VSAUCE and I are working hard, making final tweaks to Brain Candy Live! Here I am, testing gravity. Inadvertantly. Again. -- Adam Savage
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Tonight on the penultimate episode of MythBusters: The Search, airing at 9/8c on Science Channel ....
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See last week's vacuum-based wall climbing contraptions in glorious high-speed.
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In a video recently rediscovered by Reddit, Adam Savage explains his scariest experience on MythBusters. #tbt

Adam Answers: What's the Scariest Experience You've Had on Mythbusters? - Tested

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Will a frying pan stop a bullet? Find out in this deleted scene from Boomerang Bullet. WATCH >> [ Bit.ly Link ]

Bullet vs Frying Pan

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The vacuum car lift myth -- which even Jamie thought was "interesting" -- was on the "potential myth" list for seven or eight years. Bonus: Now Adam Savage has a new shop vac! WATCH >> [ Bit.ly Link ]

Vacuum Car Lift MiniMyth

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ICYMI: Adam Savage customized a Nerf rifle for the Imgur Secret Santa exchange. He liked it so much he made one for himself!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Custom NERF Rifle - Tested

Space has weather just like Earth, and it's caused by our sun. There are even dangerous solar storms that have caused damage on Earth. What causes space weather and why should we be paying attention to it? #ScienceSunday
Last week Allen Pan pulled off an ambitious hack, powering an air cannon with microwave circuitry. Nice work, Allen! A new episode of MythBusters: The Search airs tonight on Science Channel. WATCH >> [ Bit.ly Link ]

A Cabbage Shooting Microwave Cannon

In these MythBusters: The Search high-speeds, it's junkyard crossbow vs. cannon -- with cabbage as ammo -- and varying results. A new episode airs tomorrow at 9/8c on Science Channel.
"Because I love my dog. MythBusters flashback featuring Gertrude." -- Kari Byron
Well, this was definitely an Elevator of Death for the camera. WATCH >> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Yup. We proved that right turns save gas in 2010. Glad UPS made it their policy! WATCH >> [ Bit.ly Link ]

Right Turn Only MiniMyth

Interesting, UPS. Anyone here remember what year we proved this?

UPS drivers don’t turn left—and it saves them 10 million gallons of gas a year

VSAUCE shows me how a messy desk makes for a productive human (at least that's our story and we are sticking to it!). Bonus: PUZZLES and a demonstration of kinetic energy! Video: [ Bit.ly Link ] -- Adam Savage
Most of the universe is made of a substance we haven’t discovered yet.
Tonight on MythBusters: The Search at 9/8c on Science Channel, the candidates try to make weapons out of junkyard scrap and cabbage. Sneak peek: [ Bit.ly Link ]

MythBusters Contestants Take On An A-Team Myth

A sneak peek at tomorrow night's MythBusters: The Search, premiering at 9/8c on Science Channel.
A throwback to when Jamie let us do this "Jamie's Jokes" series. MORE JOKES >> [ Bit.ly Link ] #tbt