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On this day in 2003, MythBusters first premiered. (!!!!) WATCH >> [ Link ]

Jet Assisted Chevy MiniMyth
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Tonight on MythBusters: The Search the candidates test whether you can build a seaworthy boat from cardboard, glue and varnish.
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Well, Painting With Explosives may be busted (again), but the explosions sure look cool. A new episode of MythBusters: The Search airs tomorrow at 9/8c on Science Channel.
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In their 2002 demo tape for Discovery, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman (wearing a turtleneck!) set something on fire because ... of course they did. #tbt
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Remember this classic myth? Just as a reminder: Do NOT try this at home. WATCH >> [ Link ]

Exploding Jawbreaker MiniMyth
2016 was an awesome year for Adam Savage, his first post-MythBusters. But his favorite thing about it has nothing to do with his amazing travels or acquisitions. via Tested

Watch the full video here: [ Link ]
Miss Saturday's premiere? Catch up on Science ChannelGo: [ Link ]

MythBusters: The Search | Science GO
Is being a MythBuster harder than it looks on TV? Here's Sarah's take, who went home last week during episode 1. Episode 2 of MythBusters: The Search premieres tonight at 9/8c on Science Channel. READ >> [ Link ]

Sarah's Exit Interview
Some interesting results on the next MythBusters: The Search, premiering tomorrow at 9/8c on Science Channel. Watch a preview >> [ Link ]

Does Drinking Make You More Creative?
Myth: You can’t fight fire with fire. Busted by GE scientists in 360. #UnimpossibleMissions
Two words: screen time. Here's how Adam Savage deals with tech as a parent. READ >> [ Link ]

One Family's Tech Story – An interview with Adam Savage of Mythbusters
For MiniMyth Monday, a classic myth -- although cell-phone technology has certainly changed since 2003. WATCH >> [ Link ]

Cell Phone Gas Station MiniMyth
Now, if only the part of the brain that remembers names that GO with the faces continued to develop into adulthood.

Our Brain's Face Recognition Ability Develops Into Adulthood
An exclusive preview of tonight's premiere of MythBusters: The Search, airing at 9 pm ET/PT on Science Channel. (via Nerdist)

MYTHBUSTERS: THE SEARCH Premiere Heads to Hallowed Ground (Exclusive) | Nerdist
I won’t spoil anything here, but I really hope you’ll watch MythBusters: The Search. Not just because I think we did a decent job of combining MythBusters old and new, but because in the last episode Buster takes a ride like you’ve never seen before. It involves an explosion near and dear to the hearts of MythBusters fans, and we got some drone footage of it that dropped my dang jaw. So...
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An aside: Here's a series of photos that give you a peek into Adam Savage's day today. He's having a bit of trouble making an air cannon for his Brain Candy Live tour.

MRW I can't get something to work right.
Being on a MythBusters set (MythBusters: The Search was made by most of the old crew, directors, and producers) is way different than watching at home.

As a fan you experience all the best moments to come out of literally dozens of hours of filming for each episode. Even something as simple as small scale testing may take an entire day of shooting, especially if you have to move cameras and...
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