine, Air New Zealand, The Icehouse, Bowater Motor Group for the sweet ride and also Tim Cuff Photography, and last but not least the judges! #mytax #bigwins...
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It’s Guy Fawkes night! Who’s going to be celebrating this 400 year old tradition with fireworks? #MyTax
Has anybody got a good Halloween costume idea? #MyTax
There are plenty of things that can slow down the tax refund process.

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Worst Day Ever: Why haven’t I got my tax refund yet?